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This, my friends, is the Cereal of the Gods. I will never eat anything else ever again.

Is it my imagination or have I finally found something worth living for?

About two and a half years ago when Jon first moved into my tiny apartment in LA we began consuming alcohol and coffee in very large quantities on a very daily basis. I don’t think either of us had been very big alcohol or coffee drinkers up until that point — I hadn’t so much [...]


Holy Matrimony


British Sea Power: The Decline of British Sea Power

31 Weeks, Photo Collection: Demolition

Let’s just forget for a moment that I can’t bend over at the waist, or that in less than two months our family is going to increase in size by 33.3%. (NOTE: For those of you sending me email telling me that my math is all wrong and that our family will be increasing by [...]

Things in the Past Week That Have Brought Me to Uncontrollable, Blubbering Tears

The finely orchestrated piece of crap otherwise known as the finale to “Joe Millionaire.” The look on my dog’s face when I took away his bone last night. The delicate beauty of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The moment we realized that the bed sheet we bought at Target was too small to fit the [...]


I love living in a state where my tits have rights.


Penelope Illustration

Hester Prynne

This morning I woke up only to find that I had outgrown yet another piece of clothing, a pair of pants I bought three months ago that was four sizes bigger than the pants in my non-pregnant wardrobe. This leaves me with exactly four items of clothing that I can actually wear, including a pair [...]

How to Charm Me

Inform me in a tender, diplomatic way, with only the slightest urge to question whether or not I actually graduated from college, that there is no such word as trajesty.