Yeah, that there is snow, and that’s me on the inside not being able to go for a walk

  • tiffany #2, dry humping is illegal in Texas. Are you planning to BREAK THE LAW? Shame on you.

  • Amanda B.

    Makes me miss my college days. Of course I don’t really remember my college days…because I was a little bit too un-Mormon.

    Those kids are so adorable. George seems like a very intelligent, kindhearted young man. Fabulous!

  • tonya

    Yay George!! Come to the University of North Dakota…the number 2 binge drinking city in the nation! ‘Cause you gotta have goals.

  • mrs. george #2

    Tiffany, it’s only illegal when done in the bed of a pick up truck. All other forms of humping are fair game. And yes, if I ever get my mitts on George I plan on breaking MANY laws; but more importantly I plan on breaking the moral code of Mormonism by which he abides.

  • Cristina

    Wings are obviously prohibited by the Mormon faith and that is why Dooce hasnt had them until now. DUH.

    Welcome to the dark side, Dooce.

  • Peter Hentges


    That is all.

  • Ms.Chievous

    Hey George, I have a hot sister pursueing her Masters at BYU. Let me know man. Oh wait, she is Mormon. Make sure you wear your magick undies.
    :o )

  • Amanda

    I’m to drunk and tired to read…why is that boy letting other boys tape him to a wall?

  • mrs. george #2

    Because they’re mormon, Amanda. Mormons do such unexplainable things as taping young chaps to walls. Don’t ask questions, just accept it. Now have another shot.

  • George

    I was in texas when I wrote the article, I’m now back in Utah, where it snows, like the picture.

  • mrs. george #2

    Come back, dammit.

  • dooce

    george is definitely not gay. women, he is ripe for the taking!

  • midwifegoddessannie

    George.. there is a picture of you with your arm around a bloke… are you gay? You are disappointing a lot of young women.

  • krissy pants


  • Angie M

    It snows so seldomly here in England that when I see it I immediately think I must be entitled to a day off work to play in it! I guess the novelty wears off after a while though!

  • Nicole

    beautiful picture.

  • Michael

    Is it too late to start the wagons for California? Will you meet the Donner party for dinner or will you be the dinner? Too many choices. I bet the president will tell us what to do.

  • kelly

    at least there’s still internet! or, eh, something.

  • Nicole

    beautiful photo.

  • elswhere

    And a nice old window, with grouted edges and everything, not the crappy mini-sliding doors we have in the Northwest.

    I never thought I’d be nostalgic for *windows.*

  • -leslie.-

    I like the photo, but I like the story about the buffalo wings even better. 25 wings in three minutes is quite an accomplishment. Did you go to Hooters? I like their Three Mile Island wings, but I always sweat when I eat them. :)

  • Daniel

    Not to rub it in or anything, but it’s 75 degrees and bright blue skies here in Southern California. Wanna come over and play?


    “not the crappy mini-sliding doors we have in the Northwest.”

    Or here in Canada. :-)

    J in TO

  • liminalspace

    looks so sinister

  • manda

    After growing up in the land of snow, I am SO glad I live in Florida!

  • Karen Rani

    Note to self: ask doctor to increase anti-depressant meds for the winter….

    Need ‘em more then…..

  • Sarah

    Beautiful photo, I can’t believe it’s snowing out there.

    And 25 wings in 3 minutes should cure any constipated person! (Sorry if that was gross, but it’s true.)

  • RazDreams

    *Lock* that window, grrrl!!!

  • LT

    I want snow already.

    I lived in both Ogden, Utah and Buffalo, New York and even though I know snow is coming soon here where I live, it can’t come soon enough.

  • contessa

    I kinda miss snow. Not the scraping the half-inch layer of ice off the windshield part, but the muffled quietude and icicle part. I demand more pictures of snow!

  • WindyLou

    Do they allow Hooters in Utah? Dooce, come back home for a visit and I’ll get you some REAL wings. D’Bo’s are by far the best.

  • a huge dooce fan

    Sometimes I think you could take a picture of the worlds ugliest asscrack and some asshead would come along and say “nice ass picture” just because you’re a good ass photographer. :-) Said in the nicASS of ways….

  • Chessy

    I live vicariously through your snow, so, yeah, More Snow, Please. :)

  • Hillary

    Let the frog princess play in the snow! Or rather, let her sit there in the snow. Maybe having a cold butt will be the motivation she needs to scoot around a bit!

  • Erin

    We had snow here for ten minutes yesterday. It fell hesitantly and the flakes were huge and soft. The beautiful flakes then morphed into small wet ice nuggets that actually HURT when they hit your head and then slowly melted down your jacket. There are aspects of winter I am not ready for.

  • Shmee

    Yikes. We don’t even have snow yet here in chilly Canada (though they’re calling for it). Speaking of Canada, I just read an interesting tidbit in the paper: on November 3rd, Citizenship and Immigration Canada had 10x the usual number of hits on its website…and the vast majority came from the U.S (115,000). Come on up folks!

  • Kristin

    Today is another gorgeous day in Austin with a high of 75. I love warm weather!

  • Melanie S

    Oh, the snow! Living in North Texas, we usually get a ton of ice and maybe 3 inches of snow, but that only lasts for a day or so. I’m SO jealous.

  • TracyDee

    Looks cold to me…

  • Chanelbaby

    Wait, how could you not have had buffalo wings in 29 years? I hope you slathered them with blue cheese.

  • Karen

    It’s finally getting a little chilly in South Mississippi. We went swimming lase weekend and now we have to wear jackets. I don’t know if any of you have seen this website or not but I thought it was hilarious!

  • Charmaine

    Wow – snow already? That’s even worse that living in Wisconsin! I’m not ready for snow yet. Great shot though, especially considering the lighting differences.

  • Chris From Ohio

    We’re staring down the barrel of the snow gun ourselves, here. I’m not ready for this. I’m in total denial.

  • Catherine

    What a beautiful photo. I wish it snowed in Sydney.

  • Lindsey

    I feel for ya babe, we got snow here in NH last night too :(

  • flora

    maybe the great g-o-d is punishing utah for voting for the awful b-u-s-h.

    just a thought. ;)

    ps- i want you to know that although i take your struggles very seriously, you have also come out of it all beautifully and thus have made me want to have a baby very badly. those cute pictures are just too much for me. so stop it!! no babies for me yet! nah, keep up the good work. i’ll try to be patient, and bide my time looking at cute pictures of the frog queen.


    I guess it’s not JUST Canada that’s under constant snow watch!

    ALSO: I’m somehow not shocked by what Schmee said about the Canada Immigration website. I wonder how many of those 115,000 hits were from gay couples? Gay marriage IS legal in five of ten Provinces and one of three Territories. I wonder if America will ever have the same percentage of States support gay marriage?

    Dooce – Where did you learn to take such good photos? You have an AMAZING eye for it. My favourite is the one with Leta having fallen over in her frog suit! :-) She’s a cute little girl!

    J in TO

  • RJ

    Um, GO FOR A WALK IN THE SNOW! Let the snow crunch under your boots, let chuck roll around in it and shake it everywhere and act all doggy nuts and happy, teach Leta to make snow angels, throw snowballs.

  • Sue FromOhio

    I can not WAIT for it to snow here…I am SOOOOO jealous.

  • Em

    Wow. Mucho snow. Stupid winter.