Friday night lights

April 15, 2014  Daily


Any major theme park is going to have a hard time impressing Marlo after the the party we threw when the lights went out.

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delicious morning sunshine

Delicious morning sunshine

April 14, 2014  Daily Chuck

The dogs fur coats are so confused: to shed or not to shed?

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spring of our discontent

The spring of our discontent

April 14, 2014  Daily Photo

Deceptively beautiful Kryptonite hanging from a tree. I can no longer lift cars or stop moving trains or seduce Lois Lane.

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Stuff I found while looking around

April 11, 2014  Daily

This week’s link roundup.

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Kindergarten, she’s all yours

April 11, 2014  Daily Photo

A zoology lesson with the preschooler while the fourth-grader was at piano lessons.

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today I like her better

Today I like her better

April 10, 2014  Daily Chuck

The rare occasion when I would recommend you ruin your life with a Miniature Australian Shepherd.

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Continuing status

April 10, 2014  Daily

Seasonal allergies are getting the full blame for this, and when they send me hate mail I will publish it.

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