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How to Charm Me

As part of telling me how to do my hair, ask me how many Queer Eye for the Straight Guy episodes that we’ve watched and then tell me that you “endorse” Kyan because I’m straight and can’t do my hair to save my life. [Guest Entry by Jon, the dj blurb, who doesn't have a [...]

Hot drinks are not for the belly

A few months after I was baptized into the Mormon Church I was at a friend’s house hanging out when she offered me a taste of her drink. I was eight-years-old at the time and had just been cleansed of all my sins, leaving them in the baptismal font to be drained into the ether. [...]

The Pimp and his friend Iccas

That’s Roger on the left. He dressed up as Issac, the bartender from “The Love Boat,” and because no one could tell who he was he put a name tag on his shirt that said, “Hello, I’m Issac.” I was drinking gin all night, and gin, well, it was the gin’s fault that I swear [...]