Exploring the magical world of fiction

October 21, 2014  Daily


Historical facts do not matter when trying to distract a five-year-old from the knowledge that we are not yet at our destination.

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sunset by rearview

Objects in mirror

October 21, 2014  Daily Photo

What? No cop approaching my car? And I call this a mommyblog.

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last days

The napping house

October 20, 2014  Daily Chuck

Hey! Get off his lawn so that he can nap right in the middle of it.

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antelope island

On Antelope Island

October 20, 2014  Daily Photo

I guess this place is okay. Could use a little more drama, maybe.

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Stuff I found while looking around

October 17, 2014  Daily

This week’s link roundup.

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family portrait

That’s my guard dog

October 17, 2014  Daily Chuck

My alarm system is now a sign on my front door that says COCO LIVES HERE.

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leta riding bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle

October 16, 2014  Daily Photo

I cannot wait to have her join me in a spin class, nearly puke and then feel the rush of endorphins afterward.

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