self portrait

Morning routine

Every morning we drop Leta off early because she likes to eat breakfast at school (yeah, it’s not free, figured that out pretty quickly), but this means that we have quite a bit of time before the bell rings and Marlo goes into her classroom. Because of Jonah she’s wanted to hop out and head to the playground outside her classroom to run around with other kids. But this morning we were so early that we were the first ones there. I suggested we park and wait a few minutes, and whenever we do this she hops out of her booster seat and climbs up and over into my lap. From there she will either play with the windshield wipers or press every single button on the dashboard. This morning she stood up through the sunroof a few times and then honked the horn before I could explain that maybe some people in the neighborhood were still sleeping. I love this quiet—well, sort of quiet—time with her alone and watching her fascination with all the technology that I don’t even notice anymore.

Queue the email about how dangerous this is and how dare I put her in this kind of peril. Guess what? We’re country.