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NY Times, gateway drug to Playboy

Saturday morning Leta woke up at the inhumane hour of six o’clock. We let her talk to herself until about 6:30 and then we started the day with a bottle and a quick check of the NY Times online. I’d been told that the story about — oh God, please forgive me for writing these [...]

Leta, I promise I will pay for ALL of your therapy bills

I did this to her. But, alas, this… THIS is what kids are for.

Welcome to my online shrine to parental self-absorption!

The Book of Revelations forgot to mention this, but the fact that two of the most anal-retentive, perfectionist and nervous people on the planet were able to host 30 people including children under the age of accountability in their home — there were kids, in my living room, EATING ICE CREAM ON MY PERSIAN RUG [...]

Day of Destruction

Even though her bithday isn’t until Thursday, we had to arrange things to accommodate the relatives, you know. It was a blast. Wait until you see what I smeared on her head. (P.S. Jon took this photo because I was in the background somewhere silently freaking out.)

The moral of the story

A couple days ago I was coming home from the grocery store when I stopped at a four-way intersection. The guy headed in my direction ran the stop sign, and the woman to my right whose turn it was to go entered the middle of the intersection, her hackles SO OUT OF CONTROL, and honked [...]

Bye, bye, bye, BYE BYE

Last night our neighbor Carol dropped by with her two kids to give Leta another bag of clothing. THANK GOD for Carol, man, because all the laundry is still sitting next to the washer, and my plan for today was to take a Hefty garbage bag and cut out holes for arms and legs. A [...]


Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Of the puppy. A while ago Jon created a CHUCKACABRA desktop available for download here. It’s pretty awesome.

Feeling Guilty

For dressing Leta in a pair of pants, size 6 months, because she doesn’t have any clean clothes due to the fact that, um, I haven’t done laundry in a week, and um, last night Jon made a comment about “airing our dirty laundry,” and I thought he was referring to the fact that I [...]

I always feel like somebody’s watching me

Yesterday we received a BYU Alumni magazine in the mail with a picture of Utah’s previous governor, Olene Walker, on the cover. Please, please click on her name so that you can see her lovely mug and bask in its heavenly glory. We don’t know how BYU found our address, but I have my suspicions, [...]

By the look on her face I don’t think she appreciated being photographed by a mere civilian

Meet our lovely KUTV Channel 2 News Team! ON THE JOB, NO LESS: Michelle King Mark Koelbel And then here’s the story about my friend Heather Hanson getting attacked by a dog at Danger Park last spring. She’s better now.