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My labor story as illustrated by the lovely, the inimitable, the couldn’t possibly be any more talented Claire Robertson.


Where else on the internet would 570 people leave comments about their vaginas?


My history with depression is somewhat documented on this website (here and here), and before Leta was born Jon and I talked at length about what we would do if I slipped into a postpartum funk. That funk is here, and I’m not so sure I did a simple slipping into. I’d call this more [...]

Teaching Our Daughter About Her Cheeseburger

When I was a child I knew the proper terms for the sexual anatomies of both girls and boys and wasn’t afraid to remind my grandmother to wash my vagina when giving me a bath. My grandmother, however, couldn’t believe she had raised a son who could in good conscience teach his own kids to [...]


Yesterday I drove the kids down to my mother’s house for the day, better known as the International House of Treats. I needed to finish work on a design project, and my mother needed to bestow her weekly set of presents on the Grandkid and Granddog which meant that her local Walmart had recently been [...]


Leaving you broke my heart. (Thursday, March 18, 2004)


Letterhead Fonts


Damien Rice: O


Yesterday we took Leta to her two month check-up and torture session where she was weighed, measured, and injected with three potentially deadly diseases. As it turns out, my daughter doesn’t seem to have inherited her mother’s aversion to needles, and she cried for all of four seconds after the final shot. I, however, saw [...]

How to Annoy Me

Read a book loudly. Do you hear how loud those pages are?