Christmas for the kitchen

December 1, 2015  Daily Style

for the cook 2015

From the library of Heather B. Armstrong who will get to the book your publisher sent me, just give me a few years.

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Gifting myself an extra set of hands

November 30, 2015  Daily

Coming to terms with the reality facing those of us who are parents of a generation that will not know life without the Internet.

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Mommy blogging, 101

November 17, 2015  Daily

If only those random strangers on Facebook could see THIS post. HOOOOOO!

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fall comfort

Head first into the season ahead

November 16, 2015  Daily Style

Even a post about autumnal comfort gets derailed. It’s okay, though. I saw my therapist and she said it’s good that I don’t own any weapons.

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November 11, 2015  Daily Photo

This one goes out to Miss Zoot, a source of personal inspiration. Thank you.

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beloved Coco

On a morning in October

October 29, 2015  Daily Chuck

I blame that goddamn Adele song for putting me in a mood of total appreciation and gratitude. Well, after it made me bawl for two days straight.

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