A sign from God

Someone slapped these Bush stickers on all the STOP signs in the neighborhood. I’m sure once the culprit is smoked out and brought to justice that Utah officials will kill him by firing squad.

  • Kellie

    My personal favorite is “Grow Your Own Dope: Plant A Bush”, or Plant a Republican In the White House.

  • Jess

    I love that sign. Best thing I have seen all day. Go Kerry!!!

  • http://ladymadaysia.blogdrive.com Amber

    hey that’s pretty funny, Kellie.

  • Ashley

    Wanted to say to Kellie that I am also from Kentucky…and voting for Bush.

    Contrary to what the news media wants to have you believe the economy (this includes unemployment, new jobs, etc.) is the same right now (and in some areas even better) under Bush as it was when Clinton was re-elected to a second term. Whoever is President, that person doesn’t affect the economy as much as people would like to believe.

    I do not believe that Bush is trying to scare the American public. I believe that he is telling us the harsh reality of the world in which we live in. Fall 01, my college roommate was a female from Indonesia. She was also Muslim. After September 11, she told me she was happy that so many Christians were killed. That we “got what we deserved.” Another girl from Indonesia who lived in my hall came to me scared to death. She was the only Christian of the group. The 3 other Indonesians were telling her how they hoped her family would be killed next because she was Christian. I called my mom and told her what was going on. Then talked to the Residence Hall director in which I was informed “The colleges first priority is protecting the International Students. I should be accepting of what my roommate and the others were saying because this was a trying time for them.” My roommate hated the United States but would complain constantly that the college wasn’t giving her enough money each month. (The university gives a monthly check to each International Student for $925.)

  • http://www,injust-spring.com Alex

    What’s grosser than gross?

    Oh, wait….wrong post.

  • http://beth.diaryx.com Beth Ringsmuth

    Awesome. I’ve seen a lot of stop signs here in Minnesota with “Bush” either painted or spray-painted onto the sign. Lots near the St. Cloud State campus and in Uptown Minneapolis around the lakes on pathway stop signs. Great minds.

  • http://usako.ca/blog/ heather

    haha, i’ve seen something like that STOP ‘bush’ thing before… here in british columbia, there is a provincial government currently in power calling themselves liberal but in reality, they are classist, sexist, everything-ist bastards. their ringleader is our current premier, gordon campbell. right around the time they got elected a few years ago, these ‘campbell’ stickers started appearing underneath the word ‘stop’ on our signs.

    way better than the time i saw a stop sign defaced to read ‘shop’…

  • Rebekha

    Does anyone here really agree 100% with Bush or Kerry? I am a registered Republican that agrees with Gay marriage and abortion… go figure… In a perfect world I would take a little from each and buid my own candidate… aside from that I love this site and all the comments… keep it up!

  • http://www.infinitepink.com Christine

    About the stuff that *Kellie* said at 12:47PM, 10.22.2004…

    THANK YOU, KELLIE! I totally agree with everything you said.

    I have had enough Canadians friends telling me horror stories about 6 month waiting lists to get doctor’s appointments and the struggles to come to America for decent medical treatment to KNOW that socialized health care doesn’t work. One of my good friends died because he had to wait nearly 8 months to get treatment for Hodgkins disease. It’s insane!

    Trust me, people… that is NOT the way we want to go in America. There has to be a better way, but socialized health care is NOT it.

    Lastly, I vote that we talk about art and music next week.:P

  • http://indigo-love.diaryland.com spike

    yeah, those have been all over the san francisco bay area for some time now. good to know that they’re making their way to other parts of the country.

  • eco2geek

    From an article in the Mercury News (“Poll finds reality gap among Bush supporters”):

    “A large majority of President Bush’s supporters continue to believe that Iraq either had weapons of mass destruction (47 percent) or a major program to develop them (25 percent), contrary to official findings, a survey taken this month found.

    “And three out of four Bush backers believe Saddam Hussein provided substantial support to al-Qaeda or was involved in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, while 56 percent said the Sept. 11 Commission found such ties.

