They still hang people in Utah

  • shana

    glynnis said at 07:33AM, 10.25.2004:

    Maybe you could hang it from a Bush?
    No, no, you should just hang the Bush.
    Love the pic and the cheap shot. Yay, Halloween!!

  • Jeff

    Yes, Daniel, Calista; or Lara Flynn Boyle, or Mary-Kate Olson, or…. heck the list could go on. Ah Hollywood, the ultimate annorexia.

  • Fujiko

    Let’s not make fun of anorexics here. They’ve got enough skeletons in their closets.

  • Michael

    anorexia is phat. Ok, that was really mean. Sorry, whoever gets offended by that.

    I sense a serious issue starting… maybe some vitrol will be spewed

  • Jeff

    So, has anybody reported having found Hoffa yet?

  • tiffany

    Hi Salesman, I took your advice and just got back from the camera store. The salesman there informed me that they have this stuff called “money” and “available credit” that I might want to look into getting before I come back.

    So I called my credit card company, and they told me that they have this thing called “debt to income ratio” and that I should really look into getting one of those “real jobs” everyone is buzzing about these days. -shrug-

    Heather, how do you not kill everyone?

  • Sven

    Shauny is right. I don´t get why all those people want that camera. Why don´t they want dooce´s car, dog, etc.?

  • Salesman

    Hmmm….Funny now your name is Tiffany? No wonder your line of credit is bad…..You have several identities. How she keeps from killing people hopefully is the fact that she can seperate Internet garbage from realtiy which it looks like a lot of people have trouble doing.

  • Lindsey

    Wow, Utah does Halloween? Aren’t they afraid that the devil will take over their souls or something?

  • Susie

    Maybe Leta is playing word-association. You say Mama, she says Dada. I think it’s a sign of her understanding advanced concepts, like “these two go together.” Yea, that’s the ticket . . .

  • domino

    I want one!

    I sense a lot of negativity in the comments lately. Hell, you’d have to be blind not to notice.

    These people who are making shitty comments and opening up the flaming will probably get the comments facility closed for good. I know Heather hates it when you diss her and her family, dissing her readers is a bit much too.

    The “it’s only a photo” gang ought to think that a simple photo can brighten someone’s day no end. Who gives a shuddering shit whether one person thinks it’s the best photo ever? Heather has brightened so many lives in so many ways. Let us indulge in a bit of hero worship, please.

  • The Mighty Jimbo

    and this is what we do to democrats ’round these parts.

  • Mir

    Poor guy’s looking a little high-strung….

  • slick

    i miss seeing halloween decorations since i moved to boston. the ‘burbs have them, but the city people don’t decorate. it’s not posh, or something. are you going to carve up pumpkins? i wish i could do that too.


    and heather, if you need help kicking ass, i’m your girl ;)

  • Sven

    Why, domino. It´s not like this blog isn´t dissing anyone itself. Noticed?

  • valence

    With all due respect, domino, Heather’s comment site used to say that “kiss ass comments are discouraged” — pretty clear evidence that hero-worship comments are just as (and maybe more) creepy than the negativity. I’m just saying.

    I’m glad she’s hidden them on the photo site. That way, one can enjoy her writing without being tempted to read these comments (mine included). I hate ‘em, but I can’t help but look sometimes. They are compelling in the way the Jerry Springer show is. I know they’ll irritate me, but I can’t look away.

  • Emily

    Here Domino comes to save the day!!!!! Mighty Domino is on his way!!!! Let the trumpet players play!!!

  • Belladonna

    Oo… where can I get one??
    There are so few really good Hallowe’en decorations out there (never mind that I keep them up year round, shhh!).
    I love it! :)

  • kEma

    pray not to be the next one… noone can predict what those Utah ppl will do next :) )

  • shannon c

    I agree with Shauny as well. I was just about to write that it is Heather we should be commending for the photos, it’s her finger pushing the button at exactly the right moment.

  • Danika

    What I don’t get is why people don’t just ignore the flaming posts. Just shake your head and move on people. Responding just adds to it.

    Cuz really not everyone will think that this photo or that is awesome. Why should you all get to comment on how great they are if someone can’t comment on not liking or not thinking its so great.

    I like this pic but didn’t really care for the one leaf pic. Don’t shoot me because I disagree

  • Danika

    Oh and Leta not saying mama. Try singing dada and see if she does the opposite. ;)

    My niece has an Aunt name Tracy and an aunt named Christine (thats my real name using danika is an internet habit)and she has been saying Tracy for a loooong ass time. I’ve of course been jealous because she rarely said Christine and then when she did it really doesn’t sound much like Christine. Then everytime she saw me she would call me Tracy. So of course I was sad that my niece whom I worship things I am Tracy. Then one day we (her Mommy and I) finally figured out that when she refers to me as Tracy she is actually saying my name.. just saying it her way… it just sounds a lot like Tracy but if she says it slow its actually more like chrissy!

