To Grandmother’s house we go

  • jordan

    That thousand-comment day was amazing! Remember when 200 was a lot? Remember? Sigh.

    Well, hopefully Heather’s making a lot from her adsense! :]

  • the niffer

    Where is UPPERCASE GOD when you need him. I see a couple of folks who need some smiting tonight.

    Dr. D, you’re doing a pretty good job in his absence. Smite away.

  • Kassi

    Today’s photo is so cool. It just made me even more aware of how much I miss my camera…my two year old has hidden it on me. See what you get to look forward to?

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Part timer, do tell….

  • RazDreams

    p.s. master schuck was too darned cute yesterday. he was afraid he’d miss some of da action if he succumbed to his all-day sleeping routine.

  • AndiMAC

    I am so tired, my eyes are crossing. I need a nap and its only 7 pm.

  • becca

    Aw– we’re making the morning voyage to a wedding reception full of fabulously gay men. It’s *almost* the same thing!

  • Dr.D

    Dear Leon,

    I have ahint for you, but not a very subtle one. Feel free to create your own blog. On that blog please write about the fact that you wish people would stop commenting on Dooce and write in their own blogs.

    At least the prattlings of most people on here are amusing, unlike comment #182.

    Yours Truly, Dr. D (Treating the dumbasses of the world since 1984)

  • Gooooder

    i vote no to 2000 comments! 1000 crashed the server and i couldnt make a single comment all day on CHUCK FRIDAY. it was the longest work day EVER.

  • heidillydoo

    Erika – sorry. Didn’t catch your second comment. And it’s all good. I’m a bit snippy today. Womanly reasons.

  • RazDreams

    love the skirry photo…makes me wonder when the wolf’s gonna come out and eat little red riding hood.

    and yesh, please show us the original photo from the masthead! (and no, let’s not simply all post here just to hit 1000 or 2000 posts…what’s the point or excitement of that anyway?).

  • heidillydoo

    David I just checked out your blog, and have to say your pics are not of the most superior quality either. And you should really brush up on your grammar. btw – you have the same birthday as me! Except 7 years later.

  • the niffer

    Not that I want your site to break again, but it was kind of funny to read the last few comments before THE END the other night. Almost like a robot short circuting — repeating phrases, making no sense — and then the final death knell from robot maker Dooce herself.

  • part-timer

    Mrs. S – two words…. BOOT CAMP

    hope you have one near you. it kicks your ass and you’ll see a huge difference in two weeks.

  • MamaPajama

    2000 comments?? Perhaps we should ask Dooce if it’s a band width problem.

  • RazDreams

    lady (#22) and Leon (#182): there *are* other places to go to discuss dooce-related things. just click on my name or roo’s name. i’m pretty sure we won’t have the comments die today or tomorrow, as the weekends are never busy. perhaps by monday, people will go elsewhere to post all the fun stuff they normally post here. :o )

  • Eric

    Cadbury rawks. Sadly, Marmite does not. Is Dooce telling us that Leta will be raised outside the Church. Of course, Grandma will make sure she gets added to the list of Saints anyway.

  • Erika

    like I said…I thought I read those comments before (just didn’t think it was today) It’s been a very long day.

  • taryn

    Come on, Doocelings, let’s go for 2,000 comments today! Marmite! Cadbury! Marmite! Cadbury!

  • RazDreams

    i wonder if physical push-ups would help to build *up* the boobage, or at least make mine not continue to go in the southward region…

  • Ramon

    Thanks for the photoshop tutorial. I’ve been playing around with it but– nothing as doocy as you do :)

  • Erika

    OOPS guess I was wrong about my last comment…didn’t think I read those comments today! I thought they were 2 days ago…sorry guys.

  • rich

    say Hi to Jesus while you are there. Don’t forget to give everybody the sure sign of the nail.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Get the breasticles off your brains people. I meant the physical activity.

  • kalki

    Yay, comments are back! Thanks Dooce. Everybody, let’s not break the site this time, ‘kay?

  • heidillydoo

    Erika – what are you talking about?

  • Lushlife

    I am in the top 30 possibly, I NEVER thought I would say that. Its because we have just come home from dining out with some friends DRINKING LOTS of wine from our cellars and generally having a great night here in Australia (its midnight) – so I am fairly inebriated and quite happily so and have never posted whilst half tanked EVER. How totally irresponsible of me I better look at that damn photo and say something half relevant – oops just looked and its pretty dark down the bottom and nice and blue and white at the top.

