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My time would be better spent reading literature, but this is so much more fun

Last night while watching one of the final scenes in “Grey’s Anatomy” I lost it and started bawling, pressed pause and then immediately called the babysitter to leave her a message about how I couldn’t believe she didn’t warn me about the part where one surgeon climbs into bed with another surgeon and holds her [...]

How I dearly wish I was not here but instead in an ocean of pizza

Cancer of the heart

My neighbor and I were commiserating the other day about our children’s milestones, Leta’s walking and her own son’s first night in his Big Boy Bed, and how these seemingly inane successes are part of some bigger monster that started choking our hearts the day our children were born. Just this morning Leta spent thirty [...]

Happy happy joy joy

Summer skin

I can’t think of a title for this so I’ll just call it FRED

The Leta Walking Experience

The day after Leta took her first steps we had a hard time convincing her that she should try it again. This makes no sense to me because if someone handed me the keys to a brand new car and said, “Want this?” I’d take off to Wyoming and you’d never see me again. We [...]

The list continues

I don’t care how many times he asks or how much sense he’s trying to make, I am NOT going to clean the kitchen in the nude.


Doctor Jon

“I felt like I was having hot flashes all day yesterday.” “Dude, last night in bed your legs were all over the place.” “I know, and I was drenched in sweat and freezing.” “What is going on?” “I HAVE NO IDEA. But it’s freaking me out.” “I think you’re just going through a developmental stage.” [...]