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December 2005

Janurary 30, 1985

Dear Diary, Today my brother got his way. He did not do anything for me. He’s SPOILED! He hates Michael Jackson but likes a nasty person named Prince. Prince is gay, stupid, evil, and a sex pervert. He’s ugly, too. My brother is a geek. He acts like he is two years old. He passes [...]


Derek Powazek: The Subliminal Reassurances of Procedural Dramas “Law and Order – Don’t worry, if you’re shot and killed in New York, old, grumpy, alcoholic detectives will stand over you drinking coffee and they’ll make at least one pun. After a half hour, your killer will be handed over to an old, grumpy, alcoholic district [...]

This is my brother, Ranger, and he has no hair

Thank you, Jon, for taking these photos and capturing this warm moment between siblings.

Save until I delete

One unfortunate and crippling side-effect of owning a machine that pauses live TV is the delusion that everything in life is pausable. A few weeks ago while traveling home from Northern Utah we were listening to a story on NPR about four kids who found a man who had fallen down a well and instead [...]

Unwilling to acknowledge each other’s existence

“This is what you get when you rely on the Internet to answer potentially life-altering questions”

This is a public service announcement to let you know just how far my husband and I have our heads stuck up our American butts. I asked the Internet if it knew what Count von Count was calling his wife and what happened to my inbox is a little more than I bargained for. Someone [...]

First snow

How funky is your chicken?

During most of my childhood we would drive up to rural Kentucky and have Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Lola’s house. We were joined by all of my mother’s eight brothers and sisters and all of their 2,000 children including GEORGE! who was so insufferably cute that we packed stuffing up his butt and slow-cooked [...]

Mr. Chuckles, if you’re nasty