Scrumptious Bearded Armstrong

  • Carol

    I’m sure all of you have seen this, but

  • SaraJane

    Ok, ok… I take back my chat comment, but the I’m first business is still annoying. Besides that I don’t care.

  • kristine

    Shingletown/Redding is where Satan will send me when I die. I will of course have to sit in a car with my exboyfriend all the way there as further punishment. Once I get back to Shingletown I will have to stand in line for the rest of my life. That will be my hell.

  • wealhtheow


    Love the Humboldt shout-out. You know what a Humboldt Hunny is, right?

  • beachgal

    Okay, time to keep voting in the blogawards, folks…dooce is rising, but has a long way to go!!!!

  • christy

    Johnny, I would be happy to text you in all your total gayness. Like radical!

  • Nancy


  • JP

    I just wanted to say “THANKS” for our Daily Dose of Dooce. I just love it…

    I have to admit I’m curious how you found the guts to be so perfectly honest with your family and your decisions. My wonderfully Mormon mother would keel over and die if she knew the “real” me… (sigh) Mormon guilt…just as good as Catholic guilt. Its like they bottle it up and sell it. LOL

  • Katy

    JP: Let us not forget the Jewish guilt. Yes, Jewish guilt is the mac daddy of all guilts.

  • LadyBug

    beachgal: Dooce is rising. Rising, like The Phoenix, from the ashes, or more like bread dough?

  • christy

    Ok – I was just putting two and two together with that blog awards thing and the current leader. Did anyone notice the similarity in the ads on the contest site and the content of the leader’s blog? Seems a little righty-tighty to me. I smell a vast right-wing conspiracy.

  • Eric Bostrom

    i used to spend my summers in ferndale
    my xgf lived in santa cruz :) maybe it’s just the girls of my generation.

  • Sheryl

    I’ve heard of a “Humboldt Honey”, but don’t know the technical definition. I lived in Santa Cruz for 5 years, part of it in Ben Lomond.

    Here’s what “Humboldt Honey” brings to mind: Vegan girl studying herbal medicine from a wiccan lady in the woods. She is white as snow and has butt-length dreadlocks, wears long tie-dyed skirts and sandals year-round. She lives in a cabin with no bathroom. She parks her breakfast in a hole by the creek.

  • Amanda B.

    Katy- no way dude. You’re forgetting Catholic Guilt. Although I’d love to see a guilt-off between a Catholic and a Jewish person. That would be sweet.

  • Eric Bostrom

    sheryl: that’s more arcata than all of humboldt county. most folk up there are farmers, ranchers or loggers.

  • Karen Rani

    Okay well, Heather, you are like, so cool and liked by your peers now, that high school is like, so high school and like, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Not that you were worrying, I’m totally sure that you weren’t.

    It looks like Jon is singing, perhaps at a piano…Oh Christmas Tree….Oh Christmas Tree….has he had any more booze lately? *grin*

    I’m pretty sure your dog and my dog are SO related…..Ruffy does all the same things Chuck does. I love your ‘doggy perspective’ cuz it makes me laugh every time!

    Hugs to you and like, yours,

  • eco2geek

    If dooce showed the slightest interest in the so-called “Weblog Awards,” I’d be more inclined to care. But, it’s just something cooked up by a guy who claims he runs one of “the most popular conservative weblogs on the Internet”:

    Gia — could you post a picture with your face in there, too? Please? :-)

  • Seriously

    eco creepy

  • Fish

    First Northern Cali takes away Wisconsin’s “dairy state” title, and NOW you’re trying to take away our “Land of Mullets” title, too? Word is, they were trying to fit some skinny, dorky guy with a mullet on the Wisconsin quarter along with the cheese corn and cow, but it just didn’t fit.

    At least we’re still the land of people sporting the combination “mullet-Zuba Pants” look.

  • Fish

    That’s why Jon’s got that look on his face, isn’t it? Because he’s wearing Zubas, right?

  • christy

    eco – you confirmed my suspicions. no wonder that blowhard is in first place.

  • Sherly (aka Sheryl)

    or were you referring to the THC-laced honey “nugget”?

    Thought you were talkin person but maybe you were talkin vice.

  • Amanda B.

    You can never out-mullet Mississippi. Nev-ah!

  • Sheryl

    The Mullet is not a state. It is a state of mind, a state of being, and it is everywhere.

    I would venture to guess that you’d see more mullets at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee, Darlington Raceway in South Carolina or the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama than in *any* state of the union. They come from miles and miles for the NASCAR.

  • Amanda B.

