A sign from God

Someone slapped these Bush stickers on all the STOP signs in the neighborhood. I’m sure once the culprit is smoked out and brought to justice that Utah officials will kill him by firing squad.

  • Toni

    War on terror
    Occupation of Iraq


  • Torrie

    Ok, I am so sick of this Kerry flip flops shit. Sometimes you go into a situation with a plan/opinion, then things don’t go the way you thought they would so you CHANGE your plan/opinion. Adapting to changing situations is how intelligent people conduct themselves. Refusing to admit you are wrong or have made mistakes, and dragging everyone along for the ride on your personal agenda, that’s how BUSH conducts himself.
    It’s so sad that the government and the media has everyone so scared about terrorism that people are voting for Bush because they believe he will get the “evil-doers”. The fact is that Sadam had NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. This whole “preventing terrorism before it happens” policy that bush claims is bullshit. What about Iran? What about Korea? Also, is everyone aware that while Bush is sending all of these service men/women off to war he is cutting their benifets and pay? What a wonderful way to support the troops that are dying because of his personal agenda. Isn’t it important that we fix the problems here so that we actually have something worth protecting?

  • Jake

    Vandalism of public property is awesome! This is almost as cool as burning SUVs as an environmental protest–almost, but not quite.

  • annie

    I hope you wore gloves for when they dust for prints on the stop signs! Nice work creating the network all over the country to help you in your grand scheme.

  • torph

    One of the things I LOVE about America is the freedom we have to write whatever the hell we want.

    It doesn’t matter to me who you vote for as long as you VOTE!!!

  • Melynda

    I’m a Republican AND a Christian, and I enjoy this site! Dooce is hillarious, and I love seeing the pictures she takes. She’s very talented on many levels.

  • Army Brat

    Actually, CONGRESS cuts or increases military benefits and pay. CONGRESS does a lot of things that have nothing to do with who is or isn’t President.

    And the war on terror is not just about 9/11. It is about terrorism as a global problem – those who perpetrate it and those who give comfort and aid to the perpetrators. Iraq under Saddam Hussein was a state sponsor of terrorism.

  • Torrie

    Army Brat, So, then you think that George W. fought for military salaries and benifits?
    You didn’t answer my question- Why Iraq? They are not the only ones “harboring terrorists”. There are approx. 60 countries with substantial terrorist rings/ties. Here’s the answer for you: oil/money. Plain and simple. If all we do is invade/occupy other countries and don’t focus on the MANY problems we have here, we will have nothing worth while left to protect

  • Leon as Diana Ross

    First, before I forget, I bow to the witty brilliance of “Tom” (in cased you missed it).

    Tom said at 09:09AM, 10.22.2004:
    Maybe the message isn’t even political — maybe it’s someone finally realizing that “Sixteen Stone” was the watered-down, British version of Pearl Jam’s “Ten,” and getting a little huffy about it…

    ….really good stuff, especially when it’s thrown in the face of all this bickering.

    Stop! All this election news
    Before I go insane
    Stop! Reporting the latest polls
    Because we don’t give a damn
    Soon, it’ll all be over
    Soon, it’ll all be over

    Whether you sit on the left
    Whether you sit on the right
    It’s not going to matter
    Unless you live in battleground state

    …..the electoral college blows

    Hell, the election is always over before the results in my state are even announced.

    …..lame, just lame

  • Tracy

    “Cracks me up…..all the people that are voting for Kerry because of what he stands for. Each week he stands for something new so I guess he has all of you covered. I like a president that takes charge and stands by his decisions.”

    Oh, sure. I agree. You’ve got to admire and respect the man for taking charge and standing by his decisions. For example, when he realized Osama Bin Laden was behind the 9/11 attacks, and he decided to take him out. He didn’t stop until he got the job done. Sure, a lot of people said “He’s going to be really hard to find. Why don’t you just say that finding him isn’t that important after all, and move on to something else?” And others said “You know, Saddam Hussein was on your ‘People I Am SO Going to Bitch Slap Once I Finally Become President’ list loooong before 9/11, so why don’t you go after *him* instead?” But he didn’t. He knew Bin Laden was the problem, and he went right in there and took care of it, without getting sidetracked, or using the opportunity to launch an entirely new and unrelated war.

    Oh, wait…

  • http://punky.typepad.com Sondra

    I will gladly address any of the points you brought up, but I’d rather do it either via email or through my own blog. With respect to Dooce, it would be too long of a discussion to continue on this forum.

  • RJ Hampden

    It’s nice to hear a lot of the political parties’ rhetoric reflected here. We have the “there’s no room for sensitivity in the war on terror” and the “sometimes changes in situations call for changes in opinions” it’s great to know that people are so good at absorbing those bytes while repelling the cold, hard truth.

