They still hang people in Utah

  • JC

    Dem bones dem bones dem….dry bones dem bones dem bones dem….dry bones

    Fosamax * Actonel * Miacalcin * Evista * Forteo

  • Poobah

    Uh oh. Comments creeping up again. The last time that happened, my Mac CHOKED.

    Heather, you should sell those Mormon votive candles from your web site. They would make great party gifts and a mockery of the church. What other fun collectables do Mormons make?

  • Super Turtle Girl

    Scary! I mean, people are already decorating for Halloween?

  • Sam

    nice to see i got up some people’s noses yesterday.
    and apparently the sentiment has been carried over today!

    yay for reality!

  • Karen

    Damn you and your snow! It’s 85 freakin’ degrees here in Houston! My kid isn’t going trick-or-treating this year, because her costume is so warm and wooly, I fear she may die of heatstroke before she makes it around the block.

    Luckily, she only has 4 teeth, so I’m thinking she won’t miss the candy.

  • blondzila

    Snow? Holy crap. I live in Toronto, Canada and it hasn’t snowed here yet. Sucks to be in Utah I guess.

  • LadyBug

    Well, Dooce, if you want my advice…..just kidding.
    So glad you have an ‘entertain the baby’ plan for Wednesday. I’ve lived in Texas all my life, and can’t imagine snow in October! My girls went to school in shorts today!

    Oh, and KATE….thanks for the heads up on the Google ads. I’ll totally start clicking now, even though I’m quite sure I have NO need for a Flowbee OR a blonde wig……and if I DID, Why Oh Why would I buy one on EBay? Can you say, “Head Lice?”
    But I digress….

    God bless,

  • Sue

    Looks like my Mother-In-Law went to Utah….BAHAHAHAA

    ANYHOO, I’ve never heard of ‘Hot Topic’ because of the simple town in Ohio I live in…I did a Google and will DEIFNITELY be doing some online Christmas shopping there, WOOHOO!!!!!

  • robin

    So, are you a fan of the old salem or the new salem? And do you think Mimi should just deck Jan Spears, or admit to rex that she did a bad thing? And what about everyone using those fake, lame vines to repel down cliffsides in the jungle?

    (Oooops, did I just say all of that out loud?)

  • heathabee



    i mean…

    no, i really do. lol Why can’t Mimi just tell Rex the truth, and why can’t she tell Belle that Jan is blackmailing her – surely Belle would understand! And those vines in NuSalem are getting the best of me!! and why can’t they find a real baby for Jenn to carry around instead of a way-too-small doll??

    I’ll stop.


  • Willie Ray

    All of a sudden the temperature has dropped here in Oregon where I live. No snow but lots of coldness. As I get older and older I like winters less and less. Mainly because my body aches this time of year. I shouldn’t complain though. It could be worse. I could be dead and looking like your friend hanging there in that tree.

  • Fran

    “Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup.”

  • Amanda B.

    Dude, that’s so unfair. It’s still 85 hot nasty drippy degrees here. And you got snow. (i shall pout for the duration of my entry) It’s so humid here that it’s hard to breath. I’ve got freakin’ Gilda Radner hair here people. (God rest her soul)

    In the immortal words of Florida Evans…”Damn, Damn, Damn!”

  • NancyD5

    Regarding Saturdays’s pic: REFRESHING. Thank you Heather.

  • Amanda

    But think about what the nose on the Joseph Smith soaps could do down there… And tell me where I can get some of those..

  • Peter Hentges

    The snow won’t amuse Leta? How about Chuck romping in the snow? (Does he romp in snow? My dog, being part some-kind-of-husky, loves the snow and does a very good doggy romping.) I bet a flashlight, a blanket and a power-outage could lead to a whole five minutes of “peek-a-boo” with a new, ghostly mommie in a blanket twist! And you have reminded me that I need to pick up more post-shave healer.

