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The Breastfeeding Hunger

It’s only 10 AM and I’ve already had four pieces of chocolate. I’ve always liked chocolate, but I’ve never been particularly tempted by it. That is, until I brought a baby home from the hospital and started feeding her with my boobs. Now I’m trying to figure out how I can add chocolate to everything [...]

How to Charm Me

Forgive me for only now removing my ex-boyfriend’s name off the title of the car you drive to work everyday to support this family. You are a fucking saint.


The world just doesn’t have enough pictures of my baby’s scrumptious head.


Mama’s in charge of what goes into the baby, Papa’s in charge of what comes out of the baby.

Feeling Guilty

For eating asparagus just to see what it would do to my baby’s diapers. Well I certainly found out!

A Labor Story

The format of this post is inspired by Mrs. Kennedy’s brilliant account of the birth of her son, something I read studiously in the weeks leading up to the birth of Leta, something that had me squarely convinced that any labor not involving a toilet was really no labor at all. Friday, 30 January, 7:00 [...]

March 2004

How to Annoy Me

Come between me and that chewy chocolate brownie on the countertop. You don’t want to mess with Hungry Breastfeeding Lady.


So, the whole breastfeeding things works. Who knew! Who knew that you could sustain the life of another human being solely on the contents of your breasts? There isn’t an official breast person to stand by and make sure I’m doing the whole thing right, but I have to assume that my boobs are working [...]

Bad Mood Baby