They still hang people in Utah

  • kate

    I wanted to remind everybody (or tell, if you didn’t know what I am about to say in the first place) to be sure to click on the ads running on dooce or blurbomat as often as you can stand, and even consider buying some of the products advertised. The more of us that click on the ads and/or buy products, the more likely advertisers/Google will re-book more ads on the sites. Meaning more $$ for the Armstrongs (both of which are too ethical to point any of this out to us, their readers). People: even clicking on the ads makes a difference, since advertisers totally look at the number of “click-throughs,” and make re-booking decisions based on those numbers.


    an ex-traffic coordinator

  • Amber

    It snowed? Aww jeez, I wish it would snow around here. I’d give Leta all of the baby toys I received from my baby shower if you could send me some snow. I am sure they’d keep her busy for at least a few more minutes. ;)

    And you changed the ‘everyday’ to ‘every day’. How odd how that stupid ONE SINGLE SPACE makes all the difference. STUPID. COMPUTERS. UGH.

    Love in Christ,
    Amber <><

    P.S. Does anyone know why Mormons don't believe in drinking caffiene? I've been so curious.

  • Friday

    How ARE the good people of Salem these days? Coming back to life with the ferocity of an unchecked plotline I trust.

    Love in Darwin,

  • Friday

    Sorry, I just had to see if that would work – the little Darwin fish had feet when I posted him.