Philip Seymour Hoffman

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– The flickr stream of Aliza Razell

What happens when placeholder text doesn’t get replaced

Advice from Artists on How to Overcome Creative Block, Handle Criticism, and Nurture Your Sense of Self-Worth:

The idea of divine inspiration and an aha moment is largely a fantasy. Anything of value comes from hard work and unwavering dedication. If you want to be a good artist you need to look at other artists, make a lot of crappy art, and just keep working.

– Even though this is exactly like something kids at BYU would do to have fun, it did make me smile anyway.

– Timelapse of a spider weaving its web

– Oh, how I love her so: First lady Michelle Obama photobombs the Miami Heat with a thundering slam dunk

– Paul Ryan, Asshole of the Day for March 6, 2014

– Awesome city neighborhood posters

Judgmental maps

“I am ashamed of my uncontrollable laughter.”

– Almost 500 foods contain the ‘Yoga Mat’ compound. Should we care?

“New way to wake a friend”

Sheep? No. Let’s talk about the dogs who herd them.

We Shop Because We’re Lonely, We’re Lonely Because We Shop:

A 2008 study found that people who imagined they were socially excluded put more of a priority on money, appearance, and popularity. Similarly, people who remembered instances of being socially excluded became more attached to their belongings for comfort.

Norway’s lovely memorial to the worst mass shooting In modern history

– Extraordinary: new app will allow you to read novels in under 90 minutes

– And the future continues to rapidly unfold: The world’s largest photo service just made its pictures free to use

– Genius: Multi Tool Utility Case for iPhone

“Can you believe the random objects I found in their colons?”

– Well, this just punched me in the gut.

– 22 minute video tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman

– A few of my favorite recent tweets: