I’m supposed to be raising money for a half marathon, but I had to do this one first

October 13, 2015  Daily


I'm going to lure you with this innocent picture of Coco into a deranged and diagnosable seven-minute span of my day. Let's do this.

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I have wifi on a plane, have not slept in three days, and so this happened

October 5, 2015  Daily

I could have watched a movie on this flight but instead I had a few hours alone to write and it feels so amazing that I feel like I’m flying. OH WAIT.

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in spite of

In spite of so much

October 4, 2015  Daily Chuck

She’ll chase baseballs and lacrosse balls and now BYU footballs which she is determined to figure out how to pick up with her mouth.

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all things autumn

Jumping head first into October

September 30, 2015  Daily Style

Why I am looking forward to colder weather for the first time in… ever?

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Did I ever tell you about that one time?

September 29, 2015  Daily

The pins I stick in a map of where I have traveled are starting to look like a severe case of acne.

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I put words on my blog

September 24, 2015  Daily

It is yet again that time of year, I just realized. Which could explain why I feel like I just guzzled a pitcher of fire.

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September 15, 2015  Daily Photo

If you can’t say, “Hairy vaginas,” well then fuck ‘em.

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