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Reading: A series of links that have had me laughing out loud while completely or at least mostly sober

This picture of Oliver and Hugo …shit bro it makes me wonder what other concrete beliefs of mine are way off. You are only allowed to be tortured for your art if war or famine has killed all your family and the only girl you’ve ever loved, you’ve been maimed and persecuted, and maybe the [...]


Bick Bruildings of Beaufort

Here is a slideshow of the pictures I took on our Adult Weekend Away While Pining For The Turd Back Home. (click on the photo below) The morning we left Leta, never a very happy morning bee, was waking the dead with her early morning moaning and wailing. I had to finish packing and showering [...]

Here’s the church, there’s the steeple

Beaufort Episcopalian Church, location of The Grits and Green Jello Wedding

Newsletter: Month Sixteen

Dear Leta, You turned 16-months-old about four days ago but your father and I were in such an early morning alcohol-induced stupor at the hands of well-manicured and coifed Southern women that we were saying things like, “Did you get a picture of that bick bruilding?” I didn’t allow myself to write anything in that [...]

Voyeur pose

Last night after returning home we picked up Chuck from Jon’s mother’s house where we were told he slept in every bed in the house. My glorious little Leta whom I missed more than it is cool to admit here crawled around the living room pulling herself up on ottomans and lifting her right leg [...]

Getting the party started quickly

That there is Sydney and then that there is me, first night in Beaufort, SC. Thanks to Tawny for done taking the photo.

Leaving on a jet plane

Tomorrow morning Jon and I are headed to South Carolina to attend a wedding. Beaufort, to be exact. That’s pronounced Byoo-furt, not Bo-fort, as Jon kept arguing. I know because I am always right except for all those times when I’m wrong. Our very good friend, Shan, is marrying Sydney, a Southern girl like myself. [...]

Introducing Jooce

Martini, my old iBook, died last week. She had to be replaced, so we got Jooce, as in Gin and Jooce. I like her very much.