Old Man Jones

May 4, 2015  Daily Chuck

old man jones

My new nickname for the poet who lives in the basement.

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Looking upward and ahead

April 23, 2015  Daily

On the desire I have to get back to why I started “living online” in the first place: writing for the love of it, writing when the story inside is begging to be told.

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stuff on chuck

Stuff On Chuck

April 20, 2015  Daily Chuck

“When I tried to write happy / Yo I knew I lied, I lived a life of crime / Why play ya blind?”

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shape of the seat

Style for your butt

April 17, 2015  Daily Style

The hare sat in the chair over there by the pear.

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snow in april

Six more weeks it is

April 16, 2015  Daily Photo

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, which means y’all gotta take that motherfucker seriously.

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These furry children of ours

April 14, 2015  Daily

Let me tell you a story about a dog named Chuck.

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Running, diet, and the joy found therein

April 13, 2015  Daily

“I know that I belong to a small, eclectic community of men and women where status is calibrated precisely as a function of one’s ability to endure.”

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