I hereby declare Fridays Chuck Fridays, all in favor say, “RUFF!”

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/playbymyrulz Jess from B-lo

    In honor of the former Congressman, I think from here on out, Fridays should be part of the weekend.

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  • http://x@x.com X


    Love the site, Dooce, but for the love of god your comments section is a FUCKING FELLATIO FEST.

  • victoria

    I would totally sign up for the dooce cult. I would assign all my assets to Chuck and then I would drink the Kool Aid.

  • notreallylikethat

    Why not cats eating bebes? It is a dog-eat-dog world.

  • Gia on Guam

    I agree that some of you are funny, and some of you are annoying…but I usually read thru all the comments prior to posting anyway.

    Rarely do the comments have me laughing out loud, let alone, spewing any type of beverage onto my monitor. Today however, uppercase GOD, you had me going.

    PS. ‘Bebe’ is pronouced like Beh Beh not Bee Bee. That particular clothing line doesn’t do well here.

  • http://ladybug4791.tripod.com/ladybug/ LadyBug

    So, now we’re facing not only a No-Poop Policy, but also a Be Funny Rule? Geez.

    And what about the people who “take up server space” trying to tell the “pack of slobbering nitwits” what to do?

  • Gia on Guam

    Oh and I like Chuck’s left nostril… it looks like a “G” for Gia & Guam.

  • http://aletterunsent.blogspot.com steph

    I like, I’m in.


  • http://verbalicon.diaryland.com Grammarqueen

    Ruff! I want to marry Chuck when I come back as a dog in the next life (presently accumulating enough bitch points!).

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    Well, make up your mind — is it FUCKING or is it FELLATIO? Or is it the venerable half-and-half?

  • http://krissypants.blogspot.com/ krissy pants

    I highly suggest all interested in joining the Dooce cult check out George!’s blog: http://georgeboone.blogspot.com/

    He’s got top secret Blurbodoocery photos. Plus, he’s cool.

  • someone

    niffer -
    bebe = vagina (it’s too early in the day for pussy…oh. wait.)

  • http://spelunk.blogspot.com mrs. george #2

    Today’s comments are off the chain. Shake them haters off, uppercase God, and wrath on.

  • mochawoman



  • http://www.lateshow.org Chris

    I know I don’t really need to be the 388th person to do this and I feel a little silly but, oh what the hell. “Ruff!”

    Yeah, I pretty much feel like an ass now.

  • http://clobberblogger.blogspot.com/ Colleen from NJ

    and for my next 2 cents… I was a victim of a plagiarist in college. I felt violated. She should get the boot.

    I didn’t get any sleep last night and I’m feeling really mean. Let me at her.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/bookstar melissa

    on a not totally-unrelated-to-chuck note: garden state – the soundtrack. on it is a cover by iron and wine of ‘such great heights’ by the postal service. i’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat for the past couple of days because i love it so much.
    anyhow, last night i went to my fave restaurant/wine bar in tampa to do some work, and they were playing the soundtrack. when ‘such great heights’ came on i realized it sounded so much like a lullaby (as do most of i&w’s songs), and then immediately thought of you and blurb. and chuck all singing lullabys to leta. maybe if she’s having a screaming day it might calm her down. if it can calm ME down, it may be able to calm anyone down.
    (i’ve been reading your site for the past couple of years, but never respond. you guys just keep on rocking on, yo.)

  • SJ

    Seriously. I think we all love Dooce’s writing and pics, but I’ll be damned if this comments section isn’t always 200 comments blabbering about how everyone loves George or is obsessed with the baby.

    Fucking fellatio fest indeed.

  • http://georgeboone.blogspot.com/ GEORGE!

    way too many comments today.

  • http://www.angoras.blogspot.com TracyDee

    Ruff! Got any pop-tarts? :)

  • http://www.sweetney.com sweetney

    making no judgments here, but on a basic, practical level, has anyone thought about perhaps creating a yahoogroup or something for all the doocers (dooceites? dooceans?)? one of the frequent posters might consider creating one, and posting a link on the next comments page to it so people can sign up. it would provide a space where people could fully and freely converse about all things dooce (and non-dooce, natch) without raising the hackles of those who’d prefer that comments stay strictly on-topic.

    and really, whether you are for or against what’s been going on here at dooce, you gotta admit that going past the 300 mark in comments during the course of a single day *is* kinda nutty, and that a lot of what’s been going on here is better suited to a listserv than the comments section of a blog.

    i say all this most humbly and with no ill will whatsoever.

    peace, brothas and sistas. peace.

  • Rabooka

    Ruff Ruff Ruff!
    (One for me and two for my dogs)

  • http://www.eleventwentyseven.com christine1127

    Well, if Chris can ruff, so can I. But I prefer to be unconventional.


  • http://symbioticfishes.blogspot.com Fish

    Trolls turn my brown eyes blue.

  • Miguel

    FURR.. where’s leta? :( ( Little Leta should have the monopoly of this section! But I won’t mind having chuck WITH LEta on fridays :)

  • http://www.crossfilms.com Deirdre

    I heart Dooce!

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/eternalgrace Cassie

    Hooray for Chuck Fridays! ;)

    …I’m in favor, for sure.

  • http://krissypants.blogspot.com krissy pants

    What’s all the hype about pop-tarts?

    Yes, I know they are a fave of Heather and Chuck, but I just don’t think they are all that great.

  • Tracy

    Oh, guess I did mention it. Buh. It’s been a long week… That is all.

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    Sizzle ma dizzle, trizzle.

