For you occasional reassurance

October 31, 2014  Daily Chuck

more peanut butter

He is very soon headed to the salon, and they really need to pay attention to his cuticles this time.

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school portraits

And yet again, we win

October 31, 2014  Daily Photo

The verdict is in, and the photographer who took these can feel confident in his skill.

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The Avon World Sales Leader, another side

October 30, 2014  Daily

“You know what else I’ve also learned about cancer? It’s stealth. It is a stealth disease. It is so under wraps that it has invaded you before you even have a clue.”

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fremont island

A view of Fremont Island

October 29, 2014  Daily Photo

To help silence or at least decrease the number of question marks people use when I tell them where I live.

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posh powder room

A bathroom upgrade

October 29, 2014  Daily Style

It turns out that posh toothbrushes exist. This knowledge now takes up space in my brain.

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nameless beauties

Nameless beauties

October 28, 2014  Daily Photo

Sure, there’s more green Jell-O here than there is in the entire rest of the world, but there’s also this.

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Bedtime with Marlo

October 28, 2014  Daily

When Marlo asks what she was like at five years old I’ll pull up this post and say, “This is a small but very accurate sample.”

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