Grandmommie and punkin head

  • Laurie

    I used to be scared of the freakishness of the Teletubbies as well. Very trippy, with that baby in the sun? My brother-in law is a pediatric surgeon and he explained to me that at a certain stage in a babies development they are obbsessed with colors and sounds. They are starting to recognize shapes, which is why the sun that seems so freaky to me, is so intresting to a 11 month old. W

    So the teletubbies actually assists in early brain development. Which is even scarier in my opinion.

  • beachgal

    You’ve seen the shirt so much, because Dooce is obviously posting a string of pictures from when Leta wore the shirt on Turkey Day. Or not?

  • faith

    I can identify with the wet nose and ‘are you going to feed me’ thing. Used to be my dog, now its my 1 year old son.

  • Aaron

    Julie. I’m laughing out loud. Don’t make me drink rosy tea and spew it out my nose.

    So, is Anthony a hunk?

  • Tracy

    Aaron – a couple of days ago, Heather basically said she doesn’t mind off-topic comments. It’s just that the sheer volume and nature of them seemed to be getting to the point of being more appropriate for another venue, like an IRC channel… Which was suggested, and might still be a good idea for people who met here and want a place to chat with each other and not overwhelm the Dooce forum. *shrug* Just saying.

  • reenie

    Great picture!
    Love the thumbnail.
    BTW, in your “How to Annoy Me” section today – are you talking about Chuck or Leta?

  • Mrs.Stray

    What about a Dooce Delphi Forum?

  • Bruce

    This is from the apple iPod site:
    The iTunes Music Store features more than 8,000 audiobooks. Listen to Madonna narrate “The English Roses” or laugh at Steve Martin.

    why would anyone want to listen to Madonna laughing at Steve Martin?

  • reenie

    Oh, and Boobah or whateverthehell it is scares me.

  • Julie

    yeah, unfortunately, I think Anthony is a gay hunk :(

    I think they are all gay…there goes the fantasies. What else am I supposed to do while my hubbies at work and I’m all alone watching the Wiggles with my babe?

    There’s also a guy named Captain Feathersword who tickles everyone with his sword made out of a feather. So, if you’re gay…the show might be right up your alley (again with the Wiggles ambassadorship….)

  • Aaron

    Tracy–I think you’re right. First off, this is a comments section acting like a Forum because there is no Forum on the website. I think Dooce would do itself (herself?) some good by giving readers a space to have forums discussion, as well, and separate out the comments from the discussion.

    It would certainly be easier to manage.

    However, (and this is the problem with the criticism delivered by other users), Dooce made it this way. There is no forums section. It doesn’t exist. Comments and Forum are one and the same. So.. there you have it.

  • Amanda B.

    Purty Leta, Purty Grandmother.

    Anything is better than the Teletubbies. Those things scare me. A lot.

  • Shmee

    I think the Boobahs look like booby bobble-heads. In fact, maybe that’s how they got their name BOObie BAHbleheads. Get it?

  • Aaron

    Julie: For the last time, I’m not gay. Also, we actually do own a feathersword.

  • Julie

    How did we even get on Boohbah and the Wiggles anyway??? Guess it’s such a big part of some of our lives, once you hear the word, you’re just so glad to have SOMEONE to talk to about it, like Boohbah therapy, that you can’t stop!!!!

  • tehmamalara

    i love boobah – i think because they look like little sparkling sugar-coated-jelly-gumdrops and i want to eat them. my kids are only slightly drawn to them, though. they prefer dora-the-explorer: dih-dih-dih-dih-dih-dora. kids tv – nick jr. in particular – is driving me over the edge of sanity – lazytown’s puppet-people creep me out. have you seen that? ew.

  • liz

    my sister and her boyfriend were puppeteers on LazyTown, and i visited the set while i visited them in Iceland.

    that being said, yes, they are creepy.

  • Julie

    Oh well…works done and I’m gone. Sorry to stir up so many Boohbah is crack emotions! But they are crack (fucking crack to you Aaron)! We need a support group for this. I have never felt so Boohbah-free in my life! Whoohoo – the freedom, the relief, the soaring feeling….

    Us young moms (and dads too) don’t realize what the damn Boohbahs and Wiggles are doing to us. Maybe they’re slowly taking over the world…one parent at a time…until it’s too late…

    Just a matter of time before an army of kids will be coming down the road at us screaming “Boohbah….Boohbah…” and making farting noises…before exposing their neon colored penises…

    Maybe that support group is a good idea…

    PS – Featherswords ARE fun!

  • Bob

    I’ve just Googled the Boobah for the first time, and all I can say is that they look like very short and chubby circumcised willies! Sorry to point this out, but I felt it needed to be shared

  • Amber

    Aww how sweet.

  • Claude

    Laurie: I think a lot of people don’t get that about most young children’s programming. I remember not so long ago when people were all up in arms about Mr. Rogers because he’s boring/slow/too quiet/whatever. Hey, mom: he’s not talking to YOU. He’s speaking one-on-one with a three year old. And they certainly respond(ed) to him appropriately. My kid (and others I’ve seen) would sit in and watch Fred do his thing; fascinated. They’d talk back to him. They were actively engaged with a TV show. It wasn’t Winky Dink (he said, showing his age), but it was very much a two-way street.

    Later on, we got a similar vibe about Barney. I had no complaint about Barney; again, he’s a decent role model and he’s meant for very young children. I did, however, have a problem with Baby Bop. It seemed like the lesson you got from her was that you could get what you wanted by whining. There’s a yellow dinosaur in the show now too, but my kid grew out of her by then, so I can’t comment on that one.

