Sunset over The Great Salt Lake

  • Kristine

    Do you think George will get a blog someday?

  • Hippo shit…

    Funny thig about that…

    We were watching a documentary about hippos last week (they are totally mean)and (this makes the grace comparision funnier) they sort of helicopter shit, they twirl their tail rapidly and flail shit over their backs and they opposing male take this as a “wanna take this outside Chumpy?!” and they begin to chew on eachother.

    I am sure you have more grace than that, or at least better delivery.

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    You’re not a KNOB. You’re a TOOL!

  • jules

    that’s almost as fun to say as


  • Carol

    I’d say you’re a SPAZ. Or a SPED.

    But mostly I’m jealous that you may be going snowboarding.

  • Stacy

    I’m glad I eased on over to dooce’s mainpage and took a gander at the new post instead of just refreshing the comments ver and over. I was wondering where all the hippo shit nad knob talk was coming from…

  • Darcie

    Oh, Heather! I swear, my heart was racing as I read the story of your frantic search for Chuck. Ever (and only) since I brought The Boy Child into the world 18 months ago, my scheming Keeshond will break out of prison (run out the front door) every chance he gets. I am sick with worry when it happens, and I’m not sure what’s up with him. No, he’s not the center of our universe anymore (and maybe that’s more traumatic than I know), but The Boy Child is so in love with the Dog and very gentle, too. Have you seen new signs of “sibling rivalry” now that Chuck has figured out Leta really isn’t leaving?
    (BTW, My husband wouldn’t have checked the gate first, either.)

  • PKD

    Important baby assvice: Get Leta her own set of keys before she loses yours!

    Go to your nearest big box home improvement store and ask for some leftover or miss-keyed blanks, or string a group of old keys together for her. One day she’ll drop yours in a toilet or snowbank.

  • Zach

    Kate is all up in Debby’s grill.

    Kahli, it’s funny you brought up the Goldminer’s Daughter, I spent half the day there last Wednesday when Alta turned into a shitty whiteout.

  • Kate

    oops…I thought it didn’t post. Can you delete one please?

    Yes graygirl…it is bad. No wonder she decided to go after dooce. Like it is dooce’s fault she has talent and djininnie doesn’t?

  • Jenie

    Hmm…Kate? Chill out. That whole thing is over with…let’s not start the whole thing over again.

  • Dooce please make it stop

    End the ridiculous over-hatin, pleeeeeease.

  • Kate

    Oops…for some reason I am posting challenged. You can delete at your leisure.

  • tiffany

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

    Stacy – I’m in Texas too. I notice. :-) I get teased for doing long runs of nothing but sunset shots sometimes. But it’s not my fault! The sky is too incredible. I took this one at a red light (it’s scanned film, not photoshop-enhanced)

    But I draw the line at eating sushi and posting on Dooce while photographing the sunset with an SLR, since I usually have a child with me in the car. That’s what responsible parenting is all about.

  • Kahli

    I thought all Anthropology majors were nice like me…. what with the “awareness” we have, superior beings that we are. Golly.

  • dooce

    please cease posting anyone’s personal information here or I will ban your IP address and close comments.


  • Fish

    Easy there, melanie.

  • dooce

    fish: you’re swimming in shallow water BUD.

  • Nikki

    *sigh* She’s right, Salt Lake is full of theiving motherfuckers. Someone broke into my roomates gas tank and siphoned gas… in a “nice” part of town.

  • becca

    Are those actually mountains in the distance or just glorified hills? I always thought Salt Lake was relatively flat…? I could be wrong (and probably am).

  • Nikki

    Unless you count the famous apartment across the street….!

  • Slim

    Dooce: I stand/sit corrected. Speedy recovery to your toe and Chuck’s head:-)

  • Fish


  • dooce

    Nikki, I still have nightmares about seeing the Hacking apartment building. I AM SO FREAKED OUT.

  • Slim

    Nikki:”siphoned gas” I know gas prices are ridiculous but DAMN.

  • mihow

    I have a Utah/SLC question.

    When my husband and I drove through SLC on our cross-country move, we saw TWO dead horses (You know, those things you ride around.) on the side of the road. Roadkill, mind you. Now, I have brought this up before and no one seems to find it all that strange. Maybe my description sucked, who knows. Or maybe that’s a normal occurrence in Utah, sort of like the plethora of dead deer in Pennsyltuckey. But we were blown away. One of them had a hole bored into it as well.

