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How to Charm Me

Let me win when we wrestle.

How to Annoy Me

Steer your shopping cart through Costco like a maniac. We’re all in this together.

Kicking, Squealing Gucci Little Piggy

Saturday morning at the end of a 40 minute stair-running workout in Santa Monica, I almost participated in my first live girl-on-girl cat fight. I had run 12 sets of 150 stairs, most of them taken two at a time, and the stench of wet bodies and morning fog enfolded me like a curling swath [...]


Grant Lee Phillips: Mobilize

How to Charm Me

Point at your 3 year old cousin’s penis and say, “Daddy has a little one just like that.”

How to Annoy Me

Get together with your band of birds and poop all over the hood of my car.