You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry

April 12, 2016  Daily


Various answers to questions about the boatloads of fuel I've used to train for a marathon WAIT. I'm running a marathon again?! WTF.

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Team Wheatcroft

April 6, 2016  Daily

Meet Simon Wheatcroft, my companion in the 2016 Boston Marathon, he who runs for the pursuit of the challenge. And donuts.

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T-Minus 20 days

March 29, 2016  Daily

They refer to next few weeks as “tapering,” but I call it “holy shit it’s time to freak the fuck out.”

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“A manic rambling spiral into a not great place”

March 17, 2016  Daily

When the Internet concern trolls you and calls you crazy, you turn that shit into a podcast.

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A list of three things that are a list

March 14, 2016  Daily Photo

The headline of this post should lead you to believe that I have finally put “fear of writing titles” far behind me.

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Three friendships you need to reconsider when traveling to Australia

February 23, 2016  Daily

My friends are reading this and going, “Wait, she’s not referring me, is she?” All except one. That friend is nodding smugly.

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“I wear my heart on my mouth”

January 29, 2016  Daily

Three ways to tell the woman in your life, “Look! I don’t take you for granted ALL of the time!”

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