I’ll show Santa a thing or two

Normally I wait until Christmas Eve to wrap the kids’ presents so that when they wake up on Christmas morning it looks like the ground has exploded with bows and wrapping paper. Also because I’m lazy. Okay, only because I’m lazy.

This is not at all how Christmas was for me growing up because my mother is the The Valedictorian. Period. I’d spend days and nights shaking the gifts trying to figure out what was inside. Leta came home from school one day last week and asked why we didn’t have any presents under the tree, and I was like, remember? I’m lazy? But that got me feeling really nostalgic. So when they came home from spending time with their dad yesterday I had several gifts wrapped and bowed and labeled, all shoved up and cozy under the lower branches. Move over, Avon World Sales Leader.

Leta grinned from ear to ear and then clasped her hands around my waist. “Mom, seriously? SERIOUSLY?”

“Yes. Seriously.”

Marlo screamed, “SANTA CAME ALREADY?!”

Um, no. NO HE DID NOT. I spent many, many hours shopping and wrapping and placing everything just so. Santa is such a credit hog.

“No, Marlo,” Leta explained. “These are from Mom. Santa comes on Christmas Eve.”

“Today is Christmas Eve!” Marlo shot back.

Leta and I shared a knowing glance, and I said to her, “Remember. For Marlo 1 + 1 = what are these numbers you speak of?”

Christmas is off to a good start.