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A Woman’s Work

The dog has been packed and carted off to Grandma’s house. The baby has been packed (whew! does that kid have some gear!) and picked up by Grandmommie. (NOTE: Grandma is Jon’s mother, Grandmommie is my mother, one lives 30 minutes North, the other lives 30 minutes South). The bed has been made, the dishwasher [...]

Venti Disaster

On Wednesday morning I stuck Leta in the Baby Björn, put the dog on a leash and took a walk with my friend Beth to the local Starbucks. Leta was dressed entirely in clothes that have been given to her from other people: a shirt from the neighbor, a pair of cut-off denim pants from [...]

Feeling Guilty

For accidentally feeding the dog a piece of my pizza when Jon wasn’t around to interfere with said transgression. Okay, since we’re being totally honest here, I fed the dog a WHOLE piece of pizza. On purpose.

I think his name is Tanner