Sunset over The Great Salt Lake

  • Amanda B.

    Holy Crap did I miss a lot. Dooce put the smack down. Damn! I always miss it.

    Fish- i’m sure she didn’t mean to stop *all* smart ass comments. You wouldn’t be you otherwise. I mean that in a good way.

    Metro- poot= flatulence. I can’t say the other “f” word because it gives me the heebie jeebies. As do the words moist, kumquat, and marzipan.

  • Holy Schmidt

    Buttery pooka! Ha!

  • Fish

    Re: “Not if you have a stick of butter close by.”

    Oh. Yeah. And I’M the guy who’s gonna get banned????

    That’s right, four fuckin question marks. Take that.

  • Kahli

    You guys,

    Brisco died. I am totally bummed, that was my favorite Wednesday night thing for like ever, until this year. Sad, sad. I am not even going into the dick earthquake/tsunami today. Sad.

    Going out to wander in the rain and look for a coffee me thinks.

    See you guys later.

  • E

    Yeah, yeah, BriscoE… it still sucks.

  • Kristine

    fish—fish?? you still here???
    We can’t lose a fish and GEORGE! all in one week. We will go through some sort of shock.
    hee hee

  • Zach

    You see, in Salt Lake, one can measure a neighborhoods crime rate by the the distance/time away from West Valley it is. West Valley is the epicenter of all that is evil and it’s just a matter if the evil chooses your neighborhood that night.

    The evidence, my best friends car was stolen at his condo by Trolley Square and was recovered in West Valley in the following condition.

    Mihow, how close were you to Salt Lake? I’ve seen a ton o’ splattered deer in my day, some lunched elk in parley’s canyon, and even heard about a car full that DIED after they hit a moose in Big Cottonwood Canyon but I’ve yet to see many dead horses on the side of the road.

  • Liisa

    Knob. Tool. Smock?
    GOD! I’m so old. My new favorite word/s is/are Makeshift Dickie.
    (That’s when you can’t get one of those fake turtleneck things (a dickie)(heeheehee, dickie)and you have to fake it.)
    Say it. Over and over. Say it in different ways. Like: makeshiftdickie, real fast. It’s, well, it’s funny to me.

  • amelia

    The word pus gives me the creeps.

  • Kristine

    i can’t stand the word tchotchke.
    which of course means I can’t watch Christopher Lowell.

  • Sissychong

    Yes, that is a GOOD man who doesn’t know who Petra is, lol

  • kat

    “I am as graceful as a hippo taking a shit.”

    Having had the opportunity to witness this event (a hippo taking a shit) firsthand, I can attest to the fact that it is anything but graceful :)

  • closet metrosexual

    I had to google Petra’s name. Does that make me GOOD or Clueless?

  • Kristine

    You have a cute dog and a sexy pink guitar and don’t know who Petra is…you’re a keeper!

  • LadyBug

    Oh, Geez. I must be channeling the spirit of Girl.A, ’cause I googled “pooka” and ended up here (I’m so ashamed I’m even posting this…):

  • Girl.A

    Guess what I am having fo dinnah Amanda B?
    Moist pussy marzipan-chunked fart residue.
    That’s pus-sy not vaginal.

    And if you think I am going to tell anyone what grosses *me* out, you’re crazy. A girl like me never gives away her Kryptonite.

    I’m finally coming out the ass-end of Worcester. I’ve switched to copilot duty.

  • Fish



    Phew. Now that that’s out of my system, on to the next topic: Drunken Neil Diamond Dancing.

  • eco2geek

    Y’all are funny today!

    When I was a teenager, my sisters liked to lick their fingers, stick them in your ear, and yell “Wet Willy!” Thank God no one was there to tell them about Pooka.

    A friend of mine told me about a German Shepherd of hers that ate all the crotches out of the uwashed panties she’d left sitting in a laundry basket. Interesting to hear this was not an isolated case.

  • Amanda B.

    Oh man. Jerry Orbach! :( No more doink doink.

    I didn’t know who Petra Spankalouva was either. I bet that was not a fun experience though, poor kid.

    Fish- come back he-ah. Don’t be a Knob.

  • Amanda B.

    Girl A.- noooooooo!

    Ladybug- that is most definatly *NOT* my pooka.

  • Carol

    OMG, LadyBug!!! I can’t stop laughing to myself. That is classic! Of course, the bossman came whistling by just as I opened that link. Oops.

    GirlA – You’re hilarious. Is there any other end to Worcester… other than the ass end?

  • Fish

    seeing has how we’re doing creative googling today in Girl.A’s absence. I thought that “rhino” & “petra” may make an interesting combination.

