Winter is coming

September 15, 2014  Daily Chuck

autumnal cleaning

Do I ever feel bad about doing this to him? No never not once whatsoever.

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Triumph TR6 with

Horse and buggy

September 15, 2014  Daily Photo

Memories of those days we we didn’t have no safety regulations! No five point harness! (And how we all survived is nothing short of a miracle)

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Stuff I found while looking around

September 12, 2014  Daily

This week’s link roundup. This one could just be a whole bunch of animated GIFs about how happy I am that it’s Friday. Just picture me face down in some sort of Paleo dessert.

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four  out of five dentists

Four out of five dentists agree

September 12, 2014  Daily Chuck

Alas, I am not the valedictorian of the correct amount of pressure to use when bushing one’s teeth. I’m so ashamed.

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duet with leta


September 12, 2014  Daily Photo

An exquisite moment I somehow overlooked from the photo session with my girls.

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The best and worst of times

The best and worst of times

September 11, 2014  Daily Chuck

I crowdsourced the Internet without knowing that I was doing so. Internet, you’re not always a scary place!

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obamacare care for the win

Obamacare for the win!

September 11, 2014  Daily Photo

Every time I look at my insurance card I do a little happy dance that resembles an awkward but victorious polka.

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