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August 22, 2014  Daily


Because I can't and won't be done talking about it. Another hat tip to Kelly.

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her dawg

Her dawg

August 22, 2014  Daily Chuck

Coco is her best friend, and she is Coco’s job.

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shaving for him

Thanks, I needed that

August 21, 2014  Daily Style

You’ll never forget your first cold slap.

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they came home

It twirls

August 21, 2014  Daily Photo

The fancier of my two children in all her fancy glory.

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when dane met annie

The dog whisperer strikes again

August 20, 2014  Daily Chuck

Would you look at the adoration on that dog’s face.

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my girls

My girls

August 20, 2014  Daily Photo

Today my heart comes home to me with all its lanky legs and arms.

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“Much as water can be taken for granted by a fish”

August 19, 2014  Daily

Guilt is a pretty useless, ineffectual emotion. Guilt is not what I feel when coming to these realizations. In fact, I feel duty.

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