Tory Burch

Summer is happily not yet over

Today’s high is forecasted to be 90 degrees, and while I was gone the days lingered in the high eighties. We’re getting some cooler temperatures this weekend, but yesterday both girls were flushed and burning up after school, complaining about it being “soooooooo hot.” DO NOT COMPLAIN OH YE WHO SO QUICKLY FORGET ABOUT WINTER. Perhaps this is the year I hand them each a shovel, point to the driveway covered in three feet of snow and say, “It ain’t gonna clear itself, now is it.”

Add the weather to the angle of the sun in the sky this time of year and it’s nearly impossible to drive anywhere in the morning or early evening without sunglasses and full use of the sun visor. And then in winter the reflection of the sun off the snow is painfully blinding. The screws on the sunglasses I bought almost three years ago have slipped out twice this summer, and even though I’ve managed to piece it all back together I’m on the lookout for a new pair. And enjoying every last lingering moment of heat.

1. Betsey Johnson Geometric Mixed Media $55

2. Tory Burch Eclectic $195

3. Le Specs Cheshire $59

4. Rocawear Matte Rose Gold Aviator $50

5. VonZipper Ophelia $63.60

6. Madewell Hepcat $38.50

7. Vintage Nude Frame $59

8. Carrera Cat Eye $60.37

9. Aldo Lelirien $12

10. Ray-Ban Wayfarer $155

11. Komono Lulu $59.95

12. CRAP The TV Eye $58

13. Polaroid Polarized Aviator $55.31

14. Illesteva Leonard $180