  • Kellie

    RJ, would you mind enlightening the rest of us, since you seem to get “get it” and we, apparantly, are all sheep? What, I ask, IS the “cold, hard truth”?

  • http://www.quercusalba.blogspot.com anne

    Yet another semi-conservative here on Dooce’s site… enjoying the hell out of her talent and her voice, too! Sondra and Amanda B. already said what I wanted to say, so I won’t go into repeat mode.

    Carol? Thanks. Calling an entire group of diverse people “stupid” and offering to send them to Iraq is a really brilliant way to inspire us to listen to what you have to say.

  • http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily_photo/10_22_2004.html AssKissingAlert

    I have a question for Torrie – if the war in Iraq is all about oil and money, why – since we’re now the major occupying power in Iraq – is gas not $25 a barrel? I.e. why are gas prices still high if we only got involved to protect our precious oil? Just wondering.

    Also, if environmentalists would let us drill for more oil in Alaska, we probably wouldn’t be so damn reliant on the Middle East for our oil.

    You can’t please everyone.

  • http://none Rebecca

    I just saw John Kerry speak at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. He spoke specifically about how jobs, families, health care, and all of the issues relate to women. After seeing him in person, I am more convinced than ever that he is a good and fair man, concerned about the welfare of __all__ Americans and completely capable of restoring dignity and prosperity to our country.

    And, hearing him remind us of how much has gone HORRIBLY WRONG in the last four years just demonstrates the intensity of this election–it shows just how important it is for people to get out and vote, and vote Bush OUT.

    “America needs a president that doesn’t just help women get by but helps them get ahead!” He told us. I agree.

  • http://smoore.slaxlan.org Stacey

    I love it when people do that to stop signs. I was in Seattle for spring break a week or two before Bush invaded Iraq, and that has been spray-painted on innumerable stop signs in the city. I love that part of the country. Good to see that someone’s doing it in Utah too :)

  • stacy

    Proud republican here, not voting for Bush. Don’t always assume the Bush bashers are dems. Personally, I think he’s completely wrecked havock on the Republican platform: fiscal responsibility and personal freedoms indeed!

  • Claire

    Re Sondra’s comment. The humanitarian who was kidnapped was there working to build medical centers and improve sanitation. Before the US occupation, Iraqis had access to some of the best and most inexpensive medical services in the Middle East. Medical school was free. Yes, Saddam was an evil-doer. The kidnapped woman is innocent. Black and white, but U.S. policies and Bush’s intentions are not.

  • http://whatxthexfuck.blogspot.com Michael

    What in gods name happened to discussions about Leta’s teething???!!!!?!!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?


    Isn’t Utah the only state to use the firing squad?

  • Jamie

    Bring back the poop stories!

  • http://whatxthexfuck.blogspot.com Michael

    quickie to Sondra.

    Your opinion isn’t stupid. It’s people who dont appreciate the fact that you have a different opinion who are stupid.

    Kerry-Edwards ’04, baby!

  • jenn


    kiss your husban for me. he is completely brilliant.

    great sticker… starting to wonder though if what you were really doing while unable to fall asleep was run around the neighborhood posting bush stickers to all of the stop signs.


  • http://wouldacouldashoulda.blogspot.com/ Mir

    Oh, political catfight over at Dooce’s! I’ll bring the popcorn!

    Today I saw my first “W stands for Women” bumper sticker and choked a little. I prefer the embellished stop signs, myself.

  • Tracy

    “Isn’t Utah the only state to use the firing squad?”

    Mikal Gilmore (brother of executed killer Gary Gilmore) discusses the firing squad, and its roots in the Mormon principle of blood atonement, in his book “Shot in the Heart.” It’s a good read.

  • spackle


    The word from MY family members and close friends in Iraq is that Al Qaida is thrilled about what we’ve done over there — they have more power and freedom to move around than they ever did under Saddam.

    Think about it: If invaders demolished OUR govenment and created chaos, who would be in charge here? Us nice, moderate people, or gangs or criminals with the biggest weapons?

    Would we nice, moderate people help out and be all gung-ho about the invading force of, say, annoying French people? Especially if they weren’t very good at protecting us from the criminals (some of whom we identify with more than we do the invading French people)?

    My folks in the military now travel by airplane to cover distances of 5 miles because the roads are too dangerous. What the media calls “armored” vehicles are jeeps that they’ve had to weld their own scrap metal onto. THe whole operation has been a disastrous mistake. It has made us even more of a target than we ever were.

    “Tough” on terrorism? Bush’s aqpproach to terrorism has made me feel less safe, more of a target, more afraid than I ever was before.

  • http://punky.typepad.com Sondra

    Concerning the humanitarian, she was there working with CARE, distributing medicine and improving sanitation looong before the U.S. occupation.

  • http://none Rebecca

    To see some pictures from the campaign scene today, check out http://www.xanga.com/skin.asp?user=rlschlei.

