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This open road in front of me just got a little bumpy

Yesterday was one of those bad days that merits a misery ranking comparable to the thirty minutes after my water broke in the delivery room when I thought the baby was going to come out of my body via my back teeth and knees simultaneously. When Jon got home from work I had him fix [...]


You can see more of Bug here.

If you haven’t read this already you probably should

Maggie’s very accurate account of forcing me to look at sex toys, including one that made me say out loud, “They do not come that big, right? How? HOW? DON’T LIE TO ME, MAGGIE, HOW!” This is my favorite part: “The truth is I insisted that Heather could not leave town without a vibrator, as [...]

Flower on Carl St., Cole Valley, San Francisco

The B. stands for BACKFIRE

Our dog has officially entered puberty. He acts like he’s just discovered Bauhaus and we, the parents, are too plebeian to appreciate its finer textures. Just now we walked down into the basement and he was lying on the futon, pouting because globalization and cultural imperialism are killing the rain forests, and when he saw [...]

Chuck’s Internet Crush, Chieka

You can see lots more of her here: Chieka’s Cluster on Flickr

OCD, easy as 1-2-3

This weekend I discovered that if I leave the plastic child-safety mechanism unlocked between the handles on the household cleansers cabinet underneath the kitchen sink that Leta will spend several minutes locking and then unlocking the mechanism over and over again — lock, unlock, lock, unlock — without once pausing to realize the wealth of [...]

Said to me just now on the phone

“So you’re going to the dentist this afternoon and I have to go to my mother-in-law’s. Guess our day is going to be exactly the same.”


How to Charm Me

Refer to my website as the new blob you just checked out. I’d be hard pressed to find a more accurate description.