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This weekend I used the term Cheeto Hands

Over the weekend Jon and I drove the kid up to Bear Lake to spend some time with the pioneer side of the family, the ones who think that Bart Simpson has single-handedly destroyed The American Family Unit. Jon’s sister owns a small home on a hill by the lake, and I was looking forward [...]

Not for kids, no really

“Carpet muncher. Fur bumper. You know.” “Fur bumper? I haven’t heard that one.” “You haven’t heard FUR BUMPER? Even better, what about fur burger?” “FUR BURGER? Oh my god, you are not serious.” “Fur burger. It’s a burger, with fur!” “That sounds like someone’s last name, Furburger.” “You mean like Billy Furburger?” “More like Martin. [...]

Stay At Home Father, or more popularly known as Shit Ass Ho Fucking Bad Ass