On Durphee Lake

July 29, 2014  Daily Photo

on durphee lake

The silhouette of more summer memories in the Midwest.

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You signed on the dotted line

July 28, 2014  Daily

Choose your battles, name them one by one.

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five more minutes

Five more minutes

July 28, 2014  Daily Photo

The daily ritual before camp rendered in black and white.

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because I love punishment

Because I love punishment

July 28, 2014  Daily Chuck

Do not shake your head at me, I am doing it right this time.

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the fearless one

The fearless one

July 25, 2014  Daily Photo

And then later that afternoon she taught herself to swim.

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a protected watershed

A protected watershed

July 24, 2014  Daily Chuck

Leaving the dogs at home because Utah is all dainty and needs to have clean drinking water.

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pioneer day

Pioneer Day

July 24, 2014  Daily Photo

In celebration of the fact that today you cannot buy liquor in the state of Utah.

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