Let Down

Been a long day away from the computer and I’m right now manning Marlo’s door because I put her to bed only an hour ago and she’s tried to get out six times already (after I marched her back to bed for the second time she screamed for over two minutes, “YOU HURT MY FEEEEELIIIIINGS! REAAAAALLLYYY BAAAAAD!”), but I heard this song earlier today and just wanted to share it. I won’t call it New Tunes because it’s some older Radiohead (and just by mentioning their name half of you glazed over and started drooling onto your lapel, that’s okay, we can still be friends), but this is my second favorite Radiohead song ever. I’ve seen them live eleven times and they’ve only played it once. That one time was the very first time I saw them in 1998.

Without fail the part at 3:41 when the drums go “duh duh duh duh” signaling that final buildup…

You know, you know where you are when
Floor collapsing, falling
Bouncing back
And one day I am gonna grow wings
A chemical reaction
Hysterical and useless

…I start crying. It’s involuntary. My eyes well up in rhythm to the chills running along the side of my arm. That last minute of the song is some of the best recorded music in history, at least to me.

If this song isn’t a part of your life it needs to be.