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Cautionary Tale

Saturday morning Carol (I can’t keep up with the tally of mentions, woman, are you satisfied?) came over so that Jon could walk her through a design application. Jon is THAT person, the one you turn to for any and all technical questions, and has helped members of my family and his family and neighbors [...]


NOTE TO SELF AND INTERNET: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT eat 20 spicy buffalo wings for dinner when you had very light lunch else you will find you and your accomplice in wing consumption the next morning in separate bathrooms SHITTING YOUR BRAINS OUT while the baby sits on the bed and screams wondering [...]

Small, small world

Last week I mentioned that yet again I had lost one of Leta’s socks on a walk. A day later I received this email in my inbox: “Is it a Baby Gap sock sort of beige-y with blue flowers? … I thought I saw you walking on [street A] a couple weeks ago when I [...]

Apparently, when I was a baby I looked like Jon Armstrong

That’s a photo in a scrapbook of my baby pictures that I made for my mother in 1998. Stars, and circles, and cutouts, oh my!