Yes, I am still keeping an eye on you

Seizure watch 2014 continues, and this morning after inhaling her breakfast Coco darted out the back door and stumbled down a few stairs on her way to bark at the dog who lives in the house directly behind ours. I’d walked over to the refrigerator to retrieve some orange juice and thought that was I was hearing was Chuck losing control of his limbs and tumbling toward some calamity. I rushed to the back door expecting to find him lying in a tangled mess only to realize that he was still in the laundry room leisurely eating his breakfast.

I know that this is what it’s going to be like for awhile. My mind is going to go straight to The Worst any time I hear something out of the ordinary. And I will follow him out onto the patio like this to make sure that he lies down to roast himself in the sun instead of falling over. His health has turned me into a stalker.