Christmas preparations

September 23, 2014  Daily Chuck

christmas preparations

If we get a third puppy purse they could play stand-in for the wise men.

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Knowing Your Michelles

September 22, 2014  Daily

“I guarantee you she has been playing this role since Amy T. locked herself in the bathroom at Amy J.’s slumber party in fourth grade. That’s when she learned what got her off, and she has been seeking it out like a junkie every since.”

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rice and spicy chicken

Here in America

September 22, 2014  Daily Photo

The founding fathers are nodding in so much approval right now.

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sugar high

Should clearly indicate whether or not I’m raising them Paleo

September 19, 2014  Daily Photo

Just your average healthy snack that is in no way getting anywhere near a piece of clothing that I hold dear.

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From my courageous friend to those of you who need it

September 18, 2014  Daily

“I am stronger now not because the feeling is any less intense than it was years ago, but because I understand it. I know it will go away and that alone has saved me.”

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Family colors

Family colors

September 18, 2014  Daily Photo

I could decorate her room with bottles of Pepto-Bismol and she’d be perfectly happy.

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puppies marlo coco

Happiness is a puppy

September 18, 2014  Daily Chuck

I’m cherishing all her smiles these days. Coco is enduring all her constant attention.

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