    Is she doing what I think she’s doing?

  • LadyBug

    I believe that’s a *serious* rhino-pooka, Fish.

  • closet metrosexual

    Thanks Kristine. I’m playing the damn little guitar again today. Very poorly. If anyone else plays guitar, they should know about “” (On-Line Guitar Archive, not porn by some chick named Olga.)

  • TulsaOkie

    Nice shot Dooce.

    You guys crack me up.. Seriously! I haven’t laughed this much in a very long time.

  • Now no longer associated with pooka

    I’m glad you guys are here today. Yesterday i’d try to make a funny and I got nothing. *crickets*

    My superpowers of cracking-wise only work when my fellow wise crackers are around.

  • Fish

    Dear, dear Amanda. You’ll always be associated with pooka to me.

  • This might not be Amanda but rather Wayne Newton


  • Fish

    Damn. I forgot to change my URL back from the rhino-UBERpooka. How’s THAT for an associate you don’t want?

  • Carol

    “UBER pooka”….let’s see it’s almost 5:00 here. Unsuspecting Hubby walks in around 6:30. Gotta get me to the sto’ and get me some knobs and some painties (yes, painties) mebbe some butter (but not margarine, you know the real stuff) and a pink flowery geetar. Ooooh, we gonna have somes fun too-night!

  • Mandy

    Great photograph and a beautiful scene.

    Whenever I see a photograph of one of these in particular I always think “AFS” As those in the business of developing photographs know its the abbreviation for “Another fucking sunset”

    No offense intended just information.

  • Girl.A

    My name is Pouka
    I live in yo backdoor…

  • closet metrosexual

    Girl.A – you have me looking over my shoulder in fear.

  • eco2geek

    Now here’s something *really* weird: BBC educational Flash animations with versions “for boys”: and “for girls”: where they explain that your penis/”flap” size does not make you a freak.


  • LadyBug

    eco2geek: Those links are hilarious.
    and Pooka! right back atcha.

  • AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch

    Best new tagline of 2005

    Dooce: Graceful as a hippo taking a shit.

  • jelene

    holy crap, so that’s utah. who knew that an overpopulated family abundance state could be so dern purty?

  • shelli

    wow. purty.

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    I cannot WAIT to see some pics of Petra Nemcova’s shattered pelvis in the next swimsuit issue. I think the pelvis gets in the way of “the procedure” anyway.

  • ashik

    Wow – I left for two hours and come back to a full blown anatomy lesson.
    Apparently “the thing that shall remain nameless and that I am forbidden to ever do to my boyfriend EVER again (it’s just not nice, honey)” has a name.
    Pooka!!!! I love it!!

  • christy

    Amanda B. – ‘Moist’ is in my trilogy of despised words also! The other two are panties, and pork. The three can be combined in so many vile and interesting ways though (Pork my moist panties!) it almost makes it hard to hate them, but I do. *shudder*

  • Carol

    “Nipple” used to be my word. Could never say it. Nevah! But then I had kids. Now, I can… nipple. See?

    But, pus and fart are right up there, too.

    I have to go shower now.

  • Carol

    Oh, and the pretty sunset pic. That’s a nice view. Must be from someone’s house. Whose?

  • Carol

    And I think I know who Wayne Newton is…right? Why so shy?

  • Taylor

    You are very good for businesses. Nikon, Utah Travel Co., adopt-a-pet, boobah…you really should start asking for a share of the profit.

  • jm

    ohmigosh! I read the Chuck escape story and all of the terror of a similar experience came back to me–cold sweats and all. Nothing like a little PTSD to wake you up in the afternoon.

    I love Chuck. I love that Chuck goes for the toilet paper. I would like to trade you one Chuck/”toilet paper celebration” experience for one chocolate lab/”thinking the kitty litter box is a personal candy dish” experience.

    please let me know if you would like to trade.

  • Colleen from NJ

    Hey Carol,
    I, too, have a problem with “nipple” (eewwww).
    Once, in college, the guy behind me in class found out about my fear and loathing of “nipple.” He kept saying it in my ear one time when I was experimenting with marijuana and state-dependent learning. (Class was on Thurs. pm. )I had to leave after 10 minutes.

    I thought I was the only one with this problem.

  • Carol

    Colleen – No, you are NOT alone.

    But, and I missed the last week of comments, how did it go? I hope well.

  • http://aa Kate

    Dooced Heather,

    I am sorry about what I posted in the comment section.
    I hadn’t yet read the comments from yesterday.

    I now realize…the position…we and I all put you in.

  • Amanda B.

    Christy- I hear you darlin. But you may have just sent Scott over the edge. Good thing you didn’t mention mice.