    Oh, and there were Bush-backers there with signs that said “Alqueda for Kerry”. WTF?

  • http://jbru.livejournal.com Peter Hentges

    One of the saddest things about modern politics is that it has become so much about instilling hatred for the other guy. This bleeds into the law-making and governing process when our elected officials have to work with those that perpetrated mud-flinging against their friends.

    I support Kerry because he is the candidate who most closely supports my ideals who has a chance of being elected.

    I dislike much of what Bush has done in office but I don’t hate the man. (Karl Rove, I might be able to develop an intense dislike for.)

    I draw people’s attention to the words of Booker T. Washington: “I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him.”

  • Claire

    Oh! She was there looonggg before the OCCUPATION, during the sanctions. It is okay then! Phew. I will go and get my point back from where it was kidnapped and let it know we will STILL BE VOTING FOR KERRY.

  • Kellie

    Just a couple of observations… First, can someone tell me where in the Constitution it says every American is guaranteed the *RIGHT* to affordable healthcare, and moreover, where that is the responsibility of the government to provide it? Where is the personal responsibility? And where in the Constitution was that part about the government being held accountable for your job? Which, by the way, is a misnomer. It’s not your job, it’s your employer’s job, and you have agreed to perform the tasks needed for that job for an agreed-upon salary. The job does not belong to you.
    In my opinion the #1 responsibility of the president is to provide security for the US; without that, jobs and healthcare mean absolutely nothing. My vote goes to Bush because I believe he understands this and has the ability to do the job. My personal feeling is that John Kerry has developed an “everything to everyone” mentality shaped by polls and numbers, and believes terrorism is a “nuisance”. Just my opinion. But I have enjoyed seeing the other side of the agrument represented here, at least from those of you not calling me a war-mongering mindless twit or just plain stupid. : )

    Can we talk poop next week? I miss the poop talk.

  • http://punky.typepad.com Sondra

    Sorry, I was just making a statement. The war in Iraq is an issue that encompasses much; and in order to address my thoughts and feelings on it would be both time consuming and inappropriate here. I don’t intend to argue with you or anyone, and by all means, vote for Kerry. It’s your voice and I’m not begruding your opinion or your vote.

  • Grace

    Ya know, Kellie, I do believe that the richest fucking country in the world does have some responsibility to make sure that 18,000 children a year don’t die because they didn’t have health insurance. Call me crazy.

  • Tracy

    Oh, Grace, it’s only because they didn’t pray enough.

  • Laurie

    Wow…how I love the politics discussions…

    I attend a pretty liberal university in DC and I’ve always found it intresting how some of my fellow people on the left can be just as closed minded (if not more so occassionaly), that those on the right. As long as no one tries to force an opinion on me, I’m cool with it. Those of you who are voting for Bush/Nader/Mickey Mouse, are okay with me.

    Anyways, the reason I am voting for Kerry is because I took the issues that are important to me (the environment and social justice) and am going with that. Honestly I think I would rather vote for the Green party canidate, but I would like to stick with someone who has at least a chance of winning.(and is on the ballot in my state)

    That said, after living in DC for 7 years you begin to realize that most politicans are very similar. Kerry or Bush; Republicans or Dems; House or Senate (although all of the preppy aides on the hill freaking stink). At the moment they are both trying to reach to that invaluable “undecided” voter, those people in the middle of the range of politics. Those are the people that win/lose elections. The moderates.

    And even though he only lives a scant 5 blocks from me, I don’t hate Bush. Now Tucker Carlson and his damn bowties on the other hand….(who works about 3 blocks from me.)

  • Kellie

    Grace, I guess I missed that statistic. Would you mind crediting your source?

  • Laurie

    And I think the part about the consitution that covers the right to health care isn’t explicity stated. However, if one studies both 1) the preable for the “provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare” has been looked at by the justices and moving towards that 2)since the concept of the idea of “health” care didn’t exist in the late 1700′s, health care has been until now limited to state regulation. However since the constitution does require that all states recognize the laws and policies of other states, that in essence since each state gives other groups differing health care is in fact a violation of this idea of states equality. (sorry I’m in law school…you may begin the lawyer jokes now :) )

    Of course, the constitution didn’t give people in DC the right to vote until the 60′s, so naturally those living here before then never had that right. :)

    In essense, with over half of the nation’s homeless being under the age of 16, and with a large number of senior living on medicare, it is essential to have some kind of generalized healthcare.

    Again, if you disagree that’s cool. :)

  • http://www.livejournal.com/~gonesavage Jenna

    You know I’ve seen a few of those around in SF too. So where do I get “Bush” stickers? *grin*

  • http://symbioticfishes.blogspot.com Fish

    Lighten up.
    Its Friday.