  • Fran

    Diddle diddle dumpling, my son John
    Went to bed with his breeches on,
    One stocking off, and one stocking on;
    Diddle diddle dumpling, my son John.

    This nursery rhyme makes me think of Leta, especially the sock part.

  • mihow

    “I’ll bet a few bows for some boxes would be appropriate.”

    I love lesbian-sex prison jokes.

  • Andrea

    I think it’s wrong to talk like you’re entitled to a forum. Before she didn’t even have comments open, what did you do then?

  • Kate

    I just read about Chuck licking the couch… must be a mutt thing because my dog (100% mutt) licks huge spots on the couch or even grosser, the pillows on our bed (don’t tell but I usually just turn it over, too lazy to do laundry)

  • JM

    BooBahs scare me but I still let my daughter watch them. Why? Becasue SHE WATCHES THEM.

    I was on my treadmill during Oprah yesterday and almost fell off because I was crying and couldn’t see.

  • Aaron

    Andrea–I’d do absolutely nothing, and nobody’s entitled to anything.

    If Dooce doesn’t want forum talk, then say so. Or have us register and manage users.

    Or, separate Forums and Comments. Or, keep comments shut down.

    That’s not how it is, though. The comments section is open for anyone/anything. If you have a problem with it, tell Dooce, not the people who are complying with Dooce’s policy.

    That’s my feeling, at least.

  • Aaron

    BTW–This is Dooce’s site. Her policies. Her design. It’s nobody’s right BUT HER’S to tell anyone what they can and cannot do here.

    It’s not right for other users to hijack the comments section by telling other commenters what they can say and do here.

  • Savannah

    Oh My God, Kate! My dog SO licks the couch, too! AND he’s a mutt! This is truly fascinating… I have to Google couch-licking dogs. What is this all about???

  • pamela


    Why don’t you have comments on YOUR page? Then you could take some of the un-doocey comments there. While I support the free-flowing comment vibe, the exchanges between you and your “girls” starts to get a little cloying at times.

  • Savannah

    HA! I just read that couch-licking dogs could be suffering from hypocondria (dogs get that?) or neuroticism or a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Hmm…who knew? I don’t know about you, Kate, but I’m sure my dog gets my obsessive-compulsive from me! Figures, I would have a mentally disturbed dog–no wonder we get along so well.

    Dooce–Chuck may need doggy Prozac. :-)

  • Savannah

    Well said, Pamela.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There’s no problem here except the one you’re creating.

  • Aaron


    If you’re annoyed with other people’s comments on dooce, why don’t you start your own blog and set your own rules there instead of trying to enforce them on this site here.

    Sheesh. By the way, what did YOU think of George’s Turd in the toilet?

  • Aaron

    This is getting boring.

  • happily living in a blue state

    shouldn’t baby bop be all grown up by now?

    any one got any ideas on how to get the mormons to take me off their list?

  • montana mommy

    dooce, looks like you keep rubberbands around leta’s wrists, too!

  • lulu cornichon

    My grandfather, who’s a priest (and can get quite cranky), just quizzes them on obscure points of scripture until they’re *fighting* to get away.

    So bone up on your Leviticus, and have at it!

    heh. that sounds dirty.

  • Robyn

    arron, you sound bitter. isn’t this supposed to be fun?

  • lulu cornichon

    that was a response to “happily living…”, by the way. Off-topic, I know. I’m trying to restrain myself a *bit*

  • stella

    please stop. please. just stop.

  • LadyBug

    Well said, Pamela, about the exchanges with the “girls.”

    And holy shit, Aaron. I’m the one that put the link to Jon’s article on here, because I thought it was very interesting and thought-provoking. If you thought I was directing that at YOU…well, you probably thought those people speaking spanish at the supermarket were talking about you, too. That, or you have a guilty conscience for trying to turning the comments page into your own personal “Live Sex Chat” site.

    Chill, dammit.

  • LadyBug

    Shit. *turn*, not turning

  • pamela

    Calm the fuck down Aaron. Jeeze.

    I loved the turd in the toilet story, I love everything about Dooce I’ve been reading her for years. Even donated money during the big earthlink screwing. How long have you been blogging?

  • Jenie

    1. And most importantly…Leta is the cutest baby in the world. She looks sooo much like Jon, it is too funny!

    2. I love Dooce!!

    3. IMHO – People should chill out about the comments thing…it’s fun to keep a conversation going…but when it’s about dooce-related topics or something that everyone can join in on. When you’re having chats with each other…just use a messenger or email already!! Don’t get so offended that people don’t want to scroll down through 50 messages that are between 2 people only.

  • Aaron

    I tell ya what. Why don’t we just drop it. This is really quite unnecessary. Dooce has spoken and it is done.

    If you don’t like me or my converstaions with other people (ironic, serious, or otherwise), then just ignore me.

    It’s all good.


  • Katie Bar the Door

    me thinks that Aaron is wound a little too tight…
    Beautiful photo of two generations of your family, Dooce!

  • pamela

    Scratch my last comment.

    Aaron, I have no desire to engage in the very behavior that irritated me so much in the first place.

  • Tracy

    It’s good to hear that our dog isn’t quite the freak we thought she was with her material-licking fetish… Lately with ours it’s the carpet by the sinks in our master bath – if ONE MOLECULE of toothpaste lands there, she’ll give that square foot of carpet more tongue work than Tara Reid at a Chippendales convention.

  • Christilee

    Dude Pamela, chill out. Ignore him if it bothers you that much.

    Did anyone go to That was a trip. I see how it could be neat for the little ones. I recommend this site for LSD users.

  • Bruce

    what happens when advertising executives lose their fucking minds?