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About a year ago I wrote a post on this website about what it was like go off a depression medication. I’d been on a specific medication for over seven years, and it took over three and a half months to go from 100 milligrams/day of the drug to 0 milligrams/per day, a painful, often [...]


The Secondhand Smoking Gun

Feeling Guilty

For laughing uncontrollably when the 80 lb dog gets stuck underneath the bed, for the sixth time in two hours.

How to Annoy Me

I know you’re fascinated with my belly button, but touch it again and you’ll pull back a hand with at least three fingers missing.

How to Charm Me

Nickname our dog “The Onanistic Fellatiator.”


Gareth Keenan’s Homepage


My 35 lb dog trying to yank something out of my other 80 lb dog’s mouth is perhaps the saddest display of self-delusion I have ever seen.

Obstacle 1 – 4

A couple weeks ago Jon and I attended an Interpol show at a bar/venue in downtown Salt Lake City. It was the third or fourth concert we’ve been to since I’ve been pregnant, a significant decrease in the usual number of live shows we like to see. And after our Interpol experience, I can’t see [...]

23 Weeks, Photo Collection: Memphis

Jon and I have been back from Memphis for almost a week, and only now is he returning to a normal way of speaking, saying “What?” instead of “Whhhuuuutt?” and getting rid of “Ahhhh know!” altogether. We had a fantastic vacation, complete with samplings of fried okra, gravy and biscuits, and a trip to the [...]

Because I Wasn’t Insane Enough Already

We haven’t even begun to unpack from our trip to the South, and I’m suffering the nastiest head cold this side of the Mississippi complete with green sinus goo only pregnant hormones could produce. My house is a disaster, I have no clean underwear, and I haven’t slept more than four hours in the last [...]