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Modest Mouse: Good News For People Who Love Bad News


“It starts out with just one boob at the half-time show and in a few years half the population is walking around naked.”

How to Charm Me

Suggest that in ten years we renew our wedding vowels.

The Maternal Multitasker

Someone please stop me, I am becoming my mother. I saw signs of this metamorphosis during my pregnancy when instead of using free time to sleep I spent free time folding socks and windexing the bathroom mirror. But I thought that I was just experiencing a nesting instinct and that I would go back to [...]


You are not aware, no doubt, of how Thinsulate can muffle the booty as it pows and bams and does what the very, very hot booties do.

Remembering the Smiles

I think I can say with some degree of certainty that you people are awesome. Thank you for your email, thank you for your encouragement, your stories, your willingness to reach out to me. You helped me. I really want to give the internet a hug right now, or at least pat it on the [...]

Feeling Guilty

For putting my baby’s diaper on backwards in the middle of the night and being too tired to fix it.

How to Charm Me

Forgive me for obsessively picking the boogers out of your nose.

How to Annoy Me

Give my child a toy that makes noise. May you contract a flesh eating disease and have your guts devoured by locusts. LOUD locusts.


Who is that with Jeremy?