  • faith

    How to Amuse Leta: when Jacob saw his first snow at five months we would throw him in it trying to get perfect angel shapes from the siloheutte he left there. We didn’t throw too hard of course, in case we spoilt the siloheute, and he LOVED it!

  • midwifegoddessannie

    Is that a Joseph Smith Soap-On-a-Rope?

  • m

    mormon’s don’t drink coffee, or tea because of the tannins. or so a mormon told me.

  • Katie

    Ha! Funny, funny comments.

    Amber, #79 – I’m an ex-Mormon, here’s the deal with the caffeine. You know about the Book of Mormon, right? That’s not the only Mormon addition to the scriptural canon. In one of the other, less known texts, there’s a passage that says sonmething like “hot drinks are not for the belly”. Somehow, Mormons took that to mean no booze & no coffee and tea. But herbal tea is okay. And hot chocolate. But not diet coke. Even though it’s cold. Actually, it’s kind of confusing. I remember asking about it as a ten year old. “Mom, why is herbal tea okay? Why can we still eat chocolate even though chocolate has caffeine in it? Huh? Why?” I think that’s when they first figured out I was headed for the heathens. Oh, well.

  • kyle

    Dooce, nice picture for Friday, 22 October 2004
    Youre hot!.

  • psyche

    Looks like a skeleton of a child.

  • Sam

    Snow pics, Dooce?

  • Brooke

    That. Is awesome.

  • Artzijen

    Yikes! I love your camera!

  • Power

    Yes, but what happened to his horses?

  • elina

    Hee! First. Also, creeeeepy.

  • Angie

    Scary!!!!! Don’t let Chuck at those bones!

  • Chris J. Davis

    You must have offended him in this obvious moment of privacy.

  • elina

    Or, um, not even close to first. Never mind me. :)

  • glynnis

    Halloween decorations? I live in the South, and we only ever hang ghosts from trees — I think hanging skeletons might be a faux pas, after a history of lynchings (“Southern trees bear strange fruit”).

    Maybe you could hang it from a Bush?

  • MelissaS

    Ah, I see they found the Stop…Bush sticker perpetrator.

  • Jaia

    I guess they still hang midgets, too.

  • blondzila

    Is this another ex-Mormon early bum-scooter non-crawler Bush-hater? Man, your stepfather is mean.

  • Heatheranne

    You have skeletons hanging up in Utah, we have Christmas decorations going up in Central Ohio.

  • beerzie yoink

    Democrat, Gay, or Gentile?

  • Kano

    It’s Jared from the Subway commercials!

  • Jeff

    Aren’t these supposed to be in your closet?

  • Kano

    Nope….In Utah everyone has come out of the closet Jeff.

  • Jeff

    Unless of course, you are a politician. They are all the same.

  • kim

    ha, i was thinking the exact same thing as beerzie. funny.. did i mention how badly i WANT THAT CAMERA??? coz i do..

  • Michael

    And here I thought they used the firing squad…

  • Salesman

    Ummm Kim….they make these things called stores and they have things called cameras for sale in them. You can go and buy you very own camera just like the D70 used for those pictures. They have financing available too.

  • TracyDee

    creepy… in oh so many ways :)

  • Becca

    Now THAT is funny.

  • Nina

    love mr. bonez… he was actually very tasty.

  • coolbeans

    That makes my neck sore. I suppose I shouldn’t have tried turning my head that far around, huh?


    Where is this store with available financing for the D70? I must have one.

  • angela marie

    rosey said at 04:14PM, 10.22.2004:
    “Bush’s campaign is like the Special Olympics. He might win, but he’s still fucking retarded.”

    Politics aside, I sure hope that I am not the only one offending by this statement. Geez, people.

  • Daniel

    Hey, look! It’s Calista Flockhart!

  • Shauny

    Shiver me timbers! Rockin shot, Heather :)

    Why do some people tend to congratulate the camera? No matter how fancy you think a camera is, it’s only as good as the person standing behind it.