  • http://2lovesick.org Maggie

    RJ Hampden, just because Kellie or anyone else for that matter does not agree with your opinion..doesn’t make them a “mindless twit”. In my OPINION, you sound pretty darn prejeduce, assuming all republicans think and agree on the exact same things. Respect really does go a long way, maybe you should try and join the rest of us in a grown up conversation? I don’t know where you live, but I live in a country where everyone..EVERYONE..is allowed to have their own views. (In case you’re confused, that means color, age, religion, and political standpoint.)

    Anyway, sorry Dooce..I’m an ex-Mormon as well, but I will still be voting for Bush, lol. However, I love you to itty bitty pieces, and will continue to stop by daily. Just because someone you like doesn’t share the same views, doesn’t change how good of a person they are. :)

  • http://symbioticfishes.blogspot.com Fish

    Also, don’t you think its SUPER funny that “Sondra” and “Claire” both have multiple posts today? What about Cliff and Theo? Maybe Rudy? Oooh, or how ’bout Vanessa?

  • http://misha-pooh.blogspot.com Mish

    Why didnt i think of that? At least it’s not too late but I do hate to support Bush by buying his stickers. I guess I’ll just print them.

  • kara

    my favorite sign i’ve seen is “SHAVE THE BUSH OFF AMERICA”

    And hey, people followed Hitler and I’m sure there are still people out there that think he was a wonderful man. It may not be as hard as you think to brainwash a nation.

  • Amanda B.

    Oh sweet jesus, not the “hitler” reference…

  • http://www.2dollas.com Ariadna

    I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/slickgothgurl/ slick

    just about every stop sign here in boston has those stickers. we’re in kerry country, afterall!

    also, i was very pleased to read that you were excited that the Sox won. boston was a madhouse. and since by boyfriend lives *two blocks away* from fenway, i can only tell you that it was louder and crazier than anything you saw on the tv.

    go red sawks!

  • http://shiz.typepad.com/ Shiz

    Heather, you’re a great little sh*t disturber! Go you!

    (Not like I didn’t know it before, but man, wimpy ME closed down the comments on a post I did way back about a Southern state high-school tradition. Yeah, the Mum people were ENRAGED. I admire, if you will, your balls.)

  • http://ladymadaysia.blogdrive.com Amber

    “RJ Hampden said at 09:59AM, 10.22.2004:
    Alright, let’s continue this conversation in ten years when the truth can’t make a damn bit of difference and countless documentaries refer to bush et al’s cronyism and culture of fear as the new “red scare”. We’ll talk about this after trillions of dollars of our kids’ money and thousands of our family members and innocent foreigners are killed. That pack of wackos in office right now IS wrong. They ARE evil and anyone who supports them IS a motherfucking twit because they cannot and will not be able to back up thier shit with fact because if they had a half of a fucking brain in their head they’d KNOW histortells us we’re totally fucked. Kerry’s just as retarded.”

    Excuse me, but why do you make this election so personal, RJ? Not everyone who votes for Bush is a “motherfucking twit” and I would have to say that SOME people voting for Kerry are. That is just what happens. There are “motherfucking twits” voting for each candidate, as well as very intelligent people.

    And I am voting for Bush, not because of the war, because frankly they BOTH pretty much want to keep the troops in Iraq. I am voting for Bush because I happen to agree with his viewpoints on abortion and gay marriage. Does this make me a motherfucking twit? No. It just makes me a person with an opposite opinion from somebody else.

    Seriously, why attack people for believing in something that you don’t? Get over yourself, RJ.

    And even though I am voting for the moronic dimwitt that looks like a monkey, I truly love to make fun of him because his appearance looks like a monkey. Or an elephant. Lighten up. I don’t get offended when Dooce or Blurb make fun of Bush. They are just spouting their opinions, and frankly, its quite funny.

    And for those of you voting for Kerry, go for it! And if you haven’t already heard (even though I don’t believe this): Bush + Dick, we’re fucked. Just thought I’d help ya out a little.

    By the way, Dooce, I truly love the picture. I wish I could be that creative to think of putting up a sticker like that on a stop sign.

    Can we please talk about poop next week? Everyone seems to agree about that. :)

    Love in Christ,
    Amber <><

  • http://www.tonguetyed.blogspot.com Ty

    On the fart comment, my boyfriend has no sense of smell. This is good and bad. On the good side, he can’t smell my farts (oh did I actually just admit that I, a girl, fart…eeek!) but on the bad side he has a habit of telling me when he does, thinking that they must ALL smell. He loves to inform me of his dutch ovens! Oh and the funniest is when he comes out of the bathroom (after 30 minutes–way beyond the appropriate 6!!) and tells me I’d better not go in there, that it stinks! He has no idea that whether that’s true or not so I always have to assume it is or test it out!! It cracks me up.

  • http://ladymadaysia.blogdrive.com Amber

    Why do people ask you if their farts stink? Like we really want to find out! That would annoy me too, Dooce.