  • http://ladymadaysia.blogdrive.com Amber

    I understand what you are saying, Sweetney. Sometimes comments get a little out of hand, and it would be nice to have some sort of dooce discussion board or something.

    But on the other hand, it may be hard for a lot of us (including me) to switch from our routine doocing comments, so I am not sure how well that’d work out. I am not sure it’d be quite the same.

    I don’t mind the off-topic-ness of most of the comments; I just mind the mean, nasty ones. When I see some of those, I think, “gee, it WOULD be nice to have some sort of discussion board where we don’t have to argue about mindless crap on dooce’s comment section.” (Not saying that I don’t, because sometimes I do, lol)

    I wonder what Dooce thinks about her comment section. Does she enjoy reading all of the things we say or does it annoy her that sometimes there is a bunch of crap?

    Anyway, I really do love that picture of Chuck. It makes me wish that I had a dog of my own. His eyes are obviously looking at something (perhaps yummy) that he wants.

    And sorry (for certain people) that I am not funny. I just don’t have the wit or something to make people laugh. I am amused very easily, but not easily amusing.

  • Becca

    Ungh. Honestly, people. I obviously don’t make the rules here. You don’t “have” to be anything. I was merely posting an observation. Just as it is your perogative to post “First!” and “George!” it is my perogative to give my thoughts on those contributions.

    If you take a look at most other popular blogs (you can start with the great list Dooce posted for the new year), you”ll notice that generally people don’t post comments unless they have something meaningful to contribute. People also like to present themselves as intelligent human beings, you know, make a good impression on the owner of blog. Hence the usually well-thought-out contributions.

    I’m not clamboring for a Dooce comment revolution, I just wanted to point out that if you love Dooce, and I KNOW you love Dooce, you might want to consider the impression you make.

    Even if it is just a web site.

    That is all.

  • ashik

    It is wonderful that there is this huge community of people (or minions, I think someone said) who love dooce and enjoy exchanging daily comments here in the photo section. And for the most part, these comments are positive, funny, interesting, whatever. (unless they get personal – shoutout to Mormon General Authority here). I just feel that it might be unfair to Heather for us to take up her bandwidth with now close to 400 comments. Unless it doesn’t make a difference as far as she’s concerned, in which case I take all of this back.
    Suggestions? Comments?

  • Jenie

    If I ever have a great blog, it’s going to be Cats eat bebes. Too funny. And I’m sorry I’m not trying to be funny and stuff either. Chuck is cute…Leta is cute…Jon is hot…Heather is awesome…and I like to think by my trivial little comments, she smiles to know that she’s loved by the internet! =o) So..ha! RUFF!

    Sidenote…on the drive home yesterday I passed a building that and I notice the sign…SAHM’s Plaza Building…just thought that was too funny….

  • maddie

    chuck always looks so…admirable…i always feel like there are tons of medals hanging from that neck of his we can’t see…

  • The other Paula

    Ruff!!! for the handsome Chuck.

  • http://artzystuff.blogspot.com Sue From Ohio who is lucky to have electric back because my


    Heather, mind if I move to Utah…if I see one more snowflake, iceflake, sleetflake, rainflake, etc…I’m going to officially DIE!!!!

  • http://niftyknitter.com/blogs/niftyknitter Melissa

    X? Becca?

    If the comments bug you, don’t read ‘em. Problem solved.

  • http://humanwrites.blogspot.com Dr. Johnny Fever

    Anyone wanna see my red iguana?

  • http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily_photo/01_07_2005.html Slobbering nitwit # 358


    I loves me some Chucklesworth pictures!

    Some of us have to post several times in order to finally have one funny (or passable as smirkable) post.

  • http://randomandodd.blogspot.com Kristine

    There is NO WAY I can read all FOUR HUNDRED COMMENTS! Geez people….I wasn’t even here to add my normal 20 posts and you got to 400 before 6pm California time.

    Anyone care to give me the cliff notes of the daily comments?
    Did I miss anything really good?

    Kristine :)

  • http://www.fairyfuzz.com Pixie

    RUFF!!! You can never have too much Chuck!

  • http://honestyrain.blogspot.com/ honestyrain

    four hundred and two comments about a dog. you’d think my photot of chocolate flavored peanut butter would warrant something close to that. you’d think. and yet.

    chuck is gorgeous, to be sure.

    we watch katie and matt too. with little monkeys climbing all over us begging us to get out of bed. now. please.

  • http://www.sweetney.com sweetney

    that look has “POP TART!! GIMME POP TART!!!” written all over it.

  • http://randomandodd.blogspot.com Kristine

    I scanned. It’s weird. I’ve been on both ends of the comment reading now!! I have been here all day reading while trying to work, and then I got home and kicked the boy off the computer (after give my EIGHT year old her BIRTHDAY lovin!!) and sat and read the comment page (okay, scanned) and I don’t care, I realized why I love this site…it’s you guys. I love Dooce too, I love reading what she writes and seeng the cool pictures, but it’s you guys.
    As soon as I clicked the little icon box to come in here I felt like yelling, “HONEY, I’M HOME!”
    Thanks for being here to comment crazy, gross, sweet, uplifting, boring messages.

  • http://www.simplygeeky.com geeky


    You have the cutest dog that ever lived. Please don’t tell my dog I said that.

  • http://dirtyfloorsandfilthyjokes.blogspot.com/ closet metro

    Hi Honey, we missed you.

  • http://www.girl-from-ipanema.blogspot.com Girl From Ipanema


  • http://www.soundque.com coskel

    here are your slippers and scotch, kristine.
    ashik – some of us donate money through PayPal to help w/the bandwidth costs – Heather asked us very nicely a long time ago.