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Dear God Almighty, Lord in Heaven, Everlasting Father

My mother took Leta for eight hours yesterday WITHOUT BEING ASKED TO DO SO because she no longer cares whether or not I live or die. This doesn’t bother me at all. I mean, FREE BABYSITTING. And, finally, I have leverage in our relationship. Jon and I decided that since we weren’t going to kill [...]


This is my babysitter’s sister’s new puppy. He’s just a little guy.


The Mail application on the Mac OS should have at least two auto responses to hate mail: 1) That’s not what your mom said to me in bed last night. and 2) You’re the reason people have sex with animals.

In loving memory of Jon’s father, Byron Kesler Armstrong

Wherein I realized that it’s almost impossible to say BLOG without throwing up on national television

Yesterday a crew from “Good Morning America” invaded my house and sucked out my brain. They kept asking me if I was going to write about them on my website and I kept answering, “Only if I can say that you were all wearing nothing but underwear, on your heads.” Hi, guys! I have no [...]

Pensive, not bitchy, just pensive, oh, and constipated, yes, constipated

(Jon took this photo behind a wall of equipment in our TINY TINY living room.)

Goober Music Awards

Can’t. speak. write. very. tired. buzzed. pinot. noir. sideways. good. Here.

Afternoon delight

You’ll never guess what this post is about

Sunday morning both Leta and I took a mid-morning nap as Jon worked on CSS or XHTML or UNIX or some other alien language on the Millennium Falcon Machine in the basement. When Leta wakes up she usually babbles but when she woke up from this nap she started whimpering like an injured fawn who [...]