    There really was not point to my story sharing… :)

  • domino

    I hope I didn’t start anything with my comment. I guess it’s hard to put feelings into words, especially in an internet situation.

    Maybe ‘hero worship’ is a little strong, but at the end of the day, people are still inspired by the stories they read here, and the pictures they see.

    Maybe I’m a tad sensitive, but I’d hate it if people came to my blog and started getting narky. Telling someone to “get a life” because they really like a photo? That’s where I have the problem.

    However, it’s up to Heather, isn’t it? I just wanted to say that the negativity towards people saddens me.

  • Amanda

    AAHHHHH! I have the cutest hair cut for you! But since you already did the deed, maybe you can just keep it on file. I posted it on my site for you. If you don’t check it out, maybe I’ll e-mail it to you later. At first I couldn’t tell if it’s just the girl that makes her hair look so cute. But it’s not. It’s definitely the hair on it’s own!!!!!!

  • ella’s ma

    My daughter says Da ALL DAY when I’m the only one here dealing with the whinging, and poop, etc. But my husband tells me, when he takes her anywhere, she sits in the car saying Ma the whole time.

  • ella’s ma

    And oh yeah, can everyone just chill out and be nice to each other for ONE day?!?! GEEEEEEZ……

  • Sven

    Domino, it sure is difficult to get the wording right at times. And there´s nothing wrong in liking an average everyday photo.

    But I see something wrong in adoring every tiny little meaningless thing a person does and says and starting raving about it on the spot.

    That´s where I´d draw the line.

  • Fish

    re: “Jon immediately ducked as I threw her stuffed purple rhinoceros at his head.”

    Why does the man always get punished for his irresistable lovable-ness?

    Jon, I feel your pain.

  • Rabooka

    Sven & Domino- now we know your opinions on the daily photo, which you are both entitled to. Neither is right or wrong so, lets move on.

  • sarcastic journalist

    Alert US magazine! Mary-Kate Olsen has finally resurfaced!

  • Shiz

    Happy days are here again!

  • eileen dover

    Dooce – I just gotta tell you this! It’s unrelated to the picture or your recent posts. You and your blog were mentioned in the Jargon Watch in this month’s issue of Wired Magazine ! They listed the definition for “dooced.” (The Nov issue isn’t online yet unfortunately.) Congratulations on your mention in the quintessential geek magazine! Woo-hoo! I’m so proud…

  • Shauna

    Dada-and now Dadeeee! are my one year old’s official first words. I feel your pain…

  • misdirected

    has anyone ever mentioned to you that jon kinda looks like john travolta a little? hot hot hot, i say!

  • Amanda B.

    Gosh. Who knew Ashlee Simpson would take being busted so hard…

  • Molly

    Great shot, I love how the background blurs.. I’m still getting “used” to my camera.. I tried to take a picture from a distance of my daughter yesterday.. well I focused on a leaf, and she is blurred.. it actually turned out to be a cool picture.. but not what I ment to do .. :)

  • The Mighty Jimbo

    comment fight!

  • Amber

    *gasp* it almost look that surreal way. the strings give it away though. And what is with the face? Doesn’t it look a little mashed? Looks like our friend must have gotten into a drunken fight..(Oh so that is why he is being hanged!)

  • Susan

    some whiplash.

  • cindi

    “Why do some people tend to congratulate the camera? No matter how fancy you think a camera is, it’s only as good as the person standing behind it.”

    AMEN – thanks for sharing your daily photos with us – you have a great eye for photography!

  • zebob

    “Yikes! I love your camera!”

    Rather insulting to the photographer, don’t you think?


  • Jenn

    Now we know where the Cryptkeeper hides during the off-season.

  • Zane

    I thought they buried Joseph Smith?

  • juli

    Hee, hee. I would love to hang that right next to the traditional 13-loop noose that (per family tradition) hangs somewhere around my house.

  • karinka

    strange fruit.

  • Amber

    by george eileen is right! Nice. Really nice. Dooce IS in Wired.

  • Susan

    and also.
    i was just commenting to my boyfriend this morning how much I WISH IT WOULD SNOW. I am so jealous of your four-day storm, dooce.

  • Daniel

    I happen to be wearing a Hot Topic leather mini right now and I support your decision to stay away from them. My butt is sweating and I smell like a damn saddle.

  • Kathy

    Technically, if you went shopping in them, they are no longer pajamas, but now are a shopping outfit.

    On a personal note – Brian would have been 27 today. Drugs suck.

  • Denise


    Please post a picture of the snow tomorrow.

    I live in New Orleans where it is still 80-degrees and humid.