    “In reality, the commission found “no collaborative relationship” between Iraq and al-Qaeda.”

    It seems to me that Bush’s major selling point is the “vote for me or die” meme, and most of his supporters buy into it.

    No, my Bush-supporting friends, I won’t “disrespect” you for your choice, but I will question your relationship with reality.

  • http://line-noise.com/journal jackie

    that’s awesome — we have the same thing going on here in florida (tampa). granted, i live in the ghetto and we’ve got tags on everything verticle, but there’s a lot of black spray paint beneath stop signs that also read bush. so most of these folks are probably going to be denied at the polls, at least it’s nice to know. although, this morning a misguided dude covered up a john kerry sign with an assload of anti-bush propaganda but left the bush yard sign ( a foot a way ) unscathed. he might be dyslexic but at least dude knew how to choose his martyrs.

  • http://ladymadaysia.blogdrive.com Amber

    Let me see…that leaves 75% that do not believe he had a program to make them, 53% that do not believe he had WMD’s, and 44% that believe there were no ties. This still shows that the MAJORITY of Bush voters are not out of touch with reality.

    And as for me goes, I am not basing my decision about the war, but on other social issues. And I am sure that is what quite a few other people are doing as well.

    I am in touch with reality as much as my insane brain lets me. I can’t say that I am in touch with reality. I am perfectly happy being married and pregnant before the age of 20. And I got married before I got pregnant. Most people would say I’m nuts. So no offense taken.

  • Zoë

    Tolerating opposing viewpoints is one thing, allowing a rich, obliviously stupid white man to ruin my life and the lives of those around me is something entirely different. And if we’re talking about opposing viewpoints–how do you explain opposing abortion while supporting the death penalty and an unjust war? Isn’t there something contradictory with that?


  • http://shallowworld.blogspot.com rosey

    “Bush’s campaign is like the Special Olympics. He might win, but he’s still fucking retarded.”

  • liz

    Amanda B – This is an honest question. You said:

    “I believe that gay people should have the same rights as straight folks. I believe in a womans right to choose abortion. I believe that Christians have the right to be Christians and non-Christians have the right to be non-Christians but that neither have the right to cram their views down my throat.”

    So why are you voting for Bush? IMO, those are some pretty big issues to be ignoring with your vote.

  • eco2geek

    For more information on Bush’s record:


    “Think this over. Then *you* decide.”

  • Rube

    Onto more important topics, your hair looks fantastic.

  • http://uniquelyalike.com Marie

    *ignores the yadda-yadda about schmolitics in favour of something more important and less typical*

    Fab hair, Dooce.

  • liz

    Amber – you ignored the part that said “And three out of four Bush backers believe Saddam Hussein provided substantial support to al-Qaeda or was involved in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.” ;)

    If you take the average of those four findings, that gives you: 51.75% of the people were wrong and 49.25% were right. Yes, that’s a small margin in some kind of *opinion* poll, but we’re talking about *true and false.*

    I understand people who don’t agree with me on issues like abortion or gay rights and vote based on those beliefs. Those are personal opinions. But it really friggin’ scares me when people are voting based on flat-out incorrect information that is *not* a matter of opinion!

  • http://www.sherocious_mum.blogspot.com Shelagh McIntyre

    6 month waiting lists in Canada? Thats short. My dad needs a hip replacement – he’s on a waiting list that should last a year or more. I had to wait almost a year for an MRI a couple of years ago to see if I had a brain tumour. (Luckily I didn’t).

    Just had to add that. Back to your regularly scheduled political debate!

  • liz

    I didn’t realize asterisks would bold. I meant for the following words or phrases to be bolded:
    true and false


  • http://fishgoddess.blogspot.com amber

    cool picture, and i LOVE your hair.

  • Amanda B.

    Hey liz- that is a fair question. The truth (for me) is that hard core conservatives AND hard core liberals scare me. I’m not down here with an “I heart W!” tshirt on. Nor have I purchased the John Kerry punching bag.

