Hand, yummy

  • http://burnettadventures.blogspot.com Christina

    Great interview! And accent? I didn’t hear one.

  • Southern Fried Girl

    Just listened to your interview on NPR. I totally heard the way your voice sounded at the end and I was laughing so hard that Coke almost shot through my nostrils onto my monitor. I was picturing Leta with stuff strewn everywhere and could not stop. My boss thinks I have a chemical imbalance now.

  • carolina

    you sounded great heather. it’s nice to finally hear your voice!

  • Jill

    My favorite part of the interview,after finally getting to hear Dooce’s voice (yay! You were great!), was the clip w/the journalist from Houston. Either he is the worst-spoken journalist EVER and/or NPR did the lamest editing job ever. I think it’s a mix. Here is his quote:

    “I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it anonymously if they’re going to, if it’s going to cause them to lose their job, ’cause you know, it’s no fun losing your job.”

    BRILLIANT OBSERVATION, DUDE. And I can so totally know AHEAD OF TIME if it will, in fact, cause me to lose me my job.

  • http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/a/aggieparents/ AgMommy

    I just listened to the clip…Where is the southern accent that you’re always talking about? Sonded kind of like a yankee to me. :)

  • Beth

    AgMommy said exactly what I was thinking. all us midwesterners say, “what accent?”

  • http://bornfamous.com lavonne

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  • http://www.oipom.com Meggan

    I forgot to add this the first time: I thought Dooce was awesome on NPR, and definitely a hell of a lot more eloquent than that airlines lady. “So, um, they said that I hiked my skirt up, but um, it just DOES that when I sit. And, I have long legs, so maybe somebody’s offended about that?” She sounded like she knew what she was doing.

  • http://journals.aol.com/jeniec2000/Ramblingsandothernonsense Jenie

    I had to actually work!! for most of the day and I come back and there’s all this stuff!! Thanks for the pics and the interview. You sounded great…and yeah…I could tell the difference in your voice at the end too. Thanks for sharing!

  • H in Chicago

    I don’t know what I expected you to sound like, but it wasn’t like that. In fact, you sound a little like me. There’s no southern accent that I can detect – unless Colorado accents sound the same!?
    p.s. I wouldn’t mind living next to the verb – as long as hubby and I could come and booze it up with you guys!

  • http://www.funpic.hu/swf/numanuma.html Shibbi

    Having a bad day Dooce? Thought the armstrong house could use this:


  • tickled

    About those unanswered questions–

    1. IS the B. for Boone?
    2. Emily ISN’T the babysitter, is she?
    3. Howcum nobody answered sooo’s question? Yes, Leta DOES have a middle name. It’s Elise.
    4. And my own perpetual puzzlement: Why DOES Relentless Christian Amber read Sacrilegious Iconoclast Dooce at all?

    …just curious

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/makingmywayhome Kristina

    dooce! on npr! fabulous! except you were only on for like 3 seconds, but still. dooce! on npr!

  • http://justplainevil.org/ally Ally

    Katie: I agree, totally. I don’t like the pink, and I really can see why she got fired; her bra was hanging out!

    But yes, complete trainwreck, and the “speaking in third person” thing gets on my nerves, as well.

  • http://www.geremology.com Geremy F

    As I was driving home from work today, I set my radio on “scan” and I heard the mention of Heather Armstrong on my radio.

    I wish I had someone in the car with me so I could say “I ‘know’ her!”

  • http://spelunk.blogspot.com mrs. george #2

    tickled, don’t talk shit about the internet jesus fish. i’ve seen amber post the words “fuck” and “love in christ” IN THE SAME COMMENT. that takes skill, my friend. i don’t see YOU leaving little animal icons next to your name, and i defy you to come up with one better than an INTERNET JESUS FISH. plus, she doesn’t post that often so i don’t think it’s really gotten on anyone’s nerves yet.

  • gkon

    what no picture of Leta swimming with the fishies??

  • http://michellefierro.typepad.com michelle

    Leta is such a doll!
    I love the dog park photos also.
    I almost choked on my gum!
    Good times!!!

  • http://michellefierro.typepad.com michelle

    Leta is such a doll!
    I also enjoyed the dogpark photos!
    I almost choked on my gum from laughing. Good times!

  • Mary in Sacramento

    Awesome, Heather! Give em hell.

    Also, the dog park photos? Priceless.

  • hmm

    This is the girl who got fired from Delta


    The pics are a bit provocative if you ask me :) but no reason to get fired!

  • http://nothanksat.blogspot.com/ nothanks

    so nice to put a voice to your famous face!

  • April

    All wish to possess knowledge, but few, comparatively speaking, are willing to pay the price. -Juvenal

  • 98765

    Um, H, now that you’ve surfed the airwaves, would you do a dramatic reading of a blog entry? One of your own, perhaps? Just so we can see you in character? I really think you are entitled to a longer spot than the one you got? And let’s be honest? Worthy news stories about bloggers who lose their jobs are only the corner of your particular tablecloth, if ya know what I mean? Even if it’s not a syndicated piece on CNN, you could still put seomething online? I think Garrison Keillor would have an excuse to call you? Or even Michael Feldman? A big future in radio speaking engagements awaits, I’m sure?

