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More than a passing resemblance

I’m sitting in the living room putting on my sneakers in preparation for our daily visit to see living people at the grocery store when Leta makes a mad crawl for her bedroom. I can hear through the monitor that she’s opened her shoe box and is throwing sandals at the wall, and then I [...]

Pit stop

Spare me the details

This past Saturday I had brunch for Mother’s Day with my in-laws including Jon’s mother and all three of his sisters. Halfway through a quiche his youngest sister told me to “ask him about the bowling ball.” This was after someone had already told the story about Jon and the gun and how he stopped [...]

Quiet brunch

Another dispatch from the Chronicles of Aunt Lola

Yesterday my family gathered at my mother’s house for dinner. Inevitably the topic of bowel movements came up as we sat around the table eating potato salad and ham, a tendency with these people that has caused Jon to refer to them affectionately as The Fecal Family Players. Aunt Lola suddenly blurted out, “Y’all ain’t [...]

Fry Sauce, A Utah Original


Today as I was driving to the grocery store I stopped at a four-way intersection near an elementary school. It’s a four-way stop as well as a cross-walk, so I had to stop anyway, but before I even pulled to a stop two kids just walked across the street having full faith that I wouldn’t [...]

Law and Order: Comment Spam By Jury Unit

Recently Jon had to go through my Movable Type database and delete 15,000 comment spam, the majority of which existed on entries where comments were closed or were never opened in the first place. When we did the math we realized I was getting hundreds of comment spam a day which shouldn’t be a problem [...]

Security system


“Your hair is getting long.” “I know. I think I’m going to go for it.” “How long?” “I don’t know, I’m already this far, I’ll just let it keep going.” “Really? You’re going to let it get that long?” “Yeah, why not?” “Will you let it go crazy and swing it around, like a Medusa [...]