    They are both POLITICIANS. I don’t have much emotion tied to either one of them. I don’t believe much of what either say. I don’t think Bush will do a terrible job if he’s reelected nor do I think Kerry will incite mind numbing change if he’s elected. It’s all poopy talk.

    I’m voting for Bush because of the two, I believe he is the better choice for America right now.

    And oh my gawd Dooce. Your. Hair. Is. Like. BUTTAH! I see no poopy red.

  • Darcie

    Hey, Heather!
    I had the absolute worst haircut of my life at the absolute worst time to have a bad haircut–when I was in the pit of PPD Hell. I bet we’re not alone. Somehow, it seems logical that a fabulous new “do” is going to make us feel better, so we go for something dramatically different, only to have Hair Depression on top of PPD.

    As I looked at your hairstyle photos, one thought came to mind: you are a gorgeous woman, Heather. And you have good hair!

  • http://www.pumpkinjuice.com Jenny Mahler

    I love the hair!!

  • http://ange.kansota.com ange

    Someone on LJ is using this icon….its your cowbell and whenever I see it I think of you..awww


  • Tracy

    The hair looks great. Not too red at all. I love the blonde, but the darker color brings out your eyes. And also, that child? Spitting image of her daddy. Good thing he’s so cute.

  • http://ladymadaysia.blogdrive.com Amber

    Ah, good point, Liz. I didn’t even catch that. Well I sure do have to admit that some people are just dimwitts. I frankly don’t believe all of that stuff. The security administration went into war believing and leading us to believe that all that stuff was true and it all ended up being wrong.

    “I understand people who don’t agree with me on issues like abortion or gay rights and vote based on those beliefs. Those are personal opinions. But it really friggin’ scares me when people are voting based on flat-out incorrect information that is not a matter of opinion!”

    I hear ya on that too. There are people out there that are basing their decision on false information, even though they have been told it was false. For those that believe some of this, have you not watched the news? I can’t really speak much, because I don’t watch much news, either. But anyway, don’t let me scare you, I am just voting based on my beliefs and not based on false information.

    And did I mention a feel a little dumb for looking over that small part you pointed out? Oh well.

    Politics. I think we all have to agree on two things:
    1) All politicians are scum. So no matter who gets elected, they’ll screw up and/or lie. It all just depends on how they do it. ;)
    2) Dooce’s site is awesome.

    So like Amanda B. says, it really is just all poopy talk.

  • http://www.lexablog.blogspot.com Lexa

    Good hair color!

  • Suki

    3 observations–

    1 Like the hair when it was blonder–

    2. WOnder what Perot is doing– probably kicking himself for running 4 years too early–

    3. Democrats are really Republicans who haven’t grown up. Wait until you have something to protect any we’ll be watching you run to vote Republican.

  • Dana

    1. your hair is beatiful but anything would look great on you

    2. I was all about voting for ANYONE but Bush until the candidate was Kerry – reluctantly not *that* desperate – why can’t the party come up with someone electable or was WJC the last?

  • http://www.logcabinlog.blogspot.com log-cabin-it

    I’m not a huge Jon Stewart fan, but this interview with him on CNN Crossfire is HILARIOUS! Mostly because he’s not being funny.


    By the way, the hair looks lovely.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/katekite katekite

    re: the hair.

    I FEEL YOUR PAIN. in the last year, i box-dyed my hair half a dozen times, no lie. ive now sworn to myself that i will not do it again, and that only professionals may touch my hair. and i’m on a therapeutic oil treatment for the damage. oy.

  • http://www.anti-aliased.net Jaia

    I’m abstaining from the political discussion here, but I just wanted to clarify something:

    Utah is most definitely NOT a swing state. It is 100% Republican (or at least that’s how it feels sometimes).

  • paul

    Who’s that guy holding your baby?

  • amy

    I would love to see a pic of you with your old big hair..

  • paul

    OK, it’s been a couple of minutes now, so let me say: I was kidding.

    Love the hair, love the blog. You kill.

