The Avon World Sales Leader, another side

October 30, 2014  Daily


"You know what else I’ve also learned about cancer? It’s stealth. It is a stealth disease. It is so under wraps that it has invaded you before you even have a clue."

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fremont island

A view of Fremont Island

October 29, 2014  Daily Photo

To help silence or at least decrease the number of question marks people use when I tell them where I live.

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posh powder room

A bathroom upgrade

October 29, 2014  Daily Style

It turns out that posh toothbrushes exist. This knowledge now takes up space in my brain.

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nameless beauties

Nameless beauties

October 28, 2014  Daily Photo

Sure, there’s more green Jell-O here than there is in the entire rest of the world, but there’s also this.

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Bedtime with Marlo

October 28, 2014  Daily

When Marlo asks what she was like at five years old I’ll pull up this post and say, “This is a small but very accurate sample.”

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coco and peanut butter

This one is ripe for some caption in white Helvetica

October 27, 2014  Daily Chuck

Very rarely do I use the flash on my camera, but there are certain instances when it is required.

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mirror lake

Mirror Lake

October 27, 2014  Daily Photo

Snow in October. Just as certain as death and taxes.

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