July 23, 2014  Daily Photo


Your computer or mobile device may not be equipped to handle this amount of cute.

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07_22_2014 new tunes

New Tunes

July 22, 2014  Daily

Finally a chance to sit and listen to some new music, this time featuring Sam Smith, Bleachers, Conner Youngblood, The Echo Friendly, and Sharon Van Etten.

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living room under a hundred

Small changes

July 22, 2014  Daily Style

As you wait for that IKEA couch to die a slow, agonizing death.

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lola fancy

Lola fancy

July 22, 2014  Daily Photo

An homage the oldest of my grandmother’s first six kids: Lola, Lewis, Linda, Leta, Lana and Larry.

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minnesota nice

Minnesota nice

July 21, 2014  Daily

The land of 10,000 lakes and people who will look you in the eye, ask how you’re doing and be genuinely interested in the answer.

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matching the decor

Matching the decor

July 21, 2014  Daily Chuck

This morning in the entryway with memories of chasing lizards and chipmunks through sagebrush.

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July 21, 2014  Daily Photo

The last year of my life with a three at the beginning, says my older brother who is older and also is older than I am.

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