The fearless one

July 25, 2014  Daily Photo

the fearless one

And then later that afternoon she taught herself to swim.

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a protected watershed

A protected watershed

July 24, 2014  Daily Chuck

Leaving the dogs at home because Utah is all dainty and needs to have clean drinking water.

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pioneer day

Pioneer Day

July 24, 2014  Daily Photo

In celebration of the fact that today you cannot buy liquor in the state of Utah.

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fixin to

Fixin’ to

July 23, 2014  Daily Style

I admire people who can wear wacky outfits and go crazy with color, but I am not those people. I wish I were more like those people.

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a pear


July 23, 2014  Daily Chuck

If you’re looking for a better weather app I think I found one for you.

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July 23, 2014  Daily Photo

Your computer or mobile device may not be equipped to handle this amount of cute.

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07_22_2014 new tunes

New Tunes

July 22, 2014  Daily

Finally a chance to sit and listen to some new music, this time featuring Sam Smith, Bleachers, Conner Youngblood, The Echo Friendly, and Sharon Van Etten.

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