    I’ll betcha two Monster Truck Show tickets that Mississippi would win the mullet/per capita contest. :)

  • Sheryl

    *S U N D A Y ! S U N D A Y ! S U N D A Y ! *

  • honestyrain

    don’t even get me started on being old. i got old in october. i turned 36. up until then i felt like i had a fighting chance. but now, no. i’m somebody’s mom. i’m the person who tells the kids to slow down and hey there you guys!

    how did this happen to me, to you, to the rest of us old farts.

  • Mrs.Stray

    I’m not old. I am still mad cool. Fo shizzle.

  • Fish

    I’ll see your two monster truck shows, and raise you three tractor pulls and 4 hog-roping contests.

  • Carol

    *sigh* I’m 36.

    Just think.. in, like, four years? I’ll be forty.

  • Carol

    I had a friend in college from Oklahoma and he had a huge mullet and a ranch back home with a special cow with a 5th leg growing out of its back.

    I wonder how many mullets a rodeo has.

  • Amanda B.

    Oh yeah! I’ll raise you one ragged out ElCamino with a rebel flag license plate and an “Ain’t Skeered” bumper sticker.

    Booo-ya boyeee

  • Sheryl

    starz n barz boyeee

  • Jess

    So the fact that I’ve TRIED to text message, and it takes me forever, and then I see those kids text message like their fingers are on fire— THAT makes me feel old. I’m totally and officially no longer with it.

  • Banky?
  • Sheryl

    Jess, you totally get used to it if you have to. I write whole documents for work on the tiny keyboard of my blackberry, and I wrote about half of 120,000 words of a manuscript on it over the past year.

    People that know me HATE the tiny clicking noises. People who don’t know me think I am playing a freaking video game. Which is very funny since I haven’t played one since Pole Position. I’m 37.

    But I do believe that nagging can make you feel old.

  • Sheryl

    Carol, in 4 years you’ll be “fawty” (in beantown anyway).

  • U.B.

    You thirty-somethings need to stop snivelling. Old is cool these days. Just wait until you start on the first of many “pharmaceuticals that you will take every day until you die”. Now THAT, is a landmark aging moment (sigh).

    We 40 and 50-somethings have no sympathy…

    I’m in rural NorCal now and can assure you all that the mullet is alive and well up here. As is the heinous “W ’04″ bumper sticker on every vehicle that seems to drive or park badly.

  • Danika

    Sheryl ~ Can’t you turn the clicking noise off? Or is it just the natural click of the buttons?

    I LOVE text messaging. I started texting in March and have sent over 4500 texts. I rarely text people that live where I do its usually texting friends that live far away. Its better than paying for long distance calls thats for sure. I’ve also gotten pretty fast at it and can do it with my eyes closed and not make spelling errors. Its like typing… when you first started typing you were probably pretty slow but the more you type the faster you got.

  • Fish


    I got me a full house:

    rusty pickuptrucks on blocks in the yard over washing machines on the porch!

  • Caroline

    Is it just me, or does that tree seem PERFECT! Dooce, I do NOT know how you manage it. That picture is stock full of good things to look at. :-)

  • Chellerella

    You are TOO cool Heather! Cool as the babysittin’ kid!

  • Fish

    Dooce: pleasepleasepleaseplease PLEASE, when Leta’s first words are “smell like shit!” and she’s running around the house yelling it at the top of her lungs while your mom’s over, PLEASE post an mp3 file.

  • tom

    do any other kids younger than 15 read this like me? or am i just a freak?

  • Em

    There are many days I’d go for no nose for that exact reason!

  • Chessy

    Dude, Fish, you (sadly) just described the house next to me. Thanks.


  • Super Turtle Girl

    I SO don’t get this. Northern California? Isn’t that where the HIPPIES live? What part of NoCal you talkin’ about?

    I mean, my ma went to Berkeley and no one there has a mullet….

  • carly

    fuck, he’s looking pretty hot.

    i always feel dumb when i comment here, you guys all put things into words better than me

    or i? shit, there i go being dumber

  • U.B.

    Carly — Read ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’ by David Sedaris some time. You will chortle.

    Turtle Girl — the key word is ‘rural’ NorCal. While I can get to the Bay Area to be around people with triple-digit IQ’s, it’s a four hour drive. I’m in rural NorCal where one can actually afford to purchase land, but will also be frowned upon for having a non-raised pick-up truck and no gun rack.

  • Sheryl

    UB, I hear ya. My mom lives in Red Bluff, CA. And though they are clean living farmers (they don’t grow pot and they don’t have appliances in their yards) they are extremely attached to their guns and their pick-ups.

    Danika, The noise is very faint, but I am 25% deaf in both ears (really) so I don’t hear it.

    I am on my way to see the Pixies at Avalon in Boston and guess who’s opening for them?