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Never again will I take for granted a hairless kitchen floor.


The Russian Avant-Garde Book

Feeling Guilty

For forcing my puppy to listen to emo.

How to Charm Me

Bite my nose and then look all innocent.

How to Annoy Me

Call my dog a son of a bitch. Your dog is a son of an ugly bitch.

Various Instances When Chuckles is Neither Representing Nor Keeping it Real

2:32 AM – crying like a little sissy dog when he should be asleep. 4:16 AM – forgetting that only an hour and a half earlier he was crying like a little sissy dog; crying like a little sissy dog again. 5:00 AM – thinking it’s time to play. 5:02 AM – trying to convince [...]

April 16, 2002


“Trading Spaces” on TLC is the most horrifying show in the history of television.


SISLEY Photo Gallery

Feeling Guilty

For not leaving the house in over 78 hours, except to poop and pee.