January 30, 2015  Daily Photo

john wayne sunset

A parting gift from the place I used to call home.

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wat arun

Wat Arun

January 29, 2015  Daily Photo

If you get nervous standing next to the balcony on the second story of a mall, you might want to stick to the sidewalk with this one.

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grown up lunch

Lunching in style

January 28, 2015  Daily Style

I could just tell her, you know what? Eat the school lunch. BUT THEN SHE WOULD NEVER EAT LUNCH.

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funnel neck

Funnel neck

January 28, 2015  Daily Chuck

For all the time that I spend on the couch reading US Weekly and eating bonbons.

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In case you were wondering why everything is broken

January 27, 2015  Daily

Milli Vanilli had it all wrong. Blame it on Mercury.

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things that make you go pouf


January 26, 2015  Daily Chuck

Some of you may remember the video I’ve embedded in this post and you’re either going to love me or hate me for it.

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maeve nola roundy

I have gifted my cousin a set of grandparents

January 26, 2015  Daily Photo

A mini-McKenzie for all the Boones who dare read this website.

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