From my childhood to theirs

August 24, 2015  Daily


I now have figurines to help facilitate the lessons I will teach my children about certain online behavior.

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back to school 2015

I gotta go back

August 18, 2015  Daily Style

“Woe is me, all summer long I was happy and free. Save my soul, the board of education took away my parole.”

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brisbane 2

A landscape 7,600 miles away

August 17, 2015  Daily Photo

Touching base as I recover from one of the worse cases of jet lag I’ve ever experienced.

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Up by Silver Fork

August 5, 2015  Daily Photo

Having a rare Hansel and Gretel moment when I could have one every day if I’d just make the damn time.

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Really missing her texts with nothing but 20 smiling poop emojis

August 3, 2015  Daily

I hope she’s learning to tie knots, build a shelter, start a fire and how to make mama a hot dog.

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Learn how your dog learns

July 15, 2015  Daily

A heart-rending interview with Coco’s trainer and an update on how the herding dog is holding up.

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July 12, 2015  Daily

How you can use your name to bring light to and change the lives of those who are in most need of it.

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