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August 1, 2014  Daily


The triumphant return of stuff and can I just say that since the last one I posted the Internet has gotten even weirder.

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August 1, 2014  Daily Photo

Who knew that my kids would be so adventurous in Wisconsin of all places?

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shake it like a polaroid

Inspired by a month of birthdays

August 1, 2014  Daily Style

First person to make a joke about the elephants gets a poke in the butt.

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saying goodbye to july

Saying goodbye to July

July 31, 2014  Daily Photo

I am proclaiming this month a success. I think my children would agree.

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My first experience with monsters, otherwise known as “babies”

July 30, 2014  Daily

What complicated situation in my life has the Avon World Sales Leader NOT solved?

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July 30, 2014  Daily Chuck

He is so lucky that I am not an avid crafter because I’d have a room full of shit like this.

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a little experiment

A little experiment

July 30, 2014  Daily Photo

Would you look at what the dog dragged in.

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