“There Goes Our Love Again”

April 23, 2014  Daily Photo

there goes our love again

Hour one of twelve hours standing on Saturday. Not going to complain because look at that scenery.

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My weekend in the desert

April 23, 2014  Daily

Sure the dress code is “hipster Stevie Nicks” but next time I’m wearing compression socks and no one can stop me.

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a girl and her dog

Her direwolf

April 22, 2014  Daily Photo

Not as big as the ones you’ll find in books written by paleontologists, but her bark makes up for all of that.

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snuggle screen time

Snuggle screen time

April 22, 2014  Daily Photo

Daughter, sister and long-suffering teacher.

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the battle continues

And, lo, the battle continues

April 21, 2014  Daily Chuck

A portrait of the artist that is so misleading you wouldn’t forgive him either if you knew the truth.

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A quick game of let’s give mom a heart attack

April 21, 2014  Daily Photo

It’s like trying to keep track of tiny glass slippers and NO WONDER Cinderella’s stepmom was so uptight.

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i put my paw up on my hip

I put my paw up on this step

April 18, 2014  Daily Chuck

I step, you step, we step.

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