One of the reasons I moved back to Utah

  • DeAnn

    Seriously, that is gorgeous. No wonder the U.S. wouldn’t let the Mormons keep it all to themselves!!

  • DeAnn

    Also, do you think that Proposition will pass? It seems like, in Idaho, it probably will. I hope Oregon’s Measure 36 does not, however. I’m definitely voting “no.” And those T-shirts are seriously awesome. What makes them the best is that they aren’t saying it’s what Leta thinks. It’s her telling people what her mommy thinks, which is just very much cooler than putting a message of it being your child’s voice. I sent the link to my most liberal mother friend after following it from your sidebar the other day!!

  • Jessica

    My mother wants a new president, too.

  • Fran

    Dooce…about constipation…have you tried Uncle Sam Cereal, a cereal with “toasted whole-grain wheat flakes with crispy whole flaxseed?” It says it’s a “natural laxative” right on the box. And it’s tasty, too! I love it and it works for me.

    A Former Brick Layer

  • Peter Hentges

    For a third time I say, “Fall rocks.”

    Oh, dear, you’re in one of those states? Best of luck in defeating Prop. 3. There’s something about this sort of direct involvment in law-making that makes me both excited about the ideal and nauseous about the reality.

    Here’s something that seemed, to my limited viewpoint (given that, hey, I don’t know you and have only been reading your blog for a couple of months), to be up your alley in the political action area:

  • kim

    that “my mommy wants..”-shirt picture is one of the cutest ones of leta *ever*. awesome. i love that t-shirt and it makes me wish i had a baby..

  • sab

    Please post more pictures of Leta and her chunky feet! My nephew had chunky feet at that age and I miss eating them up!

  • stella

    what are you feeding leta? hehe. she is so cute. and is she sitting on a table? where are the table nazis?! hehe

  • shellibells

    OMG the yellows….and look at those clouds…PRRRRRTeeee!!

  • Allison

    Stunning picture!

  • Laurel825

    Postcard perfect.

  • Angie

    It looks stunning there – I’m feeling the pull of Utah myself just looking at those colours!

  • jen

    Wow, I can almost smell the fresh air!

  • Susie

    Oh, my. GLORIOUS. Thank you for that.

  • psyche

    perect hue of blue. can’t wait to see the rest of your pics :)

  • sclark

    This is my first comment here. I usually just enjoy the posts and photos and keep my comments to myself….but this picture really took my breath away. It’s nice to be reminded that places that beautiful do exist.

  • RandyRambunctious

    Beautiful. That’s all there is to say about it….

  • Eleni

    yet again, breathtaking, dooce!!!

  • Emily

    That is fucking gorgeous!

  • Lori

    Oh my that IS beautiful!

  • Michele R

    Amazing colors, it looks so bright!

  • Michael

    It’s funny, I think it looks foreboding, with those dark clouds. It also makes me think of the “yellow” scene in Hero.

  • trudie

    oh, wow. i love the yellow of the trees with that shade of blue in the sky behind the clouds. we don’t have a fall in sc really. at least spring is awesome, though! just out of curiousity, do they have any trees that turn red in the fall in utah?

  • Chanelbaby

    I once saw a tree this yellow against a sky this blue in upstate Vermont and it was so beautiful I wrote this little poem that I cannot now fully recall. But it had the phrases “burns bright and gold against my eye/it strikes so hard/my soul bursts open like the doors of trains”

    Anyway, this picture made me remember that moment of transcendent beauty. Thank you!

  • Alan

    Wow… One of the reasons I still miss Utah, a lot.

  • Lindsey

    Really Amazing :)

  • Ellewiz

    Gosh, what a wonderful series of pics this has been! Thanks!

  • storm

    beautiful pic!!!!! can’t wait til i move back “home” southern idaho that is:)

  • Tim

    Wow, that is gorgeous. I love fall…how awesome is that new Interpol album…Is that riff on “slow hands?”

  • Jazzy

    WOW! Can you send me some yellow leaves? We only get brown or green here in Texas.

  • flora

    it’s not true fall yet here in new york. i’m afraid it’s going to skip right into winter.

    but that is gorgeous. i love this dooce-posts-a-photo-everyday thing. although, it makes me want to learn to use my d70 better and i just don’t have time! perhaps someday…

  • swimp


  • Manda

    Beautiful picture! So talented.

    Aren’t doggies great? I never have to clean off my daughter after giving her a zwieback. I just put her on the floor, and my dog goes to town. What a time saver!

  • parnissia

    Zwiebacks are fantastic.

  • sarcastic journalist

    so we punished the mormons by moving them there??? how?

  • Rabooka94

    Even though I have never met Leta, she brings so much joy to my life. You can feel her happiness in this picture. Kids are great!

  • Michelle

    OMGosh Leta is sitting up! All by her self…with a spiffy tee shirt on. Wow time flies.

  • kara

    oooooooooooh my. (sigh)
    what a gorgeous gorgeous photo. Incidently, sarcastic journalist, the Mormons moved to Utah of their own accord. I think if we had known that it was pretty, we mayn’t have let them.
    It’s another day of the monsoon season here in southern Oklahoma…

  • Peggasus

    Our dog died 3 months ago. (Whoa, nice opening!) Besides the void it’s left in the house, I now have to sweep and pick up food from the floor.

    And the last time I peed in the woods, I got poison ivy on my ass. That was fun.

  • Amanda

    You are so cool and talented! Can I be your friend?

  • Antonia

    Thanks a million for the reminder of how important it is for my sanity to SOMEHOW get out of Texas. I have been homesick for Ireland all week, and now you have plunged me into hellish depression with the realization that there is supreme natural beauty everywhere, except here.

  • Courtney

    Your pictures are always really interesting. I’m enjoying the yellows this week very much.

  • Erin

    Sooooo beautiful. I wish you lived inside my brain and could help me take pictures like that.

  • Sue from Ohio

    I’m pretty sure, no wait, I’m POSITIVE the trees don’t turn that gorgeous shade of yellow around here…must be the Mormon air….

  • Julie

    That’s gorgeous. Thanks from those of us living in places where there is no fall folliage to admire yet…

  • Chloe

    Wow, that is so beautiful. I would love to have leaves that go straight to brown and crunchy. Leta looks adorable in that tee-shirt! Also, that same amendment passed here. I was really upset, but there are a lot of old people in Missouri. Hopefully, the mormons are a little more progressive.

  • Hank



    Progressive Mormons. Snort. hehehe. HAHAHAHAHA!! Woooooooo! Tell me another one.

  • Antonia

    Just out of curiosity, I wonder how, in learning US history, sarcastic journalist and Kara were led to believe such differing accounts of the Mormon migration to Utah. I don’t mean any offense, I just find it interesting. So which is actually true?

  • arielle

    your proposition 3 is proposition 2 here in michigan. i’m worried because a lot of people aren’t informed as to what it is here, and will therefore simply not vote on it. thus, all the crazy religious voters will vote yes, and we’ll have no way of countering.
    so, thanks for the visability. everyone should know and care!

  • Michael

    Holy crizzap… we’re psychic! I was just at, because i am a government dork, and I looked at Utahs stats RIGHT BEFORE I CAME HERE, thinking “I wonder what dooce has to say about this”.

    God bless you Massachusetts–all i have to do it buy some land now, and marriage is mine.

    And im totally buying that shirt for my godson if, god forbid, november sucks.