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Life of Crime


Just because I’m putting on my shoes does not mean I’m taking you for a walk, so stop looking at me like that.

How to Annoy Me

Assume that Lee Greenwood has anything to do with our national anthem.

How to Charm Me

Assure me that I have muscles, even though I know that these little things on my arms are really just tendons.


moskito Kommunikation und Design

Recently in the Hills behind my Mom’s House

Photos by: Me and Soon-to-be-Unbearded and Delightfully Passionate Armstrong Soundtrack: Iron and Wine, Southern Anthem (mp3 link now unavailable)


Folk Implosion: The New Folk Implosion

Feeling Guilty

For opening that email spam with the subject line: “Your Feet Stink :p” I really shouldn’t take things so personally.

March 30, 2003

World Sales Woman

It’s been a bad week. Bad as in bad, not bad as in good. And bad here means things like skull-ripping headaches, unwelcome and unrelenting rainstorms, and stubbed little toes. It means running out of chocolate pudding just when I really fucking needed some chocolate pudding. Bad means my mother is in town when she’s [...]