    Will someone please make the horses stop screaming and tell me why? WHY was there horse roadkill in Utah? Does this have anything to do with the thieves?

  • Sad

    Nikki-you live over there? I am so, so sorry. My husband used to live next door to there and he moved but we still check on the house for his grandma. How awful for you.

    I hadn’t thought about that for awhile. It is so,so sad.

  • Holy Schmidt


    Given the chance, I probably would’ve licked his beard. For no reason other than to say that I had done it!


  • mihow

    Bad timing on my last post. It turned all serious and stuff. Disregard my question regarding the dead horses. Killing your wife is much, much more horrifying.

  • Slim

    Dooce: “Charmed” I think Petra would be honored… didn’t even know SHE was running:-)

  • LadyBug

    Licked his beard????? No way I woulda done that. Maybe a pooka, but no licking.

  • Nikki

    Ps: Confidential to Heather: You never responded to the Masonic Temple Email… Ryan hasn’t stopped pouting. Dude, he got Celestial Pursuit for Christmas!!!

  • LadyBug

    Um, sorry. My comment was directed at Holy Schmidt, but so many people posting at once make it look kind out-of-place and well, weird.

  • Fish

    Melanie. I can’t make any smart-assed comments now, ’cause dooce will give me a borken arm with a swift kick from her borken toe.

    *I wonder if she has the power to ban me from the entire internet?*

  • Holy Schmidt

    Well, maybe licking the beard would be to weird. Maybe I wouldv’e just pinched his cheeks and asked for a kiss and a hug, tongue optional! : )

  • Carol

    I still don’t know what a Pooka is.

  • mihow

    Horses, dude. Horses.

  • Fish

    Mihow: gotten over the tiny donkey obsession, and gone on to screaming horses? Do you hear the Lambs, Clarice?

    Carol: Amanda B will answer that one.

  • LadyBug

    Amanda B. said at 12:00PM, 12.14.2004:
    Dooce. I see you have not been introduced to Pooka.

    Pooka is the ultimate defense against any would be assailant. It was invented (around here anyway) by my friend John Cowart (cruel little bastard englishman) many years ago.

    It works like this:

    1)Take index finger and hold it in a pointy fashion.

    2)Sneak up behind unsuspecting husband, friend, co-worker, etc.

    3)Insert finger into victim’s behind (clothed only)and proclaim, “Pooka!”.

    4)Measure the success of Pooka by the strange noise made by your victim as well as the amount of time they spend airborne.

    It works best if victim is wearing boxer’s and is bent down to look for missing item under couch.

    Of course the depth at which you Pooka is strictly based on the intimacy of you and your victim.

    I promise, the next time they think about tickling you…oh yes, they will remember Pooka.

  • Something like this

    Carol: POOKA has something to do with finger/s being inserted in the anus unexpectedly while the other person is bent over at which the poker yells POOKA to the pokee.

  • Something like this

    Sorry for the double post Lady Bug said it much better

  • Holy Schmidt

    Wow! Who’d thunk that anal probing could be so entertaining?

  • Carol

    Got it. We call that “being goosed.”

    Pooka. Knob. Nose Ride. Sniffer’s Row. Boohbah. Panty chewing. My husband won’t know what hit him tonight : )

  • mihow

    Lay off Nestor, fish.

  • Holy Schmidt

    Is performing the Pooka during “The Procedurs” off limits?

    *Evil Grin*

  • Carol

    Not if you have a stick of butter close by.

    *evilererer grin*

  • Jenie


  • Stacy

    My boyfriend is so cute. I told him “the procedure” story way back when it was new. The other night he metioned “the process”; I think he is a little confused, but now we refer to it as that anyways.

  • closet metrosexual

    Carol – “Pooka. Knob. Nose Ride. Sniffer’s Row. Boohbah. Panty chewing” all accompanied by a photo of a lovely sunset. Hope you find the inspiration at the proper moment: Hubby: “Carol, come look at the beautiful sunset.”
    Carol: “That reminds me; Pooka!”

  • Holy Schmidt

    My son was sitting in the car and was asking us why he couldn’t watch some random movie. We told him that it was rated R and he just wasn’t allowed to see it. He looked at me and said “Mom, is it because there is sex-o-ation in it.”

    Now we call it sex-o-ation. It makes me giggle!