  • Leon

    02.25.2005 (numeric symbolism/pattern)

    We shall call it “The 1035 – The Day The Comments Died”

    Also known as – Take the hint party people, start your own blogs and prattle away on them.

    Not here.

  • Krissy

    Very pretty clouds. We had some lovely storm clouds down here today.

  • Roo


    Many of the effects that Heather (and others) achieve can be got by using most decent image manipulation software. If you won’t be using it professionally, you’re right to not want to spend hundreds of dollars :)

    Try GIMP [] — download and install both those packages, its a great image manipulation program.

    Its Free Software [], so it won’t cost you a penny, and never will.

    I use it for all of my design work, and have been for years. All it lacks (as far as i’m concerned) is the most top-end professional features, but with every release it gets better and better.

    You’ll have piles of fun, and at no cost :)

    – Roo

  • Beth

    Great clouds! It’s been nothing but gray here for quite a while, I miss fluffy clouds!

  • Burdanilex

    I am so happy to see the comments page working again!

    *does a happy dance*

  • Peggasus

    Re: being a dork primer:

    Yeah, but who’s laughing now? I bet they haven’t been mentioned in the New Yawk Times or featured on the Nightly News! It’s a real-life Revenge of the Nerds!

  • David Kornahrens

    Not very good picture quality, like most of the other pictures you take.

  • Torrie

    Dooce, I’d love to see the original picture that the new masthead is made from.

  • Erika

    Why are heidillydoo and bluedevil posting the EXACT SAME COMMENTS they posted 2 days ago when the server crashed????

  • Goose

    OMG!! 21st??

  • heidillydoo

    Oh correction – it was only 40 dollars. With 10 per cent off because it was the last copy and has a crinkled back cover.

  • ladyalaska

    I do believe that the comments area seems to be more of a chat area. Why doesn’t someone create a newsgroup of some kind? Maybe something along the lines of alt.dooce or I think that would keep comments down a bit? Yes. ‘alt.dooce’. It would work.

  • heidillydoo

    K, f’n hell. I NEED to get some work done. I’ve been here all friggin’ day. I think I’m officially a dooceling.

  • Susie

    The Betty Ford Center had to open up a new wing yesterday — the detox/rehab center. Lotta withdrawal going on.

    Great pix, great posts. What is it about boys who are naughty in church? We always let them hang around too long. A belated Ruff! to the sleepy Congressman.

  • heidillydoo

    I bought a 70 dollar “teach yourself visually” book for Photoshop 7 back in August. Haven’t looked at it yet. Perhaps when I’m done school, I will be able to commit myself to this. For now, I just play with the filters.

  • Tara

    I had to take a photo of “clouds” the other day for a project, went outside, and there were none. So that was put on hold. Can I borrow yours?

  • Lauren Stranahan

    squish ..

    It really depends on what you want to do, the ‘professional’ version of PS has a bunch of features that are nice for web design – such as good text tools, tools for making buttons and roll overs, and slicing images. The current version is photoshop cs, but you might want to find a used version of 6.0, or see if you qualify for an educational version.

    My husband has been using PS for years. I love playing around in it, but I usually end up feeling like a big DORK. I have been able to figure it out enough to be happy with the photos I mess with that I post on my blog, but beyond that I’m lost..


  • nicola

    ohh and btw chuck looks positivly adorable in the last shot!! I tried to comment but couldnt.. so i will now!!

    I remember once a few months ago our dog did the same thing.. I could work out why he wouldnt come to me when I was calling him, and he was stood staring out the window.. I went over and he was asleep standing up… I took some photos and its so funny!!!!

    Chuck looks great hehehe

  • CanadianAmy

    Oh Lauren, everything is!

    I think Strizz wants to be a cop? So she has to do some test.

    But any test, no matter what it is for, gets better results with your knockers pushed up and OUT.

    Especially class presentations and such.

  • nicola

    ohhh wow those clouds look brilliant!! makes me feel chilly though!!!

    great shot!!

  • CanadianAmy

    The closer they are to your chin, the better the grade.

  • grimsb

    The contrast between the sky and the world below is amazing . . .

  • Lauren Stranahan

    CanadianAmy ..

    I thought everything was always about boobs…

    and stuff.