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Would I deny him the privilege of licking the bowl? No, but I will make him wait until it hurts.

Just don’t eat it

Just now Leta discovered that she could stick her finger into her own nostril. My instinct was to cheer her on and tell her, “Pick a winner, little one. Pick a winner!”

Chuck, Pooka University Alumnus, showing his support for Amanda B.

Thanks to ScottyGee for making this shirt available. Amanda B., we’re sending our Pookas your way.

Wherein I make a reference that will have my husband wondering, “Did she actually know that or did she Google it?”

A few nights ago I went to the gym when Jon got home from work and when I returned Leta was standing next to the coffee table wearing a sweatshirt and a jacket but no pants. Her white Michelin thighs were reflecting light at the same frequency as her diaper and for a moment she [...]

That used to look like lasagne

To all the RSS readers I’ve loved before

Last week Jon and I accepted an offer from a company that wanted to run ads in my RSS feed. For those of you who don’t know what RSS is then you can skip this first part because this first part is all about the people who read my RSS feed and now want to [...]

No picture of my new shirt would be complete without the The Fussy Monster, Leta

Fussy! Shirts!

The love between a husband and wife

“It’s really hot out here.” “Then why do you have jeans on?” “Why are you ending sentences with prepositions?” “Why do you have jeans on, motherfucker?”

We’re changing our last name to Eyebrowstrong

Paved paradise

Before I became a homeowner I often daydreamed about how serene life would be once I had a yard I could call my own, a yard to water and preen and trim, a yard so beautiful that people would drive across four states and yonder to behold its magnificence. I would grow flowers and exotic [...]