Big ole happy Mormon family

November 28, 2014  Daily Photo

thanksgiving 2014

Luckily no one brought up race at the dinner table, otherwise there would have been a somewhat delicious food fight.

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required reading

A syllabus for Thanksgiving break

November 25, 2014  Daily Photo

“Last night I sat there struggling with the duty I have to destroy that innocent notion of hers, a notion born of my ignorance and my privilege, the privilege shared by so many other well-intentioned but naive white parents.”

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One of the daily ways in which I betray my primitive ancestors

November 24, 2014  Daily

No, Paleolithic humans did not drink lattes, and they were grumpy and aggressive as shit.

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coco with sick marlo

Keeping watch over her flock

November 24, 2014  Daily Chuck

Glad tidings of great joy Coco brings to her ailing sheep.

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the sick house

My ailing Butternut

November 21, 2014  Daily Photo

Sharing my bed with the other kid this week.

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fifth grade math homework


November 20, 2014  Daily Photo

I’m sure that there are at least fifty posts on my site with that title, but this one… this one really deserves it.

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guide for handmade gifts

Gifts with a bit of loving touch

November 20, 2014  Daily Style

Gifts with a little more warmth than anything plastic or sporting a screen.

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