  • http://lovemydox.diaryland.com ginger

    Great interview! I’m obsessed with NPR, so I was thrilled to know you were going to be on. AND you really sounded good. I think that I will heed your warnings and remove all references to work from my blog.

  • http://heavydutypower.blogspot.com Thel

    That was fun. I listened to the Day to Day clip before reading your “Thinking”–I thought you sounded amused, not choked up. And very polished. Had you not told us, I think nobody could have guessed there was a tiny Leta tornado next to you.

  • http://waveofmodulation.typepad.com/ La Pixiatrix

    There’s a dog park sorta near where I live. And I don’t have a dog… but I still go there sometimes just to watch the doggie joy.

  • http://www.itssonotaboutyou.com sporty

    There’s the whole, “you don’t sound anything like I expected you to” sentiment, but then again, no one really does. You talk a lot faster than I thought you would. And that’s not in a redneck drawl sort of way either. I’d imagine it was because you were trying to make sure that your wallet wasn’t being shredded to bits.

    Even though I never post about work on my blog, I still think that it sucks that people get fired for this sort of thing, especially when there’s no policy set in place by a company.

  • inmyChristianopinion

    Re: exchange between tickled and MG2, regarding Amber and the fish: Jesus doesn’t give a rat’s ass if Amber says, “Fuck,” as long as we love one another.

  • http://www.overly.blogspot.com Heather R.

    Hi Dooce. This has nothing to do with adorable Leta, but I just wanted to say that you sound very intelligent on the NPR report. That high school valedictorianism shines through loud and clear. Also, from all the accent hype I was expecting the voice of a reg-ya-lerr Southern belle, but you sound just fine to my Floridian ears. Bravo.

  • Teri

    I listened to the interview. Does it bug you, Heather, that the interview with you lasted an hour (or whatever) and the edited time lasted a total of 30 seconds? I hate that. It should be all about you.

  • http://evil-stepmother.blogspot.com Evil Stepmother

    Not to pimp my blog, but a comment that Amber left may answer tickled’s question. Best bit: “silly doctrine.” Makes me think “Silly doctrine – Dogma’s for dicks” or some such in the vein of Trix commercials.

    In short, don’t be dogging on my girl Amber. The “Relentless Christian” comment sounded a bit snippy, and while some of the most vocal “Christians” invite scorn by being pants-shittingly ignorant and just plain assholes, Amber is not one of those.

    http://evil-stepmother.blogspot.com/2004/11/well-im-not-touching-politics-right.html#comments – She’s “Ladymadaysia” and I think the cussing and religious disagreement questions get answered very well.

    Ok, Dooce, I’ll ban myself.

  • http://verbalicon.diaryland.com Grammarqueen

    Has anyone ever noticed that Leta has these amazing Amazon eyebrows?

    You go, girl! And hands taste great, right?

  • punky

    After reading this site rather religiously for 3 years, I had been dying to know what your voice sounded like! Now I know…what a lovely surprise! Never in a million years would I have been able to identify your voice :) ))

  • http://www.netsmarts.net trisha

    Heather, I like your voice! It made me happy.

  • http://www.netsmarts.net trisha

    I didn’t know Amazon sold eyebrows.

  • SLC expat

    I regret to inform you that you’ve come down with a mild case of Northern Utah Chick Accent (NUCA). The good news is that the Tennessee Drawl is clearing up nicely.

  • http://www.danielleblog.com Danielle

    puhppy pics are toooooooooo cute. Oh, the fourth puppy, can I hold him and squish him and make him mine?

    I was glad to get to hear your NPR interview. I couldn’t quite place your accent at first. To me, it sounded a little northern/nasal (or perhaps you have a cold?). But I also haven’t heard many city southern accents, so maybe it is that. Your voice kind of reminds me of Ashley Judd in Double Jeopardy.

    which is a cool thing.

  • sarah

    I did it!!

  • http://humanwrites.blogspot.com Dr. Johnny Fever

    I missed the interview. Did she say anything about boobs?

  • http://nuckleheaded.net/blog Ed

    Haha, she’s adorable!

  • http://dmkjr.com David Kornahrens

    How cute.

  • Bling

    Too Cute!

  • Marietta

    I heard an accent. Not at all hickish though – don’t worry Heather. It’s very subtle, but I like it! I always have been partial to southern accents…

  • ian


  • http://ladymadaysia.blogdrive.com Amber

    Your voice sounded totally different than I thought. Wow.

  • http://keepergirl.diaryland.com keepergirl

    She’s so cute!

  • http://ladymadaysia.blogdrive.com Relentless Christian Amber

    I think I am changing my comment post name from now on. It’s kind of funny.

  • alyssa

    Aww! She is such a beautiful girl!

  • http://spelunk.blogspot.com mrs. george #2

    what’s this? a christian with a sense of humor? you know that’s funny because once when i made a joke about jesus standing in my college cafeteria passing out easter candies (he WAS!), all those snob-nosed christian bitches looked down their perfect roman noses at me and i said, “HEY, JESUS HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR. And apparently he uses purple saran wrap as well.”

    Nobody thought that was funny, and they also didn’t agree about jesus’ sense of humor. I wish they could meet you amber, and you little internet jesus fish too.

    christ forfuckingever,