A candid moment in Zanzibar

March 27, 2015  Daily Photo

in stone town coffee shop

"These women are not only the caretakers, they are often the teachers, the health care providers, the community leaders."

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african sunset

Tanzanian sunset

March 26, 2015  Daily Photo

One way in which I catalog my travels.

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tame impala

A baby African antelope

March 25, 2015  Daily

I actually did try to figure out how to get this one on my plane home.

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chuck's nails

I won’t even get you started on his cuticles

March 24, 2015  Daily Chuck

Your angry email should have the words “dew claws” somewhere in the subject.

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low tide

Low tide

March 23, 2015  Daily Photo

Watching out for sea urchins.

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Stuff I found while looking around

March 20, 2015  Daily

This week’s link roundup.

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in Stone Town

Stone Town

March 20, 2015  Daily Photo

The final hours in Africa filled with winding alleyways, gorgeous beaches and sweat dripping from every part of my body.

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