My ailing Butternut

November 21, 2014  Daily Photo

the sick house

Sharing my bed with the other kid this week.

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fifth grade math homework


November 20, 2014  Daily Photo

I’m sure that there are at least fifty posts on my site with that title, but this one… this one really deserves it.

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guide for handmade gifts

Gifts with a bit of loving touch

November 20, 2014  Daily Style

Gifts with a little more warmth than anything plastic or sporting a screen.

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portrait of fall

A portrait of fall

November 19, 2014  Daily Chuck

I know it’s not as cold as it is in Minnesota, CAROL. But winter is over a month away and this weather is bullshit.

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one early friday morning

This village of ours

November 18, 2014  Daily

“I knew I couldn’t call the police because that would frighten him even more, and so the quickest and best solution for everyone involved was to get him inside his house.”

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cindy lauper redux

Time after time

November 18, 2014  Daily Photo

I am going out today and buying her fingerless gloves, jelly bracelets and an Atari.

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chuck needs to rake the yard

Winter chores

November 17, 2014  Daily Chuck

If you need a place to hide a dead body, I’m sure I won’t be raking this giant sea of leaves for at least another week.

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