From Atop Tank Hill

  • heathabee

    is it bad that i’m so gullible that i thought that sassytrousers at yahoo dot com was the persons actual email, and i *actually* wrote her hatemail?

    what am i? in grade 10?

    Dooce, you rock as a parent, you rock as queen of the internet and I know that as soon as Leta is old enough to say so, she’s going to tell you all of the things that all the wonderful people here have already said..

    … except for when she’s in grade 10.. those years aren’t pretty..

    Keep posting those emails because you will see that there are more of us out here in Computer Land that love you, than those of them out there in idiotville who don’t understand you!


  • heathabee

    ps. i’m not in grade 10. i just sorta act like it when people piss me off **blush**

  • batty

    I thought the dirt mound WAS tank hill :)

  • Tracy

    Saucyslacks can shove that ignorant Pollyanna bullshit of hers aaaaaall the way up her fibre-rich pink colon. I believe I’ll apply a little stamina this evening to wishing her into the cornfield.

  • woman lover

    People are hateful and abusive around here. Yesterday, I got piled on for posting a very timely and helpful sex tips. Today, this “Sassytrousers” person gets piled on for parenting tips. Geez, get a life people.

    And yes, I still stand by my statement. If your vagina is out of commission, then put your anus and mouth to use. What is it that you don’t understand? When I broke my leg and was out of commission, I used a crutch to get around. The principle presented here cannot be any clearer.

  • pretendingsanity

    Yea! for reconvening the procedure. You have the best husband in the whole world (other than mine of course!)

  • trisha

    I like zebob. I don’t understand why many are calling zebob names. He was being funny.

    It is more offensive to call someone a name than to be sarcastic.


  • mousey

    woman lover, you got “piled on”, as you put it, because your comment is one of the most sexist things you could possibly have written. has it ever occured to you that many women derive no pleasure whatsoever from “putting their anus and mouth to use”? It shows that you feel that women have an obligation to service men sexually, which will win you no friends here (nor, I’d wager, many places.) Why the hell should any woman rush back into sex when it’s not pleasurable for them? Any decent, caring male would understand this and give them all the time they need. You’re probably one of those jerks who refers to a womans monthy as “blow job week.”

  • DoulaBrooke

    Please, let’s all ignore womanlover. He is trying to get everyone riled up and I am sure he is deriving lots of pleasure by getting us all upset. He’s not worth it.

  • woman lover

    I posted common sense. Nothing more. Okay, so I will drop it and move onto something else.

  • wixlet

    i now understand exactly why you had comments disabled on the old version of the site.

    idea for dooce v6: threaded message board?

    i, too, was thrown off by the grassless, treeless hill. and then i saw that magnificent orange house in the foreground. i don’t think i’ve ever wanted an orange house before, but now i do.

  • Catie

    I don’t know if any of you ahve read it but there is a great short story written about Corona Heights in SF called “Our Lady of Darkness” My roomate made me read her copy and it was fabulous. I’ve never been to SF but the picture helps me understand how the author could get such an eerie feeling from the hill in the middle of the city.

  • Deja

    A park?! A PARK?!?! Dude, how much would Chuck (and I) love to climb to the top of that huge mud-hill and slide aaaaaall the way down? Then the Congressman could put his “anus to use” on that giant dookie mound, and be one happy mutt indeed.

  • Wendy

    Perhaps Miss Fibre is still under the influence of her epidural?

    Dooce, I don’t have kids, but I am awed by your candor on just how bloody hard it is to be a parent.

  • domino

    Firstly – a threaded style forum would be brilliant, and I would pay a subscripion for that.
    Second – Heather, you have real camera talent. More Congressman, please!
    Third – just what meds did they give sassyarse? Hallucenogenic is my bet. Stupid bitch.

  • Susie

    I agree with DoulaBrooke; don’t encourage woman lover by becoming outraged. He likes it too much. I’m relatively new here, been reading dooce for a little while, but never took time to read the comments before. It’s fascinating how “we” can read a few lines (like those from “Smarty Pants”), and be ready to burn someone at the stake. What she said was asinine; based on this one snippet, it appears that she is insensitive and perhaps naive. But that’s all we really know. How do we know she isn’t woman lover’s alter ego, entertaining him/herself by pissing everyone off again? Just observing, commenting on this very interesting process. From the ridiculous to the sublime:

    Still in my thoughts and prayers: are the precious chubby baby feet making friends with the hard, mean floor? I surely hope so.

    And yes, I know “Smarty Pants” isn’t her “real” name, but I can’t bring myself to say/write that other, sillier one.

  • blondzila

    Ok, I’ve never commented here, but read you for a while, Heather, and think you’re talented, boldly honest and a fabulous mother. If Mrs Pink-and-Frilly Cleaver (because of course a woman of her calibre MUST be married and to Hugh Beaumont to have had children) thinks that all of child birth and child raising is sunshine and lollipops, I think she is one of the original Stepford Wives. Childbirth is painful, messy and far from beautiful. The children they create are. So Mrs. Frilly Slippers can go take a mouthful of psilium fiber and crap herself. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Gavinator

    Oh, thanks sassietrousers, I get it now:

    Breastfeeding plus beautiful labor equals good mother.

