All the fixins

August 28, 2014  Daily Style

all the fixins

This time I'm not stepping too far outside of my comfort zone, but at least I won't be wearing yoga pants.

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sweet and senile

Sweet and senile

August 28, 2014  Daily Chuck

I guess this is what happens when you’re in your sixties.

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my smirking butternut

My smirking Butternut

August 28, 2014  Daily Photo

Shades of Daisy Hamilton are surfacing.

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strappy sandals

A staple of summer

August 27, 2014  Daily Style

A bit of an ode to my favorite season as it takes its last breaths.

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choir director

Choir director

August 27, 2014  Daily Chuck

All of this before 7AM. Life is so very wonderfully full.

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it just takes time

“But if you want it to heal, it just takes time”

August 26, 2014  Daily

“You must have loaded the gun. You knew where to put the bullets. And how to do whatever you need to do to get a bullet in the chamber. And then actually decide that this is it. That you are done.”

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snowbird again

A view from the top of the ride

August 26, 2014  Daily Photo

From happy happy joy joy to grumpy grumpy sad sad and back again. The roller coaster as metaphor.

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