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How to Charm Me

Undertand that I NEED that potato salad like no one has ever needed potato salad in the history of the world.

Feeling Guilty

For forsaking The Lord And Savior Jesus Christ and worshipping at the alter of The Great Vlasic Pickle God.

Work in Progress

At 4:30 am on a Wednesday morning several weeks ago Jon and I discovered that our furious efforts at reproduction had delightfully succeeded, and instead of getting into bed and going back to sleep we talked feverishly for three hours about what we were going to call this little work in progress. It was a [...]

June 17, 2003

“Is your crotch hungry girl? Cause it�s eating your pants”

Because I’m too nauseous to talk about any of the normally worthwhile topics I usually discuss on this site, topics like piss and poop and the smell of my dog’s feet, I thought I’d pass along a link to a fantastic site that was brought to my attention in an email from the lovely Stacey [...]


An ‘Office’ we all know


Branded for Life


40 Years of Design and Advertising


I know you may think I have forgotten, but I totally haven’t forgotten that THUD would make a great baby name.

How to Charm Me

Tell me that it’s perfectly normal to want to bathe myself in french fries, oh! life-giving french fries!