I have gifted my cousin a set of grandparents

January 26, 2015  Daily Photo

maeve nola roundy

A mini-McKenzie for all the Boones who dare read this website.

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cinnamon rolls dogs

Only slightly NSFW

January 22, 2015  Daily Chuck

Sunday morning cinnamon rolls are a tradition and do these guys ever know it.

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bedroom refresh

Time to throw out the mattress you bought in college

January 21, 2015  Daily Style

Daydreaming of all things crisp and fresh for the dark mornings of winter.

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ella and minecraft

Castles and gardens and ponds

January 21, 2015  Daily Photo

There’s got to be a support group for parents whose children are addicted to this game.

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“Perhaps You’ve Noticed You’re Changing…”

January 20, 2015  Daily

Seriously, what were filmmakers in the Eighties thinking when producing puberty education videos?

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chuck and chris and carol

In honor of old friends

January 20, 2015  Daily Chuck

He’s now back to his brooding and contemplative self, but for a few days he had lilt in his step.

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baby g

Baby G

January 20, 2015  Daily Photo

It’s fine. I baby proofed that table with some turpentine.

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