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Requisite Weekly Dosage of Letaness

Rare photographic evidence that both babies have at one time slept simultaneously: Requisite weekly dosage of The Frog Feet: One of the abundant pieces of photographic evidence that the Armstrong genes have the Hamilton genes TOTALLY BEAT: Requisite weekly dosage of SMOOSHNESS! Another one of those damn smiles I keep talking about. I would give [...]

I’m so horny but that’s okay…my will is good

The ten year anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death is in a few days, and I find it wildly appropriate that today, while rummaging around old shoeboxes looking for colored paper to use in a scrapbook I plan to make for Leta (stop looking at me like that, yes I scrapbook and I am proud of [...]

Wife, Mother, Binky-Putter-Back-Inner

About two weeks ago we started putting Leta to sleep in her crib and leaving her there for the duration of the night. This “experiment” has produced mixed results as some nights I am walking to her bedroom over 20 times to soothe her back to sleep or to plop that goddamn binky back in [...]