Mommy blogging, 101

November 17, 2015  Daily


If only those random strangers on Facebook could see THIS post. HOOOOOO!

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fall comfort

Head first into the season ahead

November 16, 2015  Daily Style

Even a post about autumnal comfort gets derailed. It’s okay, though. I saw my therapist and she said it’s good that I don’t own any weapons.

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November 11, 2015  Daily Photo

This one goes out to Miss Zoot, a source of personal inspiration. Thank you.

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beloved Coco

On a morning in October

October 29, 2015  Daily Chuck

I blame that goddamn Adele song for putting me in a mood of total appreciation and gratitude. Well, after it made me bawl for two days straight.

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pumpkins 2015

It’s the most horrible time of the year!

October 27, 2015  Daily Photo

You could totally pin the shit out of this image, would you look at that.

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Allergic to costume season

October 23, 2015  Daily Style

If you ever see me wearing a costume it will be inside an ER because the resulting rash will have crawled inside my throat and asphyxiated me.

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