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Leego my Eeego

Leta has the chicken pox. Sort of. It has to be the worst mild case of chicken pox on record. Her pediatrician said she might get a few bumps from the vaccine, but he didn’t mention the fever or the grumpiness or the fact that it would make me want to run head first into [...]

SLC silhouette

Happy Fourth Blog Birthday to this Behemoth of A Project

I’ve never celebrated my blog birthday (that sounds like a venereal disease, “That bastard gave me blog birthdays”) because the first year it happened to coincide with my being fired for the blog itself, and then after that it just didn’t seem to matter. Now, four years after I started, I realize that this website [...]

Dusk over wires

To Grandmother’s house we go

Demo: How to be a Dork

Being in the All-State Chorus and President of the Honor Society and Secretary of the French Club and graduating with the highest average in your high school’s history all while your peers nickname your hairdo The School Mascot and then having the audacity to argue that evolution MUST be false because the Book of Genesis [...]

Oh say can you suck!

Ever since yesterday’s post about the Mormon Articles of Faith (and sucking it), I’ve been reminiscing about all the old propaganda songs I learned in my youth, songs that taught me all the books of the New Testament in order (“And to the Heeee-brews!! Epistle ooof Ja-a-a-a-ames, Peter, Peter, JOHN JOHN JOHN!) and “We just [...]

Trying so hard not to fall asleep while standing up

SPOILER ALERT: YOU CAN SUCK IT, plus Mormon Doctrine recited from memory

I have purposefully caused people pain by revealing the winner of “Project Runway.” Not that the winner was revealed on the official website of the show or by any other official news organization OR ON THE SHOW ITSELF. Even Beth was a bit ticked at my over-zealous jubilation: “And thank EVERYONE that I did not [...]

Already starting to feel the pain and it was only 9:45 in the morning