  • liz

    Suki – your third observation is ridiculous. How do you explain states like Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, that are strongly democratic? Is everyone young in these states? Or do they just have nothing to protect?

    Living in Boston, my view is probably a bit skewed, but I can tell you there are plenty of rich Democrats. (Or do you mean protecting “family values” instead of money?)

  • GotAnAInStatistics

    Oh my god, Amanda AND Liz, you’re both wrong. Read it again. The numbers are out of 100%: 47% believe Saddam had actual WMD, while 25% believe he only had a program to produce them. That’s 72% of Bush supporters who don’t get the whole NO WMD thing! Only 28% are dealing with reality, okay?

    Here’s a url to an article about the study: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=655&ncid=655&e=3&u=/oneworld/20041022/wl_oneworld/4536965431098444910

    And why on earth would we think Bush’s second term would be any less of a nightmare than his first? Al Quaeda is already all excited about his slight lead.

    And Suki, I’m a 48 year old mother with a house and a savings account and a kid about to go to college who’s voting for Kerry.

  • http://www.lindseyandray.com/blog.html Lindsey

    I love the hair! It really looks great on you (well the 1/2 of you thats visible in the pic)

  • http://staple-stuck.diaryland.com Melis

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

  • http://kiwi-kath.diaryland.com kath

    Just want say, Dooce, you look really fantastic with your new hair color!! I think it really suits you — I never actually thought the blonde DIDN’T suit you, but I was blown away by this pic! Gorgeous!

    And people? How about knowing what you’re talking about a little? Kerry is not talking socialized medicine, he is talking letting everyone buy into the same INSURANCE PLAN they have in congress. Nothing radical here, folks, you can stop the scare tactics.


  • http://beastlysum.blogspot.com jenn

    I really like the hair, BUT,
    what I noticed first–Leta and she looks a little more like you again. That has to be cummulative at some point.

  • Amanda B.

    Ack ack ack! Get thee behind me militant math loving finger pointer.

    I think it’s just healthy to realize that your opinion is just YOUR opinion. That’s why we get to vote and whatnot. So we can have our say without having to break the knees of those who disagree.

    Back off my knees.

    And thanks to Heather for letting us have this mostly civilized debate. The hair color makes your eyes look amazing.

  • tangobaby

    Wow- this has cause quite a stir. I admit to not being the most politically interested individual, but I still have certain beliefs I maintain- as everyone has the right to. Reading over these posts today is disheartening…name calling and crass remarks?

    Really now, this makes me question who is more openminded, poopyhead. NANNY NANNY BOO BOO!

  • http://ladymadaysia.blogdrive.com Amber

    Melis, you asked how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop. That is a VERY good question.

    I remember many, many, repeated times where I have tried to answer that question myself. I either lost count or became uninterested.

    I think there was one point where I counted 1,582 (or it was 1,528…It’s one of those) and I was ALMOST at the center. I was having a competition with my friend. I think she had something more like 700 licks and she was at the same spot I was. Then we got into an argument about who was right, and we never finished counting.

    Now that I am older I realize that trying to figure out this question is practically impossible considering everybody salivates at a different rate and people lick differently. Too bad I didn’t realize this as a child. I could have actually figured out how many licks it took ME to get to the center of MY tootsie pop.

    But good question. Dooce should have a section of comments where people post how far along they have actually counted to.

    Anybody else want to share how many licks it has taken them to get to the center of a grand ol’ tootsie?

  • Kimberley

    Bush or not … meh.

  • http://jelene.modblog.com jelene

    it’s funny how dooce’s comment section suddenly turned into a politics discussion board.

    some of these comments are rather harsh. do you people talk like this in person, or is it just like this online? no wonder the world has gone to pot. just because someone says something against what you think, they call you “stupid”. nice, weely nice.

  • http://whatxthexfuck.blogspot.com Michael

    Dont hide behind that delicious baby! That hair is really amazing. I liked you as a blonde with longish hair, but this looks better.You’re totally a GAP mom. <3 Dont ever change.