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Broken clock atop piano

I really think we should just be friends

Yesterday afternoon I sat around a backyard table with seven women and their multitude of one and two and three-year-old children. By far the worst behaved and most annoying children where those Leta’s age, and God does that make me feel so much better about my 15-month-old GOBLIN WHOSE NOSE CAN SHOOT FIRE AT AN [...]


I’m sorry, but you cannot expect me to resist something that is described as having “luminous natural shells in cascading tiers”

Jon and I have this running joke about Wyoming. It started when Jon thought we had bought a bottle of vodka when we hadn’t and he wondered if I had been sneaking vodka during the day. Instead of being insulted I answered, “Yes, Leta and I drive to Wyoming every other day and drink vodka.” [...]

I just take as much as you can throw


I’m figuring out that the secret to disciplining a 15-month-old is: HOW MUCH SCREAMING CAN YOU WITHSTAND?

The dog, they haven’t yet lost or killed him

This is my sister’s dog, Bo. He may be little but that dog would NOT leave Chuck alone. They ran through her house, Bo hooooowwwwwllllling behind Chuck’s feet stopping only to lick pop tart remnants from Leta’s cheeks. If that doesn’t just grab your heart then you’re DEAD TO ME.

And this is Chuck biting off WAY more than he can chew


My mother refers to this website as “doocie,” pronounced DOO-SEE, and recently she called to tell me that a few of her co-workers had daughters who read my website, doocie. Normally this would not be acceptable behavior as I am not an ending-in-i-e type of person, but I’m just thankful that she’s not referring to [...]

This is Samson

He weighs over 110 lbs. and most likely could eat you and your car.