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You Are Listening to Los Angeles

I’ve noticed an abundance of autumn-related imagery and sentiment among webloggers and clothing outlets lately, tributes to “the favorite season of the year” or “the perfect excuse to break out the otherwise useless and fashionably-offensive Ugg Boots.” Fall is in the air, as it were, and the rest of the country outside of Los Angeles, [...]


Is it me, or is George W. Bush really Rosco P. Coltrane masquerading as the President?


Marumari: Supermogadon


10 Things to Know About the Middle East


How to Dress Emo

How to Charm Me

When I misplace my wallet, you resist the urge to remind me that such dim-witted idiocy is my own pet peeve.

How to Annoy Me

Slow down to a complete stop at an intersection that clearly doesn’t require it. Stop signs are just suggestions.