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– Photos from The 2014 Westminster Dog Show

– Brilliant: Flappy Bert

A look back at clips from MTV’s 120 Minutes, along with videos that played on the show throughout the years.

– “It’s by who has the most oscars.” “No, it’s by who has the most nominations.”

The French way of cancer treatment:

The French system is basically like an expanded Medicaid. Pretty much everyone has insurance, it explained, and the French get better primary care and more choice of doctors than we do. It also turns out, as has been much commented on, that despite all this great treatment, the French spend far less on healthcare than Americans.

Power Couples: Classic Video Games Reimagined as Romance Novels

– 28 kids awkwardly expressing their love on Valentine’s Day

– Why Even Olympians Choke:

Rumination can interfere with concentration and performance of motor task. While it may seem counterintuitive, consciously trying to keep one’s balance is likely to produce imbalance.

– The sounds of Women’s Curling

– Ellen Page speaking about the brave decision to live openly and authentically.

F1 pit stop ballet

– So This Happened: Hitler’s Winter Olympics in Photos

A raccoon popping bubble wrap. Um, excuse me. Why is there a raccoon in your house?

– China smog makes capital “barely suitable” for life

Mark Twain creates a list of his favorite books for adults & kids (1887)


The bile that falls on people who criticize alienating incidents is both vile and sadly predictable. Ironically the bilers often complain about censorship infringing their right to make sexual jokes, but not acknowledging that fear of the intermobs imposes its own censorship. I know several articulate women who will not post their opinions because they don’t want to have to deal with this inevitable backlash.

Dale Hansen Unplugged: Celebrating our differences

– Is your job in another state?

– A few of my favorite recent tweets: