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Sundays they camped and read and prayed (and then told fart jokes)

While bathing Leta a couple nights ago I broke into Mormon Hymnal Recitation and regaled my precious babe with a children’s propaganda song. My mother was the local church choir director my whole life so I know every hymn in the entire Mormon hymnal archive by heart, a skill that surprisingly never helped me get [...]

One year ago

Taken by Jon, me shunning for fear of permanent documentation of the black circles of death underneath my eyes

How am I driving? Call 1-800-SUCKMYBIGTOE

Gone are the days when I could watch what I wanted to watch while Leta drinks her bottle. Yes, I should probably turn the television off and just enjoy the beauty that is a baby sucking down lactose but that would make it seem as if I like motherhood, and that is not at all [...]


A Loobylu original, gift from Leta’s Pseudo Internet Godmother.

The Secrets of BlogHer Conference REVEALED

When we picked up Leta on Saturday evening she was as excited to see us as a slug on painkillers. Her death stare assured us that if we had any plans on taking her back to the place where there is no Barbie Corvette that we’d better set down the crack pipe. While in the [...]

Ella and Leta in her Gay Pride Swimsuit, first time in a pool and obviously loving every minute

Ross, from London


This is alls I got to say: 1) Y’all Canadians is NAAAAHHHCE. I have never in my life met a nicer group of people. People were nice to us EVERYWHERE, always talking and asking us if we were having a good time. This totally beats out the South when it comes to nice because in [...]

One of the best lines I heard at dinner last night

Guy: “Actually, I don’t get hatemail.” Guy sitting next to him: “That’s because I write them but just can’t get myself to hit ‘send’.” It is so refreshing to be surrounded by geeks. These are my people.