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Unlocked Part Two, or, On That Open Road in Front of Me

(I wrote this Sunday night while I was still in the hospital) Being in the hospital is strange if not incredibly boring. There are only two televisions for a group of over 30 people and the channel is always turned to the Olympics. I have nothing against the Olympics, in fact I find the cute [...]


I have never felt more like a mother than when I made sure that I had a Tupperware container of Cheerios in my purse.


NOTE: Heather asked me to type this in as an entry. She wrote this this morning and handed it to me today when I brought Leta in to have lunch.–Jon The first thing I need to say is going to be very sappy and gross and some of you may be in danger of puking [...]

Heather, interrupted

I wish that I could tell you that the reason you won’t be hearing anything from me in the next several days is because we’re right on the verge of launching the redesign. And we are, I promise, we’re right there, just a few more MT plug-ins and some tweaking on the templates and we [...]

Tender is the touch of someone that you love too much


Sticks of butter consumed while in the throes of depression

Chuck vs. The Green Plastic Dinosaur

A couple months ago a family from Green Bay moved into the house a couple doors down. I’ve become good friends with the mother Carol, and Chuck has become good friends with the two kids, Harry, age 4, and Ella, age 2. Before they met Chuck both Harry and Ella were terrified of dogs. I [...]


Now that I think about it, she looks more like a gangstah chef than a Native American Chief.

Slate Gray Victorian Sell-Out

Earlier this year before Leta was born when I was in a state of behemoth, swollen proportions and prone to crying at the beauty of a saltine cracker, I got the following email in my dooce inbox: Subject: welfare journaling I found your site through some other site. It’s obviously a well designed site that [...]


“Brigham Young University was ranked the top stone-cold sober school, the survey found.” (thanks Robin)