As sporty as I get

June 23, 2015  Daily Chuck


Hey, Carol. I guess you breed your dogs a bit larger where you come from.

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father's day 2015

For him in 15

June 17, 2015  Daily Style

It looks like I fell inside a messenger bag hanging on the front of a bike parked outside a coffee shop in Williamsburg.

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more sunset fishing

Dusk on Durphee Lake

June 16, 2015  Daily Photo

So far Leta has caught four fish, and Marlo has almost dumped the bait into the lake twice that number.

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June 11, 2015  Daily Chuck

Adding a bit of style to his current condition which I am apparently not allowed to joke about.

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Real Family Values

June 9, 2015  Daily

Those of you with fair-skinned children are similarly dreading a certain aspect of the upcoming season and mumbling along with me, “This year I will try to remain calm.”

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Matters of the eyes, part aw hell no

June 8, 2015  Daily

You might as well just insert a picture of Kanye’s face here to sum up this section of the story of my daughter’s eyesight.

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On Chuck, his health, and those who care so deeply about it

June 3, 2015  Daily

A post for pet lovers and everyone who has loved Chuck from afar.

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