    Highly intelligent plus deeply loving with a refreshing mix of blatant honestly and inability to poop equals bad mother.


    Where do these people come from, dooce? Who can honestly read your website and not have a renewed zest for motherhood… the good and the bad… because it is nice to know that at times, motherhood is bad, but in a weird way, that is what makes it so good. When something so bad is something so terribly wonderful at the same time, it is real, it is indescribable, it is unconditional love….. and it ain’t the crap sassiebritches-who-needs-to-reconvene-the-procedure-in-the-worst-way was even talking about.

    Long live dooce.

  • Kate

    Makes everything seem so insignificant…

    Beautiful! Where is Tank Hill?

  • Doots

    Awesome view luv

  • Dale

    Sometimes we forget there’s the rest of the world out there. Thanks for reminding us.

  • zebob

    Tank Hill is in San Francisco.
    There are these wonderful things called “search engines” on the “World Wide Web” which is part of this thing called the “Internet” where you can plug in words like “Tank Hill” and get an answer almost instantaneously!
    It’s quite amazing but not too many people know about them.

  • Daisy

    Always has to be one smart ass in the crowd doesn’t there? ;)

    Nice pict.

  • reenie

    Lay off, Zebob. Could it possibly be that Kate MAY have been trying to start some conversation? Jeez. Smartass.

  • sab


  • beerzie yoink

    What is a “search engine”?

  • beerzie yoink

    And by the way, I’ve lived an hour from SF for about twenty-five years and until now, never heard of Tank Hill.

    Nice photo, by the way.

  • mihow

    Look it up.

  • Gavinator

    Beautiful blue sky… my son’s eyes are practically that exact same color. The blue is so peaceful and the picture is so crisp. You are quite talented.

    Get ready to be amazed because I, too, know about the internet and I plugged in smartass and I received my answer almost instantaneously- zebob.

  • Chanelbaby

    At the risk of inciting more snark, what is the mound of dirt in the middle of the picture? Sorry, I mean in the middle of the be-yoo-tiful picture?

    Nice work Dooce.

  • Mish

    Good question about the mound of dirt – what the hell is it? And yeah – way too much snarkyness going on here – its not like a hurricane is going to hit you people tomorrow or anything you know – chill out.

  • buscarida

    Beautiful photo. Love the sky :)

  • joh3n

    Dammit, now I have the “Rice-a-Roni’ theme song in my head.

  • stacey

    It’s a postcard. The caption should read “Greetings From”. Well done.

  • Lindsey

    Ahhh San Francisco, thanks zebob I didn’t know where the hell ‘Tank Hill’ was :)

  • lissa

    The mound of dirt is an open space park called Bernal Hill. Lots bigger than it looks in the picture. It’s a very popular place to walk dogs.

  • mihow

    I’d like to add some more snark into this mix. That “mound of dirt” is precisely why I haven’t yet removed my heart thereby giving San Francisco the chance to claim it. As a matter of fact, the idea of returning there next week sort of makes me want to throw up.

    That mound of dirt is a hill. I live between two of them. They are green for (I hear) a month out of the year.

    (I drank too much Maker’s Mark last night. Please note the hangover induced sarcasm.)

  • Heatheranne

    That’s gorgeous. But what is that big mound of dirt in the middle?

  • Beth


    Great pic, Dooce :)

  • midwifegoddessannie

    what the fuck is a ZEBOB? Sounds like are smartass to me

  • Tracy

    Nice composition – I like the one red house in the lower left-center of the picture.

  • Michele R

    I am learning all kinds of stuff about San Francisco today!

    Great picture!

  • Liz

    I find it very amusing to see these pictures of places I’ve been (like Tank Hill and the Apple Store in Emeryville/SF)… especially since I am a fool and never take a camera with me to the city. That is a very pretty picture. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit (I know it was awhile ago).

  • Sarah

    Nice picture. Makes me want to travel.

    By the way, the comments today are cracking me up. Hee, hee.

  • Mary

    That is one of my favorite places in the entire universe. I used to sit on Tank Hill at night when I was lonely and look out at all the lights and across the bay and somehow feel better. What a great memory. Thanks for posting this photo.

  • shy

    every place deserves a tank hill. mary – i had past moments in my life where i’m sure a tank hill would have been useful. you definitely are a lucky gal to have been smart enough to use such a lovely scene.

    i love photo’s like these…

  • Michele

    I Love that city, beautiful picture.

  • Tim

    My favorite place in this country. Man, I want to go back. Good thing land is cheap out there :)

    Congrats on the procedure being reconvened.

  • Miel

    Wah. I used to live in San Francisco. That pictures is actually making my eyes water. Ouch. That hurts my heart. I hate the East.

  • Heather

    I grew up in the SF Bay Area and have never heard of Tank Hill, either. I’m so ashamed.