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September 12, 2014  Daily


This week's link roundup. This one could just be a whole bunch of animated GIFs about how happy I am that it's Friday. Just picture me face down in some sort of Paleo dessert.

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four  out of five dentists

Four out of five dentists agree

September 12, 2014  Daily Chuck

Alas, I am not the valedictorian of the correct amount of pressure to use when bushing one’s teeth. I’m so ashamed.

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duet with leta


September 12, 2014  Daily Photo

An exquisite moment I somehow overlooked from the photo session with my girls.

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The best and worst of times

The best and worst of times

September 11, 2014  Daily Chuck

I crowdsourced the Internet without knowing that I was doing so. Internet, you’re not always a scary place!

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obamacare care for the win

Obamacare for the win!

September 11, 2014  Daily Photo

Every time I look at my insurance card I do a little happy dance that resembles an awkward but victorious polka.

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With my little girls

September 10, 2014  Daily

“I just want four walls and adobe slabs for my girls.”

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job experience

Job experience

September 10, 2014  Daily Photo

I think I understand my older sister a little better just by watching my